e 2631 USA: I am looking for stones by pallet to sell at my place of business in GA, USA. March 20. Contact, See Offers
offer 12: Contact us and let us know about your requirments. 
offer 11: Please would you provide me with more details of your orders. I am able to provide you and satisfy your orders for high quality natural stone. Our natural stone is professionally selected for it's application in commerce and industry and competitively priced. Colorado.
offer 10: have different sizes of flagstone for sale by the pallet.
offer 9: Please contact us for a price list and photo brochure of our stone. We carry a large selection of stone from all over North America, including Mexico and Canada and ship anywhere in the country. We mix and match different products for trailer load pricing.
offer 8: we are importer and distributors for natural stones from around the world and we represent direct
manufacturer, we have three w'se in North America, we can support u with best prices and guaranteed
quality. we can provide u material from our warehouse in Midwest, west coast. we have Slates, Granite Tiles, and Marble Tiles.
offer 7: We have Ocean Green(serpentine),Jade Green (Marble) and Olivia Grey(1+)
 12 x 12 x 3/8" in  New York that can be immediately shipped to you.
Please see the pictures we attached. 
The price will be
1.Olivia Grey (1+,without red lines):  US$3.21/SF.(720SFavailable now)
2. Ocean Green : US$ 4.26 / SF. (2160 SF)
3.Jade Green     : US$5.97/SF.(720SF)
Payment in advance.
offer 6: We specialize in Jerusalem Stone. We can sell you pallets at a reduce price. VA.
offer 5: We have Crab Orchard Flagstone, varigated and blue, standard 3/4" - 1.5" and thick, 2" - 3"  we also carry a wide range of quarried squares and rectangles, both sandstone, and limestone.
offer 4: We have 9 pallets of Black Galaxy 12 x 12 x 3/8" in  Chicago that can be immediately shipped to you. the price will be US$ 3.50 / SF. Payment in advance.
Buyer says: I am interested.
offer 3: I am a North American importer and I stock product in Kansas and in Canada and can supply pallet loads of slate, granite, travertine and limestone.
Buyer says: I would like more info.
offer 2: we have New England fieldstone for sale on pallets. If you are interested  contact us and we could send you some pictures.
offer 1: see www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm