e 2675 USA: Landscape: I want to purchase / import container loads of 2" (5cm) green oval pebbles for landscaping. Other colors are fine by me. Respond with US$ per ton and location. March 30 Contact    

offer 3: 
This is in response to your request for landscaping stone.
We are a distributor of natural stone products from all over North America.
I believe I have the perfect landscape stone for you, it is called Kewanee Skippers, very colorful, reds, blacks, grays, whites, greens, flat, smooth and rounded. These are all hand selected and hand sorted by size. They are
available in several sizes, the Kewanee Skippers 1 1/2" - 3" & 4" - 7", the Kewanee Creek Flats 7" - 15", available in contractor baskets weighing approximately 3,000 lbs. each. Cost on the 1 1/2" - 3" is $400.00 per ton, 4" - 7" $330.00 per ton, Creek Flats $270.00 per ton. All prices quoted are in trailer load quantities, (products can be mixed for trailer load pricing), F.O.B. Perryville, Missouri. Better pricing may be available on direct shipments depending on your location. We also have a stone similar called Kewanee Creek Pebbles, similar in color, not as flat, more rounded available in 1 1/2" - 2" & 2" - 3", price $240.00 per ton, trl. load qnty.

I can supply everything from one green pebble, to a bag, to a 3,000 lb. basket, to a 23 ton truck load, to a container load, but, I need to know quantities and shipping location. How can we make this easier?
I have
attached a photo of the Green Pebbles that I can supply.

We have many other products you may interested in.

offer 2:
We can supply you the 2-5" pebbles in green color . It is very difficult to supply you the exact 2" pebble, so we can supply you the 2-5" pebble
Price               180  US $/ Ton
Packing            Packed in Gunny bags
Port                 FOB Chennai port India
Payement        Irrevocable LC at Sight from any first class bank
Delivery            4-5 weeks from the date of delivery
offer 1: 
Do see www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm