e 2749 USA: I am interested in purchasing our order through FindStone, we some additional questions. The stone is to be used in a bathroom, and I would like to change our request for the following: 
Turkish cross-cut travertine, light, filled & honed (but not polished)
300 sqft 12"x12"
150 sqft 16"x16"
Delivery is to New Orleans, USA.
Please provide details on total price (incl. delivery & insurance), and photos if possible.
I would also appreciate references you may have to individuals/companies that you have previously delivered to in New Orleans. (Previously this inquiry was e 2462-USA) April 13. Contact
offer 7: Our travertine prices are,
12''x12'' light,filled-honed  21$ FOB
16''x16'' light,filled-honed  22$ FOB Turkey
offer 6: We have also a marble factory in UŞAK.We process the marbles for 7 years as well as exportıng to: Kuwait-İtaly-Poland and Germany. Our product line:Uşak White,Uşak Grey,Denizli Travertine,Uşak Verde Laguna,Vezirhan light beige  and red beige,limestone.


offer 5: We are producing marble and travertine tile since 1993. We have  a good experiance in export to USA market. The products are high quality for USA standarts. We are looking forward to receive your order. Our various prices are .....
offer 4: We are a family owned company for about 43 years in stone business and we have been exporting travertine to San Diego,
For the light travertine 12"x12" honed and filled  16 USD/m2 FOB
                                16"x16" honed and filled  18 USD/m2 FOB
For the freight charge we will try to get you good prices but we usually offer FOB Turkey.
offer 3: We can supply this material. Turkey
offer 2: CIF New Orleans 2.00 USD per sqft. Photo attached.
offer 1: See www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm