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77 inquiries so far in March, 51 inquiries in February
The coding is: Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 27844 USA: I'll be purchasing crates of travertine and need the company info, address and phone number. Telephone: 70233.....Mar 31 Contact
e 27843 USA: I will like to inquire if you can help me to order: 
paver stones
Shape: Cambridge Cobble
Dimensions: 6''x9'' x2-3/8''
Color: fossil beige..
Style: Holland standard Paver
Size:4" x 8" x 2-3/8"
1000 sq.ft
Please respond me whit Total Cost plus tax and the types forms of payment you accept so i can place this urgent order now. Mar 31 Contact
e 27842 USA: retail: How much is your Blue Pearl Granite per square foot? It is for an outdoor countertop for a sink area and not huge. I would also like the price to cut it. Telephone: 828-46..... Mar 31 Contact
e 27841 USA: Where can I buy alabaster? Mar 31 Contact
e 27840 USA: Need a quote for 400 sq ft of NY Bluestone. Also want a quote for that in the thermal version. Tel: 203-63......Mar 31 Contact
e 27839 South Africa: Kindly forward me quotation for RUSTENBURG GRANITE, TWO SLABS. SIZES: - 600mm X 3m. Mar 30 Contact
e 27838 USA: I am interested in raw granite blocks and slabs, eps. in black. The quality will be about 30 cubic meter for blocks and 600 sq. ft. every two months for a steady supply for at least one year time. Mar 29 Contact
e 27837 India: I want prices of all marble, granite, sandstone & natural stone slate stone, so kindly immediately sent me all information about prices. Mar 28 Contact
e 27836 USA: We are looking at at Turkish Limestone that is either Denizli or similar to it. We are looking at it for exterior facade use. Does this stone work well in cold exterior environments?  Telephone: 21233.....Mar 28 Contact
e 27835 Malaysia: I am looking for Volaska stone. Tel: +6012 37..... Mar 28 Contact
e 27834: Would you please be kind to send us your Price List of New Available Tower Crane with its type and capacity, preferably 4-6 tons only. Mobile : 6221 - 0821256.....Mar 28 Contact
e 27833 China: Our customer is in great need of tiger skin & tea rose marble blocks. Would you please send us a FOB manila quotation for 100 cubic meters. To help you understand our background, we would like to inform that we are a trading company in HongKong. Tel: +852 348.....Mar 28 Contact
e 27832 Ireland: I am starting up a company of headstone, so Im in the process of looking for suppliers. Telephone 1 : +353 086 81..... Mar 26 Contact
e 27831 India: What is the best rate of black marqina and dyna and emerald pearl. Mar 26 Contact
e 27830 USA: I would like to know if you have diamond blade 32 quantity in stock or if you can special order it for me by Overnight or Next Day Air shipping to our store location in VALLEY STREAM NY 11581. Just email me back with the total cost plus sales tax including the Overnight shipping cost (if applicable).. I would be glad to make payments to you with a credit card, just let me know the types of (Visa Card) or (Master Card) you accept as payment. Mar 26 Contact
e 27829 India: I am work letter carving for marble & granite, so I want to price list and work details. Telephone: 99374.....Mar 26 Contact
e 27828 USA: Please find some information for checking with suppliers:
All dimensions are in millimeters and quoted pricing shall be in USD/SQM.
- Size 600x600
- Thickness: 20mm and 30mm
- Finishing: POLISHING

- Size 1200x2400
- Thickness: 20mm and 30mm
- Finishing: POLISHING

State: Michigan, USA

Timing and Steps:
1- [March 31]
Price Indication from suppliers

2- [April 05]
Samples (100x100x10) to be sent to above
address for evaluation

3- [April 08]
Final Quotation

4- [April 12 to 15]
Supplier visit (preferably in China).

5- [Within April]
Ship first 20FT container (mixed) for on site assembly and quality check

6- [Within June]
If #5 is OK, then the supplier is released and can be permanent supplier (high volume for entire 3 buildings about 25000 SQM. Mar 25 Contact
e 27827 India: I REQUIRED GANGSAW MACHINE. PLEASE SEND DETAILS. Telephone: 80089..... Mar 25 Contact
e 27826 Greece: I would like you to check carefully the specifications attached and to tell me the prices for each kind of black granite, also it would be good to know the time of the production. This is only a part of the whole order we need, because we aren't still sure about the dimensions of the other parts. All the good's destination is Russia, Moscow. Please inform me for any questions you may have. tel. Greece: +30 69450.....Mar 24 Contact
e 27825 India: Water proofing kota stone basement use personal use any size aprox Qty. 5000 sqft. Telephone: 094250..... Mar 22 Contact
e 27824 Nigeria: Please urgently supply me with your distributors contact details in Nigeria. I have clients that are very keen in your products such as, driveway concrete tiles, walkway concrete tiles, countertops, patios and pool deck in thier homes and hotels. This is very urgent, do reply asap. Telephone: +23480645..... Mar 21 Contact
e 27823 USA: Established in 2001 family run business, fabricating granite and marble for primarily interior purposes.  Mar 21 Contact
e 27822 Australia: Established in Sydney, Australia 1983. We have a medium sized stone factory (6500sqm - 30 staff). Import slabs as well source locally. Work with Marble, granite, sandstones, limestones and all engineered quartz suppliers. We produce benchtops on all nature as well as fireplaces, stairs etc. We also have a fac ade and commercial division which installs external and internal cladding and also caters for complicated shopfits. Mar 21 Contact
e 27821 USA: i would like to order some floor tiles and below is the specification what i need without installation
Family:America Blanco
Ceramic Floor tiles
Size (inches):12 W x 12 H
Please send me the pricing and i will let you know how many i need or let me know the types and brands you have in stock with the pricing as well as the surcharges for using Visa or Master Card for payment included with your contact information. Mar 21 Contact
e 27820 Bosnia and Herzegowina: We are stone producing company from Bosnia and Herzegowina. We are interested in Regal black and if you have other black materials, big and small blocks. Please, send us your best prices. Mar 20 Contact
e 27819 India: Want to buy granite slabs. Tel: 94180.....Mar 20 Contact
e 27818: Interested in Thassos marble slabs. Reference Findstone pricelist 1199.  Tel: +44 7768 8.....I need 500sqm of Tasssos White A3 Marble, with light veining, in 400x400 tiles. Mar 18 Contact
e 27817 USA: How soon can you get me this Counter Tops below:
Absolute Black Island 36 X 76 with Full Bull nose edges (2)
Absolute Black Island 42 X 84 with Full Bull nose edges (1)
Let me know of the total price plus tax and excluding shipping. Let me know if you do take Visa, Mastercard as well. Mar 18 Contact
e 27816 Pakistan: I have two bunglows one is 400 sq yards (ground+ two floor) and 240 sq yard (ground+2floor). please send me price list and also advise me. Mobile: 9230135.....Mar 17 Contact
e 27815 USA: I am interested in buying blue limestone honed and bevelled. Mar 17 Contact
e 27814: I will like to make an inquiry on Artificial Boulder i want to know the types and sizes you have in stock, and the method of payment you accept. Mar 17 Contact
e 27813 USA: Retail: We are looking for a piece of Granite block in a rectangular style approximately 30 inches tall X 24 inches wide X 24 inches deep. Can you please provide some info, price, availability? Tel: 586 90.....Mar 17 Contact
e 27812 India: We require approx 8000 sq.ft. kota stone in Delhi for godown flooring in basement. Kindly send your best possible prices. 17 Contact
e 27811 USA: I want to know if you can get me this Paver stones to purchase:
Shape: Cambridge Cobble
Dimensions: 6''x9'' x2-3/8''
Color: fossil beige
Style:Holland standard Paver
Size:4" x 8" x 2-3/8" 
Please send me the pricing plus tax for the above material. What type of payment do you accept. Please include your address and phone number. Mar 17 Contact
e 27810 India: I am interested in buying blue limestone honed and bevelled. H/P : + 91-97890.....Mar 17 Contact
e 27809: I will like to know if you sell miter saw in your stock, And also I really want to know the cost of one of it.. Please do your best and get back to me with the type of miter saw you have in store and also with the costs.. Mar 16 Contact
e 27808 Malta: WE DEVELOP PROPERTIES FROM START TO FINISH TO SELL ON THE LOCAL/FOREIGN MARKET. 3 GENERATIONS EXPERIENCE IN THE BUSINESS. WE ALSO RENT HOLIDAY VILLAS TO TOURISTS. We require travertine/slate tiles both for outdoor and indoor this year. (about 22000 sq.ft) This not withstanding we are open to suggestions with regards to the choice of material, as long as the price is good. We would also need baths and wash hand basins made of marble or similar (about 20 sets in total). We also require pebbles for landscaping, cobbles and other materials. Mar 16 Contact
e 27807 Pakistan: Need Quotation of Marble Work for Oman Embassy at Islamabad as per attached excel sheets. Ph.NO. 0321-84.....Mar 16 Contact
e 27806 Singapore: I teach at the Swiss School in Singapore. For a class project, I need some limestone. If you have any addresses of stone traders in Singapore, it would be nice to get some information. Mar 16 Contact
e 27805 Slovakia: Could you please send us your current offer of granite with peices? Telephone: 004219052.....Mar 15 Contact
e 27804 Jordan: I am a granite, marble factory owner in Jordan and I'm looking to have more options of granite. I were interested with the product from Brazil. Please if you may to give me offers for some of them with size 60*60*2cm /500m2 and 120*30*3cm/500m2 (filling one to tow containers) please find the attached file for the items I choose .. and if you may to inform me how much it could cost me the freight to jordan. Mar 15 Contact
e 27803 India: I WANT BLUE KOTA STONE 50,000 Sq.ft. I AM GRANITE DEALER. PLS SENT UR LOWEST QUOTATION TO ME. Telephone: 093632.....Mar 15 Contact
e 27802 Pakistan: Please send me price list of all prducts. Telephone: 9230135..... Mar 13 Contact
e 27801 USA: I am Thomas Wornock and I will like to place an Order on some (Wash Basins) I will like to know the price of the (Wash Basin,Camilla [Oval] with tap hole over the counter Size : 570 x 460 mm) If you do not have this size then email me with the size that you have as well as the price.Moreover,what types of credit cards do you accept for Payment?  Mar 13 Contact
e 27800 Palestine: I am looking for used Chain Saw Machines. Telephone: 009705999..... Mar 12 Contact
e 27799 India: We are interested for Fibreglass net for reinforcing granite slabs. Please indicate best price for 70, 80 and 100gsm quality. Telephone: +9198450..... Mar 11 Contact
e 27798 USA: I am emailing you concerning the Counter Tops. Here are the Granite Counter Tops am interested:
Absolute Black Island 36 X 76 with Full Bull nose edges (3)
Absolute Black Island 42 X 84 with Full Bull nose edges.(2)
what will be the grand total including tax without shipping and installation to be picked up from your location on the 5 units countertops. Do you accept major credit cards as payment options? Mar 11 Contact
e 27797 lebanon: We are interested in marble onyx handicrafts. Animals and Bowl and ashtray and candle Stand and decoration items and jars. We want if you have different kinds of fruits (apples- bananas -grapes -orange - ..............etc ) with different sizes polished slabes 2cm thickness indus gold marble + black and gold onyx slabs. We can take these items with different sizes and colors. . Telephone: 0096137.....  Mar 11 Contact
e 27796: Interested in Jerusalem Limestones. See Price list 1154.  Mar 10 Contact
e 27795 India: Interested in prices of Italian Marble. Mar 10 Contact
e 27794 India: I am looking for Good marble with best prices. Please send me some sample images and note its price and size and total prices including transportation for 3500 sqf. Mar 10 Contact
e 27793 Bangladesh: We are looking for excavator for one of our project. Capacity would be 50ton. It would be appreciable if you kind quote us your detail offer along with data sheet of the offered model. Your offer should be in USD CFR, Chittagong Port, Bangladesh basis. Tel: +880291...... Mar 10 Contact
e 27791 Saudi Arabia: I have imported your range of natural stone for one of my Projects in South Africa through my recent. At present I have been offered a position in Saudi Arabia as Contracts Manager for ceramics, porcelain and natural stone. Will be commencing my new job on a $500 million project. I will be responsible for purchasing and specifications. Please email me an indication of your prices and discount structure per volume of purchases in order for me to prepare the upcoming Tender as per BOQ. Mar 10 Contact
e 27790 USA : I need Diamond blade....50pcs. So i would like to know if you have these quantity in stock or if you can special order it for me by Overnight or Next Day Air shipping to our store location in VALLEY STREAM NY 11581. Just email me back with the total cost plus sales tax including the Overnight shipping cost ( if applicable ) . .I would be glad to make payments to you with a credit card, just let me know the types of (Visa Card) or (Master Card) you accept as payment. Mar 9 Contact
e 27789 USA: retail: The picture attached is Verde (sesame) green and black. Faintly greyish, but more green. Maybe chinese? the size is 12x12 in. x 3/8in. thickness with a micro-beveled edge on the polished face. It is an item I need to locate to add onto existing installation. I am in Seattle, this product was installed approx 5 years ago. Your help and assistance in identifying this and/or locating this for purchase is appreciated. Tel: USA (206) 67.....Mar 9 Contact
e 27788 Canada: Do you have a supplier in Toronto Canada for Makrana marble? Telephone: (416) 36......Mar 9 Contact
e 27787: We need buyers of the river stone, Lava Stone and Green Stone Statue Product like Buddha Statue, Wash Basin, Garden accessories, etc. Telephone: +6281 931 6..... Mar 9 Contact
e 27786: Interested in a Polishing machine. Mar 9 Contact
e 27785 Nigeria: Does your company produce limestone or have access to where I can buy at least 10,500 mt per month.  Mar 8 Contact
e 27784 UK: Ineterested in granite slabs from South Africa. See pricelist 990.  Mar 8 Contact
e 27783 South Africa: Interested in telescopic crane. I can come and inspect the crane. Mar 8 Contact
e 27782 Peru: I required the following material: ROSA PORTUGAL. I want to know, the quarry that you obtain this material, the measure that you have and the prices. Mar 7 Contact
e 27781 Italy: We are supposed to buy 5-6 20" container of rose - yellow flagstone quartzite 0.9-1.5cm and 1.5-2.5cm tick, in one year.
CRAZY SIZE FLAGSTONES ~ 7/12 pcs / sqm 
Dimension Per sqm Per crate 
Thickness mm) Size Price Kg Sqm Kg External size(mm) 
9 - 15 Crazy 6.00 26 70 1870 1050x1050x1050 
15 - 25 Crazy 8.20 43 42 1860 1050x1050x1050 
Can you please give me the sqm CNF price to Genoa?
And if you can 't, can you please give me the 20" container shipment cost to Genoa?
We can order it as soon as we see the standard shade sample. We will pay for the samples, of course.  Mar 7 Contact
e 27780: interested in marble and granite slabs from USA. See pricelist 435. Mar 7 Contact
e 27779 Nigeria: need a catalog on tiles. Mar 7 Contact
e 27778 India: Please give me Best prices FOB Mundra port with wooden packing.
1. sand stone (picture attached)
sawn all sides
I calibrated back I sandblast finish. 450 X RL( 460-900 ) X 75 mm thick.
Quantity- 3000 
2. Setts tumbled
125x150-300x75mm Quantity- 300sqm 
M- +9194480.....Mar 5 Contact
e 27777 India: We are looking for Bulldozer and excavators, can you please send us your best quotation along with price. Mar 5 Contact 
e 27776 UAE: Looking for Bursha beige 2 cm slabs 300sqm. Looking for Dark and light bronzeto 50sqm and 140sqm respectively. I can provide shipping account for samples. Telephone: 9715015.....Mar 4 Contact 
e 27775 India: Kindly provide the quotation for brown/white onyx stone for approx. quantity of 200 sq.ft. for wall cladding (10mm – 15 mm thk.). Mobile: +91 97178.....Mar 4 Contact 
e 27774 USA: 'I am looking for 75 +/- tons of reclaimed or new Limestone, Travertine or Sandstone blocks for building (8' x 12' x 12-18' appx). In US for Texas destination..  Mar 4 Contact
e 27773: Interested in a Polishing machine. Send me more information and pictures. Mar 3 Contact
e 27772 Peru: I am very interested in marble Rosa Portugal, I need to know the quarry, measure and price can you offer me. Telephone: 51171.....Mar 3 Contact
e 27771 Switzerland: We are architects and have a large project in Turkey – a luxury store of 9,00 sq. mts. We need a variety of stone, marble and granite for the projects.
We would like to ask you for samples. We have an account with UPS. Telephone: +41 (0)44 25..... Mar 3 Contact
e 27770 Turkey: We want to buy black zimbabwe, black galaxy, rose polymo, crema perla, rosa betta, rosa mino. those are the granites which we want to buy from africa and india.   Mar 2 Contact
e 27769 India: Looking for Marble Suppliers in Ahmedabad to get Makarana Marble. Mar 1 Contact
e 27768 USA: I am emailing to enquire on if you sell granite. I will like to know the cost for the below details......
half bulnose black absolute granite: 6 nos.
I will also like to know your phone # and the types of payment you accept so that i can make payment as soon as i receive a total quote on this description. Mar 1 Contact
e 27767 Nigeria: I am shopping for high quality Italian marble for a luxury hotel under construction. I need a quote for 37,000sqare meter (FOB) shipped to Lagos, Nigeria. Let me know how soon you can ship this large quantity as soon as an acceptable payment method is established. Mar 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.