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Pricelists for Blocks
Landscaping, Slabs / tiles, Monuments, Artifacts,
Consumables, Machinery, Testing Services



Buyers, see the pricelists and send your purchase order or counter offer or specific inquiry. 
Sellers, email your wholesale and retail price list to add it here. It sells! Notes
Some price lists are in pdf format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. 

See Images

  General: Limestone blocks 
  Australia: Sandstone blocks 1, Sandstone blocks 2 
  Brazil: Granite blocks 1, Granite blocks 2, Granite blocks 3, Granite blocks 4, Granite blocks 5,

Granite blocks 6,

Granite & marble blocks 1Granite & marble blocks 2Granite & marble blocks 3

Granite blocks, slabs & tilesGranite blocks and slabs

  Bulgaria: Limestone blocks slabs & tiles 1, Limestone blocks slabs & tiles 2
  China:   Granite blocks 1, Granite blocks 2Granite Blocks 3, Foreign granite blocks

Sandstone blocks, Tianshan blocksGranite & sandstone blocks

Indian granite blocks-Hong Kong

  Ecuador: Marble
  Egypt: (13) Marble & granite blocks (.pdf) 1Marble blocks (1st & comm.)Marble blocks 1

Marble blocks 2, Marble blocks 3, Marble blocks 4Marble blocks 5, Marble blocks 6

Marble & granite blocks 1, Marble & granite blocks 2, 

Marble & granite blocks 3, Marble & granite blocks 4

Marble & granite blocks, slabs & tiles, Granite blocks, Galala blocks

Yellow Silvia & Sunny Blocks

  France:  Limestone blocks 
  Germany:   Turkish marble blocks
  Greece: Marble Blocks, Marble blocks 2, Granite blocks
  Hong Kong:     Pumice stones
  India (31):

Galaxy blocks Rs. 1, South granite blocks Rs. 2South granite blocks-quarry wise (Rs.),  

South granite blocks 3, South granite blocks 4, South granite blocks 5

South granite blocks 6, Adoni & black granite blocks 7

Tumkur Red granite blocks 8, Granite blocks 9, South granite blocks 10

South granite blocks 11, South granite blocks 12, South granite blocks 13

Black granite blocks 14, Diana Rose granite blocks 15, South granite blocks 16

South granite blocks 17, South granite blocks 18, South granite blocks 19,

South granite blocks 20, South granite blocks 21, South granite blocks 22,

South granite blocks 23South granite blocks 24, South granite blocks 25,

South Granite blocks 26South Granite blocks 27South Granite blocks 28,   

Black Galaxy Blocks 1, Black Galaxy blocks 2,

Steel Gray granite blocksShiva granite blocksKunnam Black granite blocks

Seaweed Green granite blocks, Onyx type marble blocksJasper Red marble block,

Sandstone blocks, Marble blocks, Marble blocks 1, Marble, granite & sandstone blocks,

Limestone blocks, Aventurine blocks (Rs.),

  Indonesia: Pumice stones, Limestones
  Iran: Marble, granite & travertine blocks, Black granite blocks, Chayan black granite blocks

Marble, limestone & granite blocks, Onyx blocks

Granite, marble, onyx, limestone, travertine blocks, Granite blocks


Limestone blocks

  Italy: Carrara Marble blocks 1, Carrara Marble blocks 2, Botticino marble blocks

Italian marble blocks 1Italian marble blocks 2, Italian marble blocks 3

Italian Marble blocks 4, Italian marble blocks 6, Marble, granite & travertine blocks,

Maroc marble & travertine blocks

Travertine & marble blocks worldwide,

Blue Pearl blocks

  Malaysia:  Indian material, Marble blocks
  Morocco:  Travertine & marble blocks
  Namibia: Sodalite blocks
  Norway: Granite blocks
  Pakistan: Granite blocks 1, Granite blocks 2, Marble blocks 1, Marble blocks 2, Jade blocks
  Philippines: Marble blocks 1, Bulacan marble blocks 2, Marble & sandstone blocks
  Russia: Green Jade blocks
Singapore/China: Verde pearl granite blocks, Rosso Bordeaux blocks 2, Nero Marmo blocks 3
  Spain: Marble blocks, Granite blocks, Stone Fountains
  South Africa: Marble, granite, slate blocks, Red granite blocks 1, 2, 3Bon Acord blocks

Granite blocks 1,  

  Sri Lanka: Granite blocks
  Suriname: Frambo Verde blocks
  Taiwan: Marble blocks
  Tanzania: Quartz Rocks
  Turkey: Marble & travertine blocks, Limestone blocks 1, 2, 3, Lymra blocks 1, Lymra blocks 2

Honey Onyx 1Honey Onyx 2, Mut travertine & Ibiza marble blocks, Black Marble blocks

Travertine (1st & comm.) blocks, Pumice Stone, Lymra limestone blocks

Travertine blocks 1, Travertine blocks 2,

Andesite blocks, Marble travertine, onyx blocks, Marble limestone, travertine blocks

Marble & travertine blocks, Marble blocks 

  Ukraine: Granite blocks 1, Granite blocks 2, Granite blocks 3 
  Uruguay: Black granite blocks
  UAE Granite Blocks
  USA: Granite blocks of USA (PA), Sandstone blocks, Sodalite blocks, Gray granite blocks,

Brazilian granite blocks 

  Vietnam: Marble blocks, Granite blocks, Granite blocks
  Zimbabwe Granite blocks