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Pricelist 934 marble, granite and travertine blocks  Italy    www.findstone.com      info@findstone.com

February 15, 2003 3:04 PM

Following we have the pleasure to send you our price - list:

                                        Price list Year 2.003


                                    White Carrara Marbles.

White Carrara " C"                           Euro 295 x Ton.  ( Best quality,big sizes)
White Carrara "CD"                          Euro 215 x Ton.  ( Medium quality,big sizes )
White Carrara "D"                            Euro 120 x Ton.  ( Darker quality,big sizes )     
White Carrara " Building"                 Euro    95x Ton.  ( Darker,but also not uniform,big sizes)

White Carrara" Informi "       Euro 70 x Ton. ( Small blocks,various sizes.For Tiles )
Binco Gioia "C"                     Euro 295 x Ton. ( Best quality,big sizes )
Bianco Gioia " CD"               Euro 215 X Ton. ( Medium quality,big sizes )

Loading : exw (ex-works)   Marina di Carrara - Italy.

Blue Pearl Granite

"GT" Quality                       Euro 2.500 for m3 (very blue color)

 "GT" Quality extra fine       Euro 2.150 for cbm (same colour of the GT, but with a white vein along cutting direction or in a corner) 

Blue Pearl                         Euro 2.245 for m3 (a medium blue color)

Blue  Pearl " Extra fine"    Euro 1.895 for m3   (same color of the blue pearl, but with a white vein along cutting direction or in a corner )

Blue  Pearl " Commercial " Euro 1.550 for m3 (the colour isn't so blue, are somewhat open or have minor defect)         

Blue Pearl " Bergen "         Euro 1.320 for m3 (The colour is like the Blue Pearl a medium one, but on theses blocks you have to fill the slabs when it have been cut, because of same cracks. Same blocks can became very well other can be, also after to have been filled, always open or in the same block a part of this is better than the rest)

Blue Pearl second choice  Euro 1.200 for m3. (for tiles, small and various sizes, with one white vein across the slab)

                                                Emerald Pearl

1 choice                                Euro 2.150 for m3 (Best quality, big sizes)

1 choice extra fine                 Euro 1.900 for m3 (Like 1 choice, but with a vein along cutting direction)

Second choice                     Euro 1.410 for m3 (Medium color, but with a  vein across the cutting direction)

Third choice                         Euro 1.090 for m3 (Medium colour, but with 2 or more veins against cutting direction)    

Please pay attention!!

Prices for Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl:  exw(ex-works) Marina di Carrara. We can also make the shipment from the Norwegian port if for the customer this is more economical, in this case the price is different: exw  (ex-works) Port in Norway Euro 90 less for m3 for  Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl.

                                               Sardinia's Granites and stones.

Rosa Beta 1 choice                   Euro370 for m3

Rosa Beta " Commercial"         Euro 300 for m3 (Not full so uniform ,whit same vein)

Rosa Beta second choice        Euro 250 for m3 (No uniform, with discoloration and veins against cutting direction) 

Bianco Sardo  1 choice          Euro 630 for m3

Bianco Sardo "Commercial   Euro 490 for m3 (Not full so uniform with same vein)

Bianco Sardo Second            Euro 390 for m3 (No uniform, with discoloration and veins against cutting direction)

Luna Pearl 1 choice               Euro 690 for m3

Luna Pearl " Commercial"     Euro 560 for m3 (Not full so uniform with same vein)

Luna Pearl " Second "           Euro 430 for m3 (No uniform, discoloration and veins against the cutting direction)

Grigio Sardo                         Euro 50 Less for m3 of the Bianco Sardo.

(The difference between the Bianco Sardo and the Grigio Sardo is in the name, Grigio means grey so the background is more grey than white)

Breccia Sarda  Chiara  1 choice           Euro 240 for Ton.

  "                "          Commercial        Euro   215 for Ton.  (Not full so uniform)

  "               "           Second              Euro   180 for Ton.  (NO uniform, bad colour)        

Breccia Sarda Scura                              Euro 220 for Ton.

  "             "            Commercial                             Euro   195 for Ton.

 "           "          Second                          Euro  160 for Ton.

Please pay attention!!

Prices exw (ex-works) Marina di Carrara.

If the customer would like that we sells exw (ex-works) from Sardinia Port the price

is different:  50 Euro less for m3. (15 Euro less for Ton.) for all the qualities from Sardinia written in our price list.


                                  Travertino Romano Classico

Travertino Classico  1 choice          Euro 690 x ton.

Travertino Classico  Commercial          Euro 490 x ton. (Same bigger vein, a little more darker background, not full so uniform)   

Travertino Second                         Euro 250 x Ton.  (Discoloration, not uniform, big vein, possible cracks, dark backround) 

Loading : Prices exw (ex-works) from Tivoli (Rome).

                             Egypt, Turkey, Brazilians Stones

In theses 3 countries we are buying directly from the quarries and we have good prices.

We are importing several types of stones and granites first choice, commercial and second choice.

So actually we prefer to give you prices depending from this and from the quantity.

We can study same prices and in a couple of weeks we can give you also these, this because we will give you serious information from us. 


Minimum order: Also just one block if the customers fill the container or truck by himself with others materials.

In case that the customer have to charge just from us;

1 full container (21 ton. or 28 ton. depending from the countries)

If truck one full truck (21, 24 or 28 Ton. depending from the country)

Delivery times:

White Carrara                 10/15 days from the order

Blue pearl/Emerald Pearl   25/30 days from the order from Italy / 10/15 days from Norway

Sardinia's granites and stones: 15/20 days from Carrara port / from Sardinia port 10/15 days.

Travertino Romano: 10/15 days from the order.

Egypt, Turkey and Brazil : Depending if the customer would like to ship from theses countries or from Italy.

Supply capacity: ( Monthly)

White Carrara                                     10 blocks of each quality

Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl              5-8 blocks of each quality

Sardinia's Granites and Stones          10 blocks of each quality

Travertino Romano Classico              5-8 blocks of each quality 

Egypt,Turkey and Brasil                      Depending by the quality, by request we give the answer. 

Payment terms: Irrevocable letter of credit at 60 days.

Irrevocable letter of credit at sight 4% discount.

If some customers need a bigger delay on the payment terms, this can be possible after same shipment.

Validity: To the end of December 2003.

Minimum order: 150 Sqm. at 2 cm. or 100 Sqm. at 3 cm.

We can also of course consider smaller quantitys by requst,and we will give a quick response to you .

Delivery time:    White Carrara                14 days from the order.

                           Travertino Romano       20 days    "             "

                           Blue Pearl                      25-30 days    "       "

                           Emeral Pearl                  25-30 days    "       "

                           Sardinia                          15 days        "       "

                           Egypt                              20-25 days   "       "

                                 Turkey and Brasil    depending by the request

                           Tiles                                15-20 days

                          Finish works       depending from the project and quantitys.

                          ( of course we do accept also small works )

Supply capacity: White Carrara            Sqm. 2000 for each quality  ( Monthly )

                             Travertino Romano   Sqm. 1500 "                               "

                             Blue Pearl                  Sqm. 1500 "                               "

                             Emeral Pearl              Sqm. 1500 "                               "

                             Sardinia                      Sqm. 2000 "                               "

                             Egypt                          Sqm. 1500 "                               "

                             Turkey and Brasil       Big quantitys depending by the request.

Payment Terms:  Irrevocable letter of credit at 60 days.

Letter of credit at sight 4% discount.

It's possible to give longer terms of payments after we did together with the same customer smar order together.

 " we would like to make a long terms business relation with our customers therefore we work hard on the quality control of the materials ,giving them exactly what we told you, the same regarding the delivery terms.

This because we will be serious with people that trusted us.

 We are looking with big interest to cooperate with you and we are looking forward for a long business relation together.

For useful data such as Metric Conversions, Quantity per Container, Explanation of Terms, etc., see Commercial Trade Information and Terms

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