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Pricelist 645 Marble, slabs, tiles and blocks   Italy   www.findstone.com      pricelists@findstone.com



BIANCO CARRARA “C”                       EURO  AL   MQ      36,50/46,50

BIANCO CARRARA “CD”                    EURO  AL   MQ      23,50/26,00

BIANCO CARRARA “D “                      EURO  AL   MQ      18,00/21,00

BIANCO GIOIA “C”                              EURO  AL   MQ      36,50

BIANCO GIOIA “CD”                           EURO  AL   MQ      21,00/23,50

BIANCO GIOIA “D”                             EURO  AL   MQ      18,00

BIANCO VENATO                                EURO  AL   MQ      18,00

BIANCO ACQUABIANCA “I”              EURO  AL   MQ      78,00

BIANCO ACQUABIANCA “II”             EURO  AL   MQ     52,00

BIANCO ACQUABIANCA  “III”           EURO AL    MQ     31,00

BIANCO “P”                                           EURO  AL    MQ    130,00/155,00

BIANCO SIVEC “I”                                EURO  AL    MQ    103,50

BIANCO SIVEC DI “II”                         EURO  AL    MQ    83,00

ARABESCATO FANIELLO                   EURO  AL    MQ    46,50/52,00

ARABESCATO VAGLI                          EURO  AL     MQ   31,00/42,00

CALACATTA VAGLI                             EURO  AL    MQ    52,00/62,00

CALACATTA VAGLI ORO                   EURO  AL     MQ   93,00/114,00

CALACATTA CARRARA                       EURO AL     MQ    78,00/114,00

STATUARIO MIELE                              EURO AL     MQ    62,00/78,00

STATUARIO                                           EURO AL      MQ   88,00/104,00

STATUARIETTO                                    EURO AL     MQ   47,00/57,00

BIANCO VENATO COSTRUZIONE             EURO A        TN   155,00/207,00

BIANCO CARRARA COSTRUZIONE           EURO A        TN   181,00/233,00



BARDIGLIO IMPERIALE                      EURO AL MQ    24,00/34,00

ROSA PORTOGALLO                            EURO AL MQ    62,00/93,00   LUCIDO

VERDE GUATEMALA                           EURO AL MQ    37,00/52,00   LUCIDO

GIALLO ORO                                          EURO AL MQ    31,00/39,00   LUCIDO

EMPERADOR                                          EURO AL MQ       47,00          LUCIDO

ROSSO ASIAGO                                      EURO AL MQ    24,00/26,00   LUCIDO

ROSSO VERONA                                    EURO AL MQ    18,00/24,00   LUCIDO

ROSSO FRANCIA                                    EURO AL MQ   88,00/104,00  LUCIDO

ROSSO ALICANTE                                  EURO AL MQ  42,00/44,00     LUCIDO

CREMA MARFIL                                      EURO AL MQ  34,00/44,00     LUCIDO

CALIZIA CAPRI                                       EURO AL MQ   16,00/18,00    LUCIDO

CREMA VALENCIA                                EURO AL MQ   42,00/47,00    LUCIDO

PORTORO                                                EURO AL MQ 104,00/155,00  LUCIDO

BOTTICINO                                             EURO AL MQ  26,00/31,00     LUCIDO

BRECCIA DORATA                                 EURO AL MQ     44,00            LUCIDO

SALOME’                                                  EURO AL MQ     39,00             LUCIDO


BIANCO CARRARA “C”                         EURO  A  TN   362,00/465,00
BIANCO CARRARA “CD”                      EURO  A  TN   181,00/233,00
BIANCO CARRARA “D”                         EURO  A  TN   130,00/181,00
BIANCO  GIOIA “CD”                        EURO  A  TN   207,00/259,00
VERDE GUATEMALA                            EURO  A  TN   285,00/336,00

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