e 2940 Germany / India: A customer of mine wants to import Italian marble. 
Quantity: 15000 tons in blocks only
Maximum size per block: 15 feet x 5 feet x 4 feet ( 4,5 m x 1,52 m x 1,22 m )
Minimum size per block: 4 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet ( 1,22 m x 0,92 m x 0,92 m )
Around 100 to 200 thousand cft (cubic feet)
Exact quantity will be specified after getting your rates.
Quality: Carara marble, "Vinaca"
65 % of total quantity will be in quality C
35 % of total quantity will be in quality C&D
Payment bank to bank, after loading in Italy 50%, 50% at delivery at dry port DELHI / India. Please offer transport rates and insurance separate up to Delhi. May 9. Contact
offer 9: We can supply beautiful Marbles in White, Beige & Black colours better than Italian Marbles at USD 700 Per M3 onwards. Samples available in India.
offer 8: Pls send us your Target prices. Italy.
offer 7: we have two of our own quarries of White veined Marble - Bianco and Arabescato
If you are interested we can send you a picture or better if you have a chance to come in Italy for the Carrara show we can bring you in our factory and our quarries to see personally the material.

The prices are the following:
Material                         Undressed blocks                          Dressed blocks
Bianco                          100.00-200.00/ton                          Euro 140.00-400.00/ton
Arabescato                  140.00-300.00/ton                          Euro 400.00-700.00/ton              
Prices range depending on the quality, prices ex-quarries.
offer 6: the following is our best offer:
BIANCO CARRARA "C"                     EURO 277 / TON.
BIANCO CARRARA "C/D"                 EURO 206 / TON. 
The prices are to be considered Ex Works.
offer 5: We are an Italian marble firm, We can offer You the Carrara blocks in the quality and sizes requested by You.  We have a very good and beautiful marble quality in "C" and "CD" at a very interesting price. Please let Me know Your interest and how do You need the delivery, how many blocks every shipping.
offer 4: the material you request is available in the quality and quantity. Concerninng the price and condition we will wait for you in Italy for cheking material.
offer 3: The prices are:
from: 80,00 Euro
to: 200,00 Euro
offer 2: we would be very pleased to act as agents of your customer on the base of a commission, select for him the blocks and organize all the loading operations and documets organization.
To make a reasonable quotation we need a first visit of your client to identify the materuial he is looking for. Even in the qualities specified from you price variation according to quality can go from 77 to 230 euros/ton  ex factory. You understad that whoever gives you a quotation in this moment wants just to bring the customer to see the blocks. Carrara.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/saleoffers.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm