e 2865 Canada: We are a retailer of natural stone products. A customer of ours is looking for granite building stone to be used on outside of his house and inside for a fireplace and some granite flagstone on floor. We have seen in the stone album under Canada granite 3 colours of interest Nara Brown, Triple Red, Polychrome. Please advise if these colours are available in building stone and flagstone. What is the availability and price and shipping options? Our location is near Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. April 30. Contact
offer 2: We are able to supply you with the request granite, however, I am not sure about the Triple Red. I am sure we can find a substitute for this granite. We can supply you with rough block or slabs. The Polychrome and Nara Brown come from Quebec. Can you please give us more indicaitons on the type of products you are looking for?
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