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Supplier sp1929-in

Slogan:           Worlds finest natural wonder  

         Material Type: Marble---White and coloured

         Stone Names: Brand name Wonder marble

variants milky opal,garnet rush,pink pearl,jasper jazz(basically wonder marble has 4 shades as stated below )creamish or beige,red or mauve,brownish pink and chocolate brown or wooden touch which gives limitless designs to creative imagination. It is totally new to the world and having qualities of granite and more harder than granite...qualities such as low porous ,high compressive strength and hardness.High silica content for longlasting gloss,high stain resistant and high density . wide range of colours and 6 variations in each variant 

         Product / Services List: tiles only amde by the scrap or broken  slabs in various sizes uneven pattern but of the same colour as it is completely natural product.

         Checklist of choices available: we have commercial range ,High commercial range, premium range in standard thickness of  17mm 20mm 30mm this is USP of our organisation. completely polished slabs and are of random sizes.

         Pricelist: price is based on the selection of the material and texture becoz it is natural product also we provide FOB price till Mumbai port and Kandla port in USD.

         Regular Stock: what ever is desired by the customer.....(4 lakh sqft)

         Stock-in-hand now: as above

         Product Images: 

         Images of  Applications: 

         Images of stones:   


         Country: India

         State: rajasthan

         Nearest City: jaipur      

         Business Type:  Quarry owner; Factory and plant; Fabricator;

 manufacturer Exporter, having big infrastructure for corporate orders.

         Type of Company: Private Limited

         Company Size: number of people:4200

sales turnover 2003-2004: INR 164 crore

12 lakh tonnes 2003-2004

production per day:4 lakh sq ft         

         Facilities & Capabilities: gadgets like:

1 jet belt machine

2 wire-saws

3:caterpillar excavators

4:Wheel loaders

5:derrick cranes

6:diamond gangsaws nos 14

7:resin treatment plant

8:polish plant breton

9: bridge cutting machine------- 

         History & Background: year of Establishment:1989

*To establish brand in the marble indusrty

*To revolutionise the marble industry

*making it a global brand

*to mantain no.1 position in the world as worlds lards largest marble industry        

         Project References: supplied to projects in dubai

supplied to dammam

doha, jeddah in other middle east countries

still supplying to big builders in india

         Product Quality & Guarantee: ISO 14001:1996 CERTIFIED



         Message to Readers: The  branded marble in india 

GOING GLOBAL having USP DIFERENTIAL ADVANTAGE of being sole Quarry owner.

Representative and the buyer itself should come and select the material as per requirement.

         Info you need: irregular and random size marble slabs.


cut to size


table tops .........

         Which way do you want to work: Buyer to contact us

www. findstone. com info@findstone. com