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Buyers, click on the above links to see the pricelists. Email your purchase order or counter offer or specific inquiry. Do mention the pricelist number in the subject line of your email.   

Use the price lists to get a general idea about prices, sizes, etc.

Do remember that price is not an independent variable. It depends on quantity, size, delivery period, payment terms etc.  


Sellers, email your wholesale and retail price list to add it here. It sells!


Display your price lists free. This enables buyers to quickly decide whether or not the material is in their budget. It greatly reduces the negotiation time and effort and frustration for both you and the buyer. The buyer can also decide about sizes more easily.


Ideally, the price list should contain:

  • Exact trade name with description
  • Product (slabs, tiles) with exact or minimum dimensions and surface / edge finish
  • Quality: describe it and advise for which countries it is most suitable.
  • Currency: Local currency if ex-works. US$ if FOB. Mention city.
  • Taxes: Mention separately. Royalty also, if applicable.
  • Delivery method: Packed, ex-works / fob.
  • Minimum order / Quantity: E.g. truckload / container.
  • Delivery time: per truckload / container.
  • Supply Capacity per month
  • Payment terms
  • Validity or mention month/year.
  • Your Competitive Strength: quality / price / delivery and reasons

You are free to change prices whenever you want.


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