e 2700 USA: Project: We need 25 nos. 11" x 54" x 2" thick polished gray limestone slabs for a stairwell at a new office building. We also need 80 sq. ft. of matching 18"x18" tiles for 4 landings. We additionally need gray limestone for 10 thresholds 6" x 6'. Project is 6 months from delivery. April 4. Contact
earlier e 2668 USA: Wanted 12"x 54" limestone slabs for a stairwell on a seven story building, 24"x24" concrete pavers for screw jack supports, 12"x 24" brick pavers. March 29.
Buyer adds: Please send a sample. I also need to know how soon you can get these pieces fabricated after recieving measurements. This project is also going to require matching thresholds.  Do you have the ability to cut a 6" x 6' 3/4" thick beveled edge piece with a epoxy mesh backing? Our client would like all the limestone to come from the same container. Also you can provide me a list and pricing of other stones you offer because we've seen a huge increase in demand for it.  April 9.
offer 3: We sell stairwell that is made of jerusalem limestone. We also sell tiles from 12"x12 "to 24"x24." We can match all the colors .We would like more information a bout your project. VA.
offer 2: Hello.  I have a gray Texas limestone that may be suitable for your project.  It can be produced in the sizes you specified.  If you contact me direct, I would be glad to send you some samples.  Finish is sawed or honed only.  Limestone does not polish very well, but for a staircase, a polished stone probably wouldn't be appropriate anyway.  Thank you
offer 1: Do see www.findstone.com/matph.htm and www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm