e 2721 Netherlands: My company, a wholesale and retail shop for amateur and professional artists, I am looking for a supplier of various materials for my customers. If possible I would like to receive information about minimum quantities, delivery time, price and conditions of the various products. A point of interest is colour, density (specific gravity) and size of the raw stone material. To be specific; the stone should be boulders. Approximately pieces of 25 up to 50 kg each (maybe your left-overs?) or, on specific demand of the artist, it should be of a specific dimension on order. Payment will be wire transferred. April 10. Contact 
offer 13: We are mining special kind of stone from our own mines/sources -
snow white nephrite jade,dark green serpentine,yelow golden serpentine,brown red wood slates,black marble
and granite,snow white marbles and many other colour stone for special art work and for aritcales.
10-50-100-1000 KGS SINGLE STONE AVAIABLE on very atractive  price on 20 feet container on long term
basis. Also we provided small tiles and slabes on buyer order. For further information and some pictures please contact us. Pakistan
offer 12: We can offer you Redmulticolour or Indian Juprana granite blocks of any size namely 100cm x 80cms x 50cms or 250x140x120cms.  We can offer any minimum quantity  provided you find a ship for transporting a same to your destination.  In this respect you con contact M/s Puyvast Shipping line Amsterdam.  The delivery period is 2 to 4 weeks to the Indian port of Chennai or New Mangalore.  Price is USD 400/CBM FOB Chennai or New Mangalore port.  The colour in Red multicolour mixture of red gray and little black. The density is 2.8 gm/cc.
offer 11: We can supply you lovely green marble blocks from India.
offer 10: referring to your enquiry, we advise  our  rates as under
item                        granite boulders/small  square/rectangular size blocks
                              sizes   25---40cms  on all sides
weight                     from 25--50kgs
color                       grey/paradiso
price                       us$  27.60/mt  fob  indian port
minimum qty           abt  100mts  either     in breakbulk  or    by container      as you  may  desire
delivery                   shipment  within  max  30 days  from the  date  of  receipt  of  lc
payment                 by  irrevocable  sight  lc 
for  other  specific  sizes,  we shall advise  on knowing the  requirements. 
offer 9: we will supply you boulders in grey granite (Natural)
size:  50-60cm,  60-80cm,  80-100cm
Price:  USD.45/ton FOB Madras
You will get about 27 tones in a container
about 50-60 boulders in a box
Please confirm your requirements
offer 8: We are processors and suppliers of top Australian sandstone.  I will be happy to assist you. Australia
offer 7: if you are interested in black marble ( Aksehir black )material we can provide you according to your specifications and standard. The price of my material is US$ 60/ton EX-WORKS. And I can give you 30 x 60 x 2cm US$ 16 FOB Turkey if you would like to take from this dimention.
offer 6: we will supply boulders small and big  at USD.35/ton FOB Madras in grey granite.
offer 5: YOUR ENQUIRY.
SIZES                                                         28-30CM ON ALL  SIDES 
WEIGHT                                                     APPRX   50 KGS  NOT TO EXCEED  5O KGS 
MINIMUM   QTY                                          IF BY CONTAINER    3 FCL OF ABT     78-81  MTS
                                                                 IF BREAKBULK    SHIPMENT                150   MTS  
PRICE    FOB INDIA                                 BY CONTAINER              BREAK BULK   
              BLACK                                            US$    54                        57      
              PARADISO                                                53                        56
              GREY                                                       53                        56      
offer 4: We could supply related materials with wide range of colour and dimension.
offer 3: wij hebben uw berichtje op findstone gezien. netherlands
offer 2: I would like to supply u r required meterial with beautiful boulder lime stone boulders multicolours and
chocolate colour. how much quantity u want that much and size also above 25kg and (upto if u like)200kg also
naturally the stone r beautiful colours the price also per ton $1 to 1.8 ex.quarry. India
offer 1: See www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm