e 2462 USA: Retail: Please quote for the following: 300 sq. ft. 12"x12" polished, filled, beveled, Navona Travertine (or similar) 150 sq. ft. 16"x16" polished, filled, beveled, Navona Travertine (or similar). Delivery & insurance to New Orleans, USA. Feb 12. Contact
Buyer adds: Thank you for you recent emails and apologies for the delay in replying. I am still interested in purchasing our order through FindStone, but do have some additional questions. The stone is to be used in a bathroom, and I would like to change our request for the following:

Turkish cross-cut travertine, light, filled & honed (but not polished)
 300 sqft 12"x12"
 150 sqft 16"x16"

Delivery is to New Orleans, USA.
Please provide details on total price (incl. delivery & insurance), and photos if possible.
I would also appreciate references you may have to individuals/companies that you have previously delivered to in New Orleans. april 12
offer 3: We are quarriers/producers of authentic Durango Stone products. I recommend not using a polished travertine for flooring. I suggest a 400 grit hone at most. Polished travertines will develop traffic patterns.

We offer a 400 grit old world finish for $2.79sft FOB Phoenix., AZ with 1mm eased edge bevel. I have attached a picture and would like to send samples and product literature. Freight will be determined on weight. I need to know if the 12" and 16" tiles will be shipped together or separately.

offer 2: SPECIAL PRICE FOR YOU ex-factory Rome: 

Navona Travertine       12x12        3.95$   SFT

Navona Travertine       16x16        4.15$   SFT

offer 1: We can supply Navona Travertine, 12x12 filled and polished for $5.75 per square foot delivered and insured.
Material is in stock and could deliver within a couple of days to New Orleans.
offer 1: Do see www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm