e 2682 India: I want Tan Brown 20mm & 30 mm, Absolute Black 20mm & 30mm,  Sapphire Brown 20mm & 30mm, Black Galaxy 20mm & 30mm, Green Galaxy 20mm & 30mm. All 20mm slabs 300 sq. ft, all 30mm slabs 870 sq. ft. Size: min 260 x 140 cm. I want first quality material without cracks, absolute good polish. Price required with delivery for packed / unpacked material. April 1. Contact 
offer 2: We can provide to you either fob India or landed usa.
Right now we will give u our prices for premium quality fob India prices for cont. load basis.
Tan Brown 20 mm-3.95/sqft 30 mm add 25% more
Absolute Black 20 mm-5.95/Sqft add 30% for 30 mm
Saphire brown 20 mm-3.95/Sqft add 25% for 30 mm
Black Galaxy 20 mm 8.5/sqft add 30% for 30mm
Green Galaxy 20 mm 5.25/Sqft add 30% for 30 mm
Quality is our guaranty we are ISO 9002 company and Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our Motto.
if you need material form our warehouse in USA or Canada prices will be different.
offer 1: See www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm