e 2566 USA: Project: Quote for light color granite 12" x 12" tiles around 1500 sq ft. Please include the shipping and handling in USA. I have some names like Bethal White, Chelmford, O Conee, Rockwell White, Solar White. We are building our house and we want to put granite in kitchen, entrance of the house and in dinning room area. So this is close to 1300 or 1500 sq feet. It depends on price if we can afford it or not. We are in Louisville, KY. You can send me the prices and handling shipping. March 7. Contact
Offer 1: we can offer at very competitive prices, and please advise port of discharge so that we can quote to you accordingly.

I have enclosed two pictures of two kinds of light color granites, please check and advise which one you prefer.
Thank you!
Light color granite 1
Light color grnite 2