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Supplier sp1959-il

Slogan: We are Exporting from Israel Rare Unique & Special Landscape Stones

Material Type: Stones & Rocks in very unique shapes, in various sizes, specially picked from many parts of Israel. As known, each aria in Israel, is very different then the other, for this reason every aria has a very different stone structure then the other.

Some of these are glass looking stones, that give out a, glittery like, of light, at night.

These are rare special stones. Others are very interesting shaped rocks. 

The sizes are various, from small to big .

Stone Names: 

Product / Services List: Landscape & Decorative

Checklist of choices available: 

Pricelist: Our prices are very depending on the types of stone, and from which arias.

In general the prices are something like $20-$30 USD, FOB, Tel Aviv Israel, per every 100kg. for most types.

These prices may change according to ordering amounts.

Regular Stock: Any stocks are available, upon order.

Stock-in-hand now: 

Product Images: see email of pictures

Images of Applications: see email pictures

Images of stones: see email pictures


Country: Israel

State: Ashdod

Nearest City: Tel Aviv 

Business Type: Quarry; Factory; Fabricator; 

/ Dealer;

Consumable Manufacturer / Supplier; 

Representative / Sales Agent; 

Inspection / Buying Agent; Exporter; 

Distributor; Retailer;

Supplier ; 


Type of Company: Private Limited 

Company Size: We are a small company in Israel, less then $1 million dollar yearly. 5 employees. 

Facilities & Capabilities: Our souces are thrghout Israel, from the high Golan Hights & Gallils Mountens, through the Shomrone Mountens till the low south of the country. 

We are very picky, and we do know ware to find the most uniqe reare and special stones, which are not found in any other sources. 

History & Background: We are looking for major wholesalers, and importers, who can import quantitys of containers.

We are exporting these items since 2004. 

Project References: 

Product Quality & Guarantee: 

Message to Readers: These Stones are uniqe in the world.

We are looking for major perchasers who can handle containers ,so that this deal with the fraght cost, should be profitable.

Info you need: 

Which way do you want to work: Buyer to contact us

www. findstone. com info@findstone. com