e 2241 Panama: Our  company is located in Panama and has been for  more  than  40  years  in  the  production and installation of granite,  marble  and  tiles  for  floors,  kitchens  and  bathrooms.   Our
trademark has always been competitive pricing, good quality and outstanding service and we are recognized for this in Panama.

Currently,  our  principal  suppliers  are from Spain and Italy and we have exclusive  representation in Panama of the brands that we sell.  We want to establish  a  win  - win relationship with you where we can offer different
products  and  expand  our client base and you can increase your sales.  As you know, Panama is small country and has a population of only 2.8 million; however,  our  imports  of products average 10,000 square meters per month. With  good  quality  and  competitive  pricing,  we  are certain that we can increase our sales significantly given our market share and reputation.

We would appreciate if you could please send us  price list.
offer 13: Hi, we can supply you with all kinds of greek white semiwhite and pink marble at very competitive prices. 
If you're interested please contact. 
offer 12:  i think we can be less than 15 $ for biege and yellow marble please contact me if you are still interested.
offer 11: We can offer you a full range of Egyptian marbles. See our price list.
offer 10: Attached please kindly find the granite pictures and pricelist.China
offer 9: I can supply you our best prices of granite slabs and tiles you required. We don't work on marbles.
About tile sizes, we do not produce the 60 x 60 cm and 30 x 15 cm formats.
We can supply you 30 x 25 x 1 cm tiles for the price of 17 US $/sm for every kind of colour only for the materials in disposal  at the moment of the order.
I can also supply you second choice tiles for the price of 27.5 US $/sm for every kind of colour and size in disposal at the moment of the order.
The price of 40 x 40 cm is the same of 40 x 60 cm tiles.
Slab prices are referred to first quality choice. We can apply a discount of about 30 - 40 % for second choice.
All the prices are net.
Let me know if you require some specific material.
Looking forward hearing from you very soon. Italy
offer 8: re: quotation of Botticino marble

first quality ,

12x12x3/8 euro-m2 22,72
18x18x3/8 euro-m2 34,30

commercial quality ,

12x12x3/8 euro-m2 19,11

Polished slabs cm 2 first quality euro-m2 26,86
Polished slabs cm 3 first quality euro-m2 35,53

The prices net ex factory  Brescia Italy
offer 6: We can supply slabs and tiles as psecified in marble from Carrara area. Pls reply.
offer 5: We'd like to inform you that we could supply you with a wide range of stock marble material at the price from you proposed. Also, we'd like to introduce ourselves as one of the main producers of Perlato Sicilia and New Perlatino white marbles. Italy.
offer 4: We would like to send you our quotation for marble tiles( pictures attached ) :
Dimesion                            Unit price ( USD/FOB Vietnam )
15x30x2cm                            10.00
45x45x2cm                            11.50
30x60x2cm                            12.50
40x40x2cm                            11.00
60x60x2cm                            13.00
Packing : in carton or in wood crate.
Quantity for 01 container 20' : 400 m2
In case you order cargo with the price CIF Panama , the freight of 1,600 USD/cont will be calculated to the total amount of goods.
offer 3: I can supply all those material in types serpeggiante or Cream tone in Commercial choice.
I need to know if the price you already have is the same for every sizes or if you have different price for different size.
I can send you photos by e-mail for types and selection of material for yr confirm. Italy.
offer 2:  We are exporting large quantities of Polished Granite/ Marble Slabs/ Tiles and Indian Slate/ Lime/ Sandstone from India on a very regular basis. We export the following -
1. Granite Slabs and Tiles -- We are supplying polished Random Slabs and Tiles in all North Indian Colors. Our processing is conducted on modern Barsanti and  Circular Saw Cutting Plants for sizes of 7' X 4' X
20MM and above.
We also export Granite Kitchen and Table Counter Tops to the US Market is a big way.
2. Slate/Sand/Lime Stone - We export all Indian Colors in bulk quantities
viz. Slates - Peacock, Red, Black, White, Silver Grey, Tree Green, Copper, Terra Red, Brown, Akbarpur, Green etc
Sand Stone - Rainbow, Agra Red, Dholpur etc
Lime Stone - Gawlior
In Hand/Machine Cut, Jutted, Polished, Unpolished, Caliberated and other forms.
Our exports of Slate and Sand Stone exceed 50 Containers per month to several countries and we can offer best of quality and prices.
Our prices offerred are unmatched to the market conditions backed with excellent quality, merchandise. We can supply bulk quantities at short notices as are well experienced in handling major projects.
We would like to offer you our services in providing you with the supplies of the above mentioned products. We would be grateful if you could advice us your firm requirements enabling for us to provide our best
prices for your kind approval. We thank you in advance and hoping to hear from you at the earliest. India
offer 1: Select our Indian slates from www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm