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Supplier sp2059-in

  Slogan: Supplier of Marble Articles and Home Furnitures, garden urn and fire mantel

         Material Type: Marble & Granite

         Stone Names: Bindasaur, Red Verona, red marble, green marble, black marble and each marble which is found in Rajesthan

         Product / Services List: Marble, urn, fire mantel, pedestal, bowl, column, obelisk, lamp, etc

         Checklist of choices available: N/A

         Pricelist: N/A

         Regular Stock: As usall

         Stock-in-hand now: N/A

         Product Images: O.K

         Images of  Applications: O.K

         Images of stones:  O.K


         Country: India

         State: UP

         Nearest City: DELHI      

         Business Type:  Quarry; Factory; Fabricator;

 Machinery Manufacturer / Dealer;

 Consumable Manufacturer / Supplier;

 Representative / Sales Agent;

 Inspection / Buying Agent; Exporter;

 Importer; Distributor; Retailer;

 Supplier with fixing;

 Contractor / installer; Sculptor; Consultant

         Type of Company: Partnership Firm

         Company Size: 400 workers and Rs 4.50 crores anunual sales.        

         Facilities & Capabilities: We have each and every machine which is used to make items of marble.        

         History & Background: N/A        

         Project References: We are making a small Taj Mahal in USA as we have this projects for 2 years.

         Product Quality & Guarantee: We supplied very fine and high quality of marble items this is why we have big order of marble items from EURO and US.

         Message to Readers: We have the buyer who take fine 20th 17th century top quality of Circa items.

         Info you need: We will quote upon receipt of the items

         Which way do you want to work: Buyer to contact us

www. findstone. com info@findstone. com