e 2849 USA: Listed below are several items which we are interested in, can you provide details if you can supply and estimates of time to delivery exported to USA Newark, NJ. Pricing would be helpful, possibly rough estimates. 
We are particularly interested in columns to be made out of the beige sandstone or other stone, dimensions to be 12” diameter, and then 8 ft in height. We also require a capital and base, each being 12 inches in height for these columns, these would be carved. Total quantity roughly 20.  
Another item is granite tiles, dimensions 48” X 48”, could you supply these? Quantity in lots of 5 to 10,000 sq ft. Colored variety …silver, gray blue (sample provided by us) “bala flower” 
Kota stone 24”X24” smooth finish not polished, 1-1.5” thick, with edges on top surface beveled. 10-20,000 sq feet.
Jodhpur sandstone for cladding. In a pink or white color, smooth cut on 4 sides and the facing surface is chisel cut. We would like pieces that are 24” height, 48 “ width and 4” thick. Quantity in lots of 10 – 20,000 sq feet. Also need information on performance in freezing climates USA.
If you have any experience with exporting especially to US, please provide details and references. Also, would you be able to send samples of specific stones? Let me know and then I will let you know which ones. April 27. Contact
offer 12: our rates for 24x 24 inch  kota stone will be  0.75 $/sq ft  fob bombay port .
offer 11: We are in Virginia. We specialize in Jerusalem Stone of all different sizes,colors,and finishes. In response to your ad we wanted to let you know that we can deliver as many columns as you need and the time frame of delivery would be 6-8 weeks after your order is made. Each of our columns include the base and capitol and are roughly between $900-1,000 each. If you are interested in our offer please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your time and hope to do business with your company in the future.
offer 10: I have pleasure that you have chosen Jodhpur sand stone and I have pleasure in informing you that I am a manufacturer & exporter of Jodhpur sand stone products. Which is quite new for international market. I am describing in brief about Jodhpur sand stone. 

JODHPUR sand stone: It is found in two colors: cream, and brown, & are coarse to fine grained. Even textured red in creamy shade & has been used extensively in the construction of Jodhpur forte and town. It is hard but carved for ventilatory screens. Creamy color with red fossil shall gives pleasant colors and shades on polish. 

Its reserves in Jodhpur district are one hundred million tons according to latest survey of Indian bureau of mines. A few examples of use of this stone are Umaid Bhawan palace of Jodhpur, Harbor of Karachi in Pakistan, Palace of sultan of Oman.

Here is my best price as per your requirement.


Item Description



Price (USD)

FOB Mumbai






Right Angle




H = 8 ft, D = 12"

3 mm.

1.5 mm




L = 14"/12",

W = 14"/12", H = 12"

3 mm.

1.5 mm

42.00 / piece



For cladding


L = 48", W = 24",

T = 4" 


3 mm.

1.5 mm.

45.00 / piece



We are attaching some photos of houses where this stone has been used. So please have a look to our products once. We hope you will like these. If the goods are to your satisfaction, we hope to have a permanent relationship. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our goods. We shall be pleased to send you any further information you may need and grateful if you could mail us your comments.
offer 9: We can supply you Kota stone of size
24"x24"(1-1.5"thick.) with edges on top bevelled at
price of
US $ 0.75 (75 cents)per sq.feet F.O.B. Mumbai/Kandla

Please inform of your interest.
offer 8: i am interested in supplying your granite needs and
reuisting you to get me the quantity you are in need
and also the prices you are expecting and the
dimentions etc.,

Get me the Granite tiles requirement in the size
48" x 48 "
offer 7: We can supply Granite Tiles in 48” x 48” in thickness of your choice 2cm/3cm.

We can supply Kota Stone 24” x 24” with your requirement. Our rate is $ 1.30 Per Sq. Ft., R.O.B. Indian port.

We can supply Jodhpur Stone in Pink to White colour also.

We export Granite Slabs/ Tiles, Sand Stone Slabs to Buyers in New York, Boston, Chicago, Deteriot, Miami, Houston and L.A.

We can send free samples, but the courier charges will be paid by you. Please give Fed-Ex courier contract No.

offer 6: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the
exporters of natural stones from India and with
reference to your enquiry under above caption, we are
in a position to supply the same at the following
rates and description:

Kota Stone size: 24"24" with thickness of 1-1.5"
smoothened with edges on top beveled duly packed in
wooden crates as per normal standard of export at a
rate of USD 0.75 per square feet F.O.B. Kandla/Mumbai

Delivery within 15 days from the date of receipt of
confirmed order. 
offer 5: we are into the mining as well as processing of variety of sandstones. i.e. light grey, beige, pink,
chocolate, light yellow, dark yellow,multi colored,mint, mint fossil and red. kindly let us know as to what kind of stones you keep interest in. we can get all the designing done according to you specifications. please let us know what know the demand more in detail. accordingly we will quote our best prices to you. thnk you. India
offer 4: We can supply the required colums and the stone required for cladding as well. We have experience of exporting such items and a close associate has a lot of experience in doing such projects in USA. We have friends in Newark as well who can provide reference on our company. I wait to hear from you.India
offer 3: All the material specefied by you are regularly processd by our company and we have experience in handling large quantities. We are alreay a major supplier to the USA market and have our office at Canada. Please let us know of your interest in dealing with us and if you can provide more information, we can send you our compititive offer. India
offer 2: I am S03011-India in www.findstone.com/saleoffers.htm . We can meet your requirement.
offer 1: See www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm