e 2925 USA: Retail: Where can I find Carmel Stone? I am an designer/architect. May 6. Contact
offer 5: Per crate price is $4.90.  Each crate has 360 pieces of 12x12 Carmel. USA 
offer 4: You can find it here.  The Crate Pricing $4.90 in Dallas, TX.  Want cheaper pricing? buy a Container.
offer 3: I can supply carmel stone. What are your needs? I can also supply an alternative stone from Santa Barbara that will
holds up much better. We can fabricate stone blocks to any specifications. We also have a large tumbler and 2 guillotines for
splitting. USA
offer 2: My company stocks a light walnut honed and unfilled travertine. Please contact me.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/saleoffers.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm