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Supplier sp2208-zw

Slogan:  Quartzite with Mica aspects - Tiles

         Material Type: Quartzite. Very hard sandstone / quartzite with shimmering mica aspects.  Occurs in slate like layers.  Thickness varies between 10 - 30mm.  Can be cut into tiles max 400 x 400mm or as crazy paving which is the stone in its natural form.

The geophysical occurrence of this quality of Glitter stone is a natural phenomena found only in this southern end of the Great Rift Valley.

100% Natural African stone.


         Stone Names: The hues range from majestic pink, dusty grey, shimmering silver, sparkling gold to magic brown.


         Product / Services List: Glitter stone, once cut into tiles, has a range of uses, perfect for all aspects of indoor and outdoor applications. E.g. floor tiles, wall tiles (inside and out because of its durability).  They are also waterproof for use in bathrooms, swimming areas and kitchens. The tiles come in a variety of different shapes and sizes for various customer requirements.

         Checklist of choices available: 100x100; 200x200; 300x300; 400x400; 100-400 x random.

Also pointers max size 300x300

         Pricelist: Cut tiles: Price range US$ 16.50 - US$18.50 depending on size and quantities.

Crazy Paving: US$8.00

         Regular Stock: 4000m2

         Stock-in-hand now:

         Product Images:

         Images of  Applications:

         Images of stones: 


         Country: Zimbabwe

         State: N/A

         Nearest City: Harare      

         Business Type:  Quarry; Factory; Supplier; Exporter;


         Type of Company: Private Limited

         Company Size: 295 employees; Annual Sales:72,000m2 / US$ 1,200,000.; Capital employed: US$ 3,700,000; Production capacity: 9000m2 per month        

         Facilities & Capabilities: 15 quarries; 2 x D85 Komatsu Bulldozer; 2 x W320 Kumatsu F/E Loader; 5 x 4x4 Tractors; 21 x cutting machines (300mm blades).        

         History & Background: Est 2005.  Continuation and restructure of old company, Stone Grind, which has been in operation since 1995.  This company was set up due to the need so supply top grade Glitter stone and to fulfill export orders.        

         Project References:

         Product Quality & Guarantee: We send on self inspection.  We guarantee all our product to be of top quality.

         Message to Readers: We have a top quality, 100% natural African, exclusive product.  We are dedicated to supplying a top class service.

We are looking for international bulk buyers / Dealers.

We have inspection and quality controllers throughout our entire production process.

         Info you need: Sizes and quantities required?  Size of packing crate?  Usual crate 25 m2. Our minimum order is 1 x 40' container (600m2) and increase by 600m2. (we cannot split orders).  Please note that all stone comes in mixed colours.  Normal thickness range 10 - 20mm.  Can arrange for up to 30mm thick if required.

         Which way do you want to work: Buyer to contact us

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