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How to Quote:

We are eager to work with you. Our methods are easy, effective, and successful. FindStone - a self-service marketplace - is nearly 5 years old.
Our suggestion is that you buy the contact of the buyer and deal directly as explained in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm
If you want to do on a commission basis, then you need to follow the points below.

1. It is COMPULSORY to mention your profile page URL from www.findstone.com/suppliers.htm . If you do not have a Company Profile page in www.findstone.com , then fill www.findstone.com/supplierform.htm to get one FREE.
2. Always mention your personal name, and city/state/country. It helps us and the buyer. Don't mention any other contact details including company name. In particular, do NOT reply with a standard introductory email. We simply delete such emails as they are meaningless to the buyer. The buyer knows that FindStone has sellers who can supply.

3. It is important to convey the landed price, quality guarantee, safety of money and ease of purchase.
A suggested format is:
- Item - trade name, material type, item type e.g. Indian Paradiso granite cut-to-size slabs
- Image - e.g. in www.findstone.com/country-stone.htm or on any other website
- Quality
- Policy regarding sending samples
- Quantity
- Approximate Weight
- Packing style
- Delivery period
- Price FOB or CIF (preferably in the buyer's currency)
- Your best payment terms
- Freight costs (approximate)
- Quality guarantee (If the buyer can not arrange inspection, how will you guarantee quality or resolve any quality problems?)

Do remember to quote as follows:
  - in inches, feet, lbs, cu. ft. , and $ per sq.ft. to USA buyers
  - in the metric system - m, cm, mm, kg, cu.m. - to all others
  Indians often prefer length and breadth in feet and inches.

4. If there are not enough details for you to quote, this means that this buyer is serious but needs help, so give a basic offer and state the possible options, or give a list of questions that you need answered to make an offer.

Also, do see www.findstone.com/qas.htm
Some topics to read there are:
Is there a suggested format for quoting? 
      How can we make an offer when the buyer has not given sufficient info?   
      Can you give examples of supplier responses which are not helpful?
      Can you give some examples of poor responses of suppliers?
      Can you give some examples of good responses of suppliers?
Which types of suppliers are difficult to work with?
How to deal with buyers’ inquiries listed in FindStone?