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Supplier sp2006-au

Slogan: Exporter (to any country) of Indian Sandstones, Limestones &, Slates. Importer, stockist & wholesaler (in Australia) of Indian sandstone, limestone & slate.  

         Material Type: Sandstone, Limestone, Slate.

         Stone Names: Tint mint SS, Teakwood SS, Rainbow SS, Dholpur SS, Kota Blue/Brown LS, Slate Multicolour Peacock.

         Product / Services List: Tiles, Pavers.

         Checklist of choices available: Sizes available 300x300, 400x400, 400x600, 200x300, 150x300 with thickness as requirement.

Finish: Honned, polished, natural as per requirement.

         Pricelist: [Tint Mint: 400x400x12-18mm US$8.75/m2 FOB Indian Port][Teakwood / Rainbow; 400x400x20mm US$17.75/m2 FOB Indian port] [Kota Blue/Brown; 400x400x10-20mm US$9.99/m2 FOB Indian Port] [Slate Kund Multicolour; 300x300x10mm+/-2mm US$5.99/m2 fob Indian Port, 200x300x10mm+/-2mm US$3.69/m2 FOB Indian Port]  

         Regular Stock: For Australia: We have stock in Sydney 8500m2

For another country: We have stock in India 25000m2.

         Stock-in-hand now: For Australia: We have stock in Sydney 8500m2

For another country: We have stock in India 25000m2.

         Product Images:

         Images of  Applications:

         Images of stones: 


         Country: Australia

         State: NSW

         Nearest City: SYDNEY      

         Business Type: Exporter from India to any Country.

Importer, Wholesalor & Distributor In Australia.



         Type of Company: Private Limited

         Company Size: No of people employee: 35nos

Annual Sales: US$250,000.00        

         Facilities & Capabilities: Leasing stone quarries.


Polishing plant.

Warehouse (Australia)        

         History & Background: Year 1995        

         Project References: NA

         Product Quality & Guarantee: NA

         Message to Readers: Dear sir,

We can give you guarrantee of best quality, price and services. We don't involve any middle man from source to supply so that we can give you better price and services. Big discount available for this month purchase.

         Info you need: Need To Quote:

1. Name of the product.

2. Dimensions & finish

3. Quantity you required.

4. Time of delivery.

5. Payment terms.

6. Contract supply  Y/N

7. Price you required FOB, CIF, Supply to your yard.

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