e 2822 India: I would like to know the price and availability of following colors in Kerala: Kalima White, Platinum White, White Galaxy, Kuppam Green, Black Galaxy, Levendor Blue. I am staying in Kerala State, Kannur district. I am planning to buy granite for flooring of my house. Please let me know the price and availability in Kannur and Calicut district. April 24. Contact
offer 3: We are processor  and exporters of the Granite polished slab / tiles etc. Recently we have already supplied lot of materials to a private party in Kerala for house flooring to a quantity of nearly 3000 sqft. We can supply the colors mentioned in your reuqest. Please inform us the size you require and color to enable us to supply the same. We await your reply soon.
offer 2: All the material you have mentioned will be available in the range of Rs.75/ sft from Bangalore. Black Galaxy will be around Rs.120/-
offer 1: See www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm