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Price list for Landscaping Stones
Slabs / Tiles, Blocks, Monuments, Artifacts,
Consumables, Machinery, Testing Services




Buyers, click on the above links to see the pricelists. Email your purchase order or counter offer or specific inquiry. Do mention the pricelist number in the subject line of your email. Some price lists are in pdf format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Use the price lists to get a general idea about prices, sizes, etc. Do remember that price is not an independent variable. It depends on quantity, size, delivery period, payment terms etc.  
, email your wholesale and retail price list to add it here. It sells!

Metric Conversions 

Landscaping Stones: (cubes, kerbs, paving, pebbles)
The ones in bold are more comprehensive.
  General: Cobbles, Pebbles 
  Australia:  Paving & cladding stones 1, Paving & cladding stones 2, Siltstone bricks, pebbles, etc.
  Brazil:  Paving stones, cobbles & wall stones, Quartzite tiles, slabs and paving stones

Granite cobbles and paving stones

  Bulgaria: Unshaped Gneiss
  Canada: Landscaping stones
  China: Machine made pebbles, Pebbles 1, Pebbles 2, Cobbles 1, Cobbles 2

Gravel and pebbles, Granite cubes 1, Granite cubes 2Granite cubes & kerbs

Granite aggregates

Granite kerbs, Mosaics, tumbled stones, pebbles and cobbles, Granite paving tiles,

Decorative gravel, Cobbles, cubes, pavers, stepping stone, Kerbstones, cubes & pebbles 

  Greece: Flagstones & Stairs 

Pebbles 1Pebbles 3, Pebbles 4, Pebbles 5Pebbles 6, Pebbles 7, Pebbles 8, Pebbles 9

Pebbles & cobbles, 

Limestone & sandstone cobblesCobble stones 2, Granite cobbles Rs 1

Cobble stones 3 (Rs.)Granite cobble stones 4Granite cobble stones 5,

Granite cobbles 6, Granite cobbles 7, Sandstone cobblesCubes & kerbs

Sandstone & limestone cobbles

Pink limestone cubes, Granite pavers Rs. 12, Paving Stones 1Granite cubes,

Paving stones 2Crazy pavingSandstone ashlar

Granite cobble stones and pavers, Granite cubes & pebbles (Rs & USD),

Cobbles, cubes, pebbles, chips, tumbled pebbles, boulders and blocks

Gray boulders, Garden products,

  Indonesia: Landscape stones & gravel, Pebbles, Pumice stones, Limestones

Andesite boulders & cobbles 

  Ireland: Irish stone
   Italy:  Paving and flooring material made out of Lava Roc k / basalt 
  Israel: Sandstone blocks, Marble pebbles 1
  Malaysia: Pebbles & gravel, Pebbles 
  Mexico: Red lava volcanic rock
  Philippines:  Pebbles
  Scotland: Sandstone claddings
  South Africa: Tiles & crazy pavers
  Spain: Granite paving 1Granite paving 2, Basalt Pavers, Flagstones, Crushed white marble 
  Turkey:  Pebbles & cobbles, Pumice Stone, Tumbled cobblestones, Granite cobblestones,

Granite paving stones, Basalt cobblestones 1, Basalt cobblestones 2, Pebbles

  USA: Boulders, Flagstones, stepping stones & tiles, Imported granite cobbles & wall stones

Indian granite cobble stones and pavers, Boulders & sandstonesCobblestones,

Moss rock boulders & flagstones

Old granite chunks & fieldstoneStone lumps 

Cherokee stones for wall, Flagstone, stack stone, veneer, wall stones

Pinola stone flagstone, stack stone, veneer, wall stonesNew York Bluestone tiles,

Garden boulders, Sandstone boulders, Pebbles, Granite pavers,

Field stones, Pallet offers, Flagstone and crushed stones, Limestone pavers

Sandstone flagstone and boulders, PA Flagstone,

Flagstone, wallstone, fieldstone, steps and risers, Flagstone & fieldstone,

Pebbles, slate, limestone, granite, interior stone surfaces, steps & landscaping stones

Tumbled cobblestones, Kerbs, steps, cobblestones, wallstones, flagsones, pavers (GA)

Honeycomb calcite rough stone (TX)Rubble, flagstone, treads & risers (TN),

Cobblestones, flagstones, rubble, stepping stones (TN), Rustic granite cobblestones (FL),

Flagstone & boulders, All kinds of landscaping stones and products 1,

All kinds of landscaping stones and products 2, Granite flagstone (NY)

All Landscape items, Landscaping (rocks / granites) NY

  Vietnam:  Pebbles, Bluestone tiles & cobblestones