e 2615 USA: Please quote for slate, marble, limestone, cantera, to be used on flooring. We are situated in Texas. I am sorry but I am not savvy on the colors, is there a possibility of getting very small samples(1x1) inch mailed? Does one half to purchase a full container? If so can the order have more than one type of stone? Which port does it come to? Can it be drop shipped? Sorry about all the questions. Thank you so much for your patience. March 16. Contact 
Buyer adds: The color chart that I have gives different names for the stone, the colors that I am interested in are Sanjini Gold, Sunset and wood grain, if you have something that has the same colors they would be fine. March 25.
Do you also carry 40x40 cm ? I would like to use a larger tile. Where are you located? Do you have a showroom in Austin? San Antonio? March 26
How does one go about purchasing pallets, not full containers delivered to site outside of Austin or port of Houston? March 27
offer 6: We are a natural stone importer and distributor located in Houston. We can get any color you need in any material without having to order full containers. We can send you samples in any size you would like.
offer 5: We are in TN and carrry Crab Orchard Flagstone which makes beautiful flooring.
offer 4: I am in Kansas and stock Mexican travertine, limestone, slate and granite from India.
offer 3: we are capable to give you limestone from Turkey. the price is US$ 650/m3.
offer 2:  WE GIVE OUR RATES FOR SOUTH INDIAN SLATES but we can only deal in full container loads.
rates  on fob india basis   US$            per  sqm(1  sqm== 10.764  sqft) 
ITEM/SIZES                                     CM 30/30                                                40/40
                                            NATURAL     CALIBERATED                  NATUR            CALIBER
THICKNESS                          10--15MM         10MM                            12--15MM           12MM 
VARIATION                                                 0.5MM                                                   0.5MM
1.MULTI PINK                         3.50                 5.00                                 4.00              6.40
2.MULTI COLOR                      3.10                 4.80                                 3.75               6.00
3.INDIAN AUTUMN                   4.65                 7.00                                 5.40              8.50
4.BLACK                                3.95                 6.00                                 5.00              6.80  
5. N. GREEN                           4.50                 6.90                                 6.20              8.50
6.VIJAY  GOLD                        4.25                 6.90                                 6.00              8.50
7.M.GREEN                             3.55                 5.30                                 4.25              6.50
8.CHOCLATE/GRAPE                 3.30                 5.25                                 4.10              6.25
9.GREY                                  3.20                 4.65                                 3.65              6.00
10.PIDI PINK/RAJA RED             4.40                 6.80                                 5.85              8.50
11.INDIAN KASHMIR (DARSI)      7.05                 9.85                                 7.65             10.40   
12.LIME  GREEN                       5.20                 8.20                                 6.75             10.70
13.LIME  PINK                           "                       "                                     "                   "   
14.LIME  MULTI                         "                       "                                     "                   " 
15.LIME BLACK                          "                       "                                     "                   "   
  *packing  export worthy wooden crates 
  * shipment  by FULL CONTAINER loading appx  700 sqm
  * payment  by irrevocable  SIGHT LC
a.the nearest port of discharge is HOUSTON
b.normally samples are in 4"/4" sizes only.below that you will not get a clear picture.you can refer to findstone album for
   getting the idea.
c.half container shipment--this will consist of app 350 sqm/10 to 11 crates.for lcl shipment all the crates may not be loaded in
   the same container;may be in 3/4 container. further it may involve transhipments at more than two places. possibility of the
   damage to the crates are quite high. further frt costs will work  out to be more than the fcl freight.
d normally the following types are shipped to your country
  1.multi pink 2.indian autumn 3.vijay gold 4.black  5..indian kashmir 6.lime green 7.limepink
e.our cnf price  kindly add usdlrs 3.65 per sqm. this will include  ocean freight/destination delivery charges of
   usd 370 per container and delivery at houston port. you have to pay delivery order charges  only(for obtaining delivery
f. if you want delivery at your site, pl advise us the distance of your site from Houston port and the zip code of your area 
in the case of fcl shipment the container will be delivered straight at the port 
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm
See colors in www.findstone.com/album.htm