e 2736 Egypt: Looking for new suppliers of stones and stone products. Please email your pricelists and catalogs. April 12. Contact

Offer 11: We are a group of manufacturers/ Exporters Company of Marble, Onyx and Travertine in Iran. We are one of the few professional producers of stone in Iran who can produce stone with a high quality and giving professional international services. 
We are exporting our stones to UK, USA, Canada, South Africa and UAE. 

We can supply the following:

Size of standard Tile: (Also all cut to size acceptable)
30x30 40x40 50x50 60x60 cm
12x12 16x16 18x18 24x24 Inch

In Tumbled/Antique and composition we can produce the following sizes:
2.5x2.5 5x5 10x10 15x15 20x20 25x25 30x30 40x40 50x50 cm

Thickness: 1, 1.4, 1.7, 2 cm

Please see www.findstone.com/pl/499.htm 

Please let us know your view and let to have enough discussion in your demand. We believe our customers are the most important part of our business now and in the future. Then we will effort to satisfy them always. We like to listen to our customer's intention and try to give him the exact wanted. -- Iran

Offer 10: We are supplier of natural stones,
marble, travertine, onyx and limestone in tile and slab forms: (any size which you want).
You can purchase the most beautiful stones, produced by new Italian machine accepted by global market from our company.
We hope to satisfy our customers with the best performance and with our good services.
Please see our pricelist at www.findstone.com/pl/500.htm. We will be glad to assist you, send us the type & size of products , the quantity of need, and if you have monthly order or not .
Once again Thank you for opportunity to work with you.


Offer 9: We have large variety Slate stone in Pakistan. There are very fine quality of slate stone available. We are newly establishing slate stone business in Pakistan. The Slate color available are Jet Black, Honey, Gray, Green, Multi Color, etc. We want to export slate Stone to different countries. We need Buyer agent or Importer if they want samples we will send them. --Pakistan 

Offer 8: This is with reference to your enquiry for stone products at findstone portal. We would like to offer you Rough Blocks, Slabs and tiles of Red Multi Colour, Ruby Red, Black Galaxy from our own quarries. Please kindly contact us for further details along with your requirements. Our supplier code is S02294.

Thanks & Regards


Offer 7: 

Dear Sirs,

We are producing marble and travertine tile since 1993. We have  a good experience in export to USA market.The products are high quality for USA standards. We are looking forward to receive your order, 


24"24"3/5"                          Light / Medium                      22.USD

                                               Dark                               20.USD

                                    Antique / Commercial                 18.USD

18"18"1/2"                          Light / Medium                      18.USD

                                               Dark                               16.USD

                                    Antique / Commercial                 13.USD

16"16"1/2"                          Light / Medium                      16.USD

                                               Dark                               14.USD

                                    Antique / Commercial                 12.USD

12"12"3/8"                          Light / Medium                      15.USD

                                               Dark                               13.USD

                                    Antique / Commercial                 11.USD

Offer 6: I have many sandstone, these colours are-:

Budhpura / kandla Grey. 12.00/-$ .
Raj green 12.00/-$
Yellow. 13.00/-$
Autumn 11.00/-$


Offer 5: We would like to inform you that we export the materials as Blocks. We have two quarrys of marbles which Travertine is one and the 2nd are the worldwide famous natural stone LIMESTONE. When you're do matter with us you'll never disappointed.

We don't have 2nd quality materials. We can supply the 1. quality material only. 

Below I am submitting the price list for your study. We hope you interested our prices. We can supply the materials you wanted as much as you like.

Travertine Block's without crack are 120 $/ ton on basis FOB Port Turkey

Limestone White without crack are to step 1 is 175 $ / ton in cash
                                                          to step 2 is 210 $ / ton buy on the installment system

We are also sending you the price of artifacts.





20 ness Vase

15 $


30 ness Vase

26 $


40 ness Vase

36 $


30 ness Vase ( Green )

45 $


20 ness Rose Vase

12 $


12 ness Oval Ashtray

8 $


15 ness square Ashtray

11 $


Square clock

17 $


Half round clock

17 $


Pendulumly clock

27 $


Pencil box

10 $


Name tape plate

13 $


Footly sugar box

15 $



20 $


Single Candle holder

11 $


Single plately candle holder

14 $


Case bowl (Green Onyx)

20 $


Mini Bar

170 $


Rotary ball

14 $

               Pls donít hesitate to get into touch with us for pics and other things.

               Looking forward to hearing you and hope we able to starting a good business relationship,

Yours faithfully,


Offer 4: 

We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Trading
Company based in Hong Kong, dealing in Marble, Granite and all types of stones in the
form of Blocks, Slabs and Tiles in sizes to suit the customers need.
Kindly find below our best FOB India prices of random slabs of the following material and we
 would be pleased to send you further information of the products of your interest.
                                              Price ( USD ) Cutter                    Price ( USD ) Gangsaw
RED MULTICOLOR                        33                                               36 
PARADISO CLASSIC                     34                                               38 
IMPERIAL RED                              45                                               54 
BLACK GALAXY                            44                                               68 
RAW SILK ( IVORY / PINK )          36                                               45 
BLACK ABSOLUTE                       38                                               48 
COLOMBO JUPRANA                   36                                               46 
TAN BROWN                                 35                                              45 
SAPPHIRE BLUE                          38                                                48 
LAVENDER BLUE                         37                                                47 
KASHMIR WHITE                         36                                                 46 
HASSAN  GREEN                        33                                                 43 
GREEN MARBLE ( DARK )                                                                32 
YELLOW TEAK SANDSTONE      22                                                                 

Specification  : Random Polished Slabs Height 1.2 - 1.7,  Length 2.4 - 3.0,
                        Thickness  20 mm.
                        Cutter Size Height 60-90, Length 1.8 - 2.8, Thickness 20 mm.
Block Prices 
Green Marble Gangsaw Size Usd 170/-Ton Fob India
Black Galaxy Gangsaw Size USd 1400/ Cbm Fob India Etc.
We hope that you will find the above prices to be most competitive and looking
forward  to your valuable order  at the earliest.
Thanks & Regards
Hong Kong

Offer 3: 
We are Vietnamese Exporters specializing to export handicrafts over seas.
We wonder that you are interested in stone figurines, marble statues sculptured and made from Vietnam. 
Your requires would be satisfied. Pls contact with us.
Thank you.

Offer 2:

Marble Code       Name of Marble            Price List                 Size
SMS 2 :             RED ROSE                 $ 24  Per / M2            1*30.5*30.5    Tile
                                                           $ 215 Per / M3            As  a Block
                                                           $ 21 Per / M2              As a Slab
SMS 3:              TOSYA BEIGE            $ 22  Per / M2             1* 30.5* 30.5    Tile
                                                           $ 205 Per / M2            As  a Block
                                                           $ 20   Per / M2            As a Slab
SMS 8:              Amasya Black             $ 270   As a Block    
SMS 11:            Nevsehir White             $ 230 As a Block
SMS 15:            Kargi Empirme             $ 270  As a Block  

Offer 1: See www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm, www.findstone.com/readystock.htm, www.findstone.com/artistic.htm and www.findstone.com/album.htm