e 2852 USA: Quote on your 48 inch round Travertine light stone polished table tops. What is the thickness, type stone, color, and weight of the table top? Of course please include shipping costs to Midland, Texas. April 27. Contact
offer 2: We can help you about travertine and beige stones from Turkey.
All stones can be light in natural homogenty.
All stones can be 2 cm. or 3 cm. thickness or (2 + 2 cm) for table top.
2 cm. marble is become 55 - 60 kilos.
3 cm. marble is become 85 - 90 kilos.
For examle ; if the table top sizes is 2*0,60*1,00 cm. --- 33 - 36 kilos.
3*60*1,00 cm. --- 51 - 54 kilos.
We are also producing tumbled stone if you are interested in.
We will be pleased if you contact with us for any details that you want.
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