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  Slogan: Most  Boulders are heavily covered with Moss and Lichens.  We harvest only select boulders, that range from 50 lbs. to 3000 lbs.  All boulders are taken from either the Navajo Mountains or the Quartz Mountains of the Witchita Range, Jackson and Greer Counties, Okla.  Our landscape boulders from the Withcita Mountains are dated "Pre-Cambium", and are approximately 750,000,000 yrs. old. The granite formations reach down into the earth a depth of one mile in places, and at one time were 15,000 feet high, even higher than the Himalaya Mountains.

         Material Type: Granite 

         Stone Names: Navajo Boulders & Quartz Boulders Colors range from Brownish Red to Blueish Orange.

         Product / Services List: Granite Boulders

Sandstone and Limestone Flat Rock also available.

         Checklist of choices available: All boulders or flat rock are hand picked by me or one of my staff. We try to keep scarring to a minimal, since these are the oldest boulders on the face of the planet.  The boulders you will receive were at onetime untouchable even in today's standards.


         Regular Stock: Quantity of any size from 50 lbs to 2500 lbs are readily available.

         Stock-in-hand now: Two small Mountains and getting smaller by the truck load.

         Product Images:

         Images of  Applications:

         Images of stones: 


         Country: United States

         State: Oklahoma

         Nearest City: Lawton      

         Business Type:  Quarry; Factory; Fabricator;

 Machinery Manufacturer / Dealer;

 Consumable Manufacturer / Supplier;

 Representative / Sales Agent;

 Inspection / Buying Agent; Exporter;

 Importer; Distributor; Retailer;

 Supplier with fixing;

 Contractor / installer; Sculptor; Consultant

         Type of Company: Public Limited

         Company Size: 5 employee's

Average $650,000 anually        

         Facilities & Capabilities: Blue Sky Limit        

         History & Background: In Landscape Buisness since 1974. Have been in SW Oklahoma for 3 generations.        

         Project References:

         Product Quality & Guarantee: All warranties or garranties of E.O.D.  End of the Drive. Any damage to boulders of any kind are at no risk to seller.  All rock product is as is upon arrival to final destination.

         Message to Readers: Only serious buyers need inquiry.

Will email pictures or send samples for truck loads or larger

         Info you need: Quotes sent on first come basis.

         Which way do you want to work: Buyer to contact us

www. findstone. com info@findstone. com