e 2942 Israel: We are interested about Shanxi Black granite for tombstone cut and polished. Size for example: 160x65x15, 150x25x8, 70x25x8, 160x10x10, 80x10x10, 160x60x4, 160x60x2, 165x45x15, 120x60x10, 120x6015, 60x45x15. May 9. Contact 
Buyer has given deposit to FindStone confirming seriousness in buying. He needs more than one supplier. The suppliers of interest seem to be Nos. 9, 10, and 13.
offer 13: Upon buyer's request, we hereby quote prices for stone sizes with cm, kindly find the following:
70 x 25 x 8cm     USD45.00/pc
80 x 10 x 10cm    USD32.50/pc
60 x 45 x 15cm    USD35.00/pc
120 x 60 x 10cm  USD70.00/pc
120 x 60 x 15cm  USD72.50/pc
150 x 25 x 8cm    USD35.00/pc
160 x 65 x 15cm  USD85.00/pc
160 x 10 x 10cm  USD32.50/pc
160 x 40 x 4cm    USD25.00/pc
160 x 45 x 15cm  USD62.50/pc
Note: all of the above prices are based on FOB Qingdao Port, China, do not include any freight & charges to Israel. We'd like to quote C&F or CIF prices when we receive the quantities from the buyer and destination seaport.
Should the buyer have any other questions, please contact me freely.
offer 12: we can supply the goods to you. our offer is usd2000.00/m3. pls tell me more details. we have factory. China
offer 11: We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to you with the hope that we may have an opportunity of cooperating with you, and I am glad to hearing that you are interested in Shanxi black.
  We are a local company which have ten years experience to import and export granite blocks include construction and monument material.Importing from India,Norway,Finland,South Africa, Italy and other parts of Europe and distributing to the Asia market. We can provide you slab or rough blocks whatever you want.We'd like to quote the best price(FOB&CNF) and send the samples to you if you are interested in.
  Our prime objective is to provide customer satisfaction, good services and above all, long lasting relationship with our customers.
 Here are our Shanxi black best price as bellow:
   specification   $/piece    specification       $/piece      specification       $/piece
    160X65X15        360       160X60X4              88          160X60X2             38
    165X45X15        256       160X10X10             37          150X25X8             66
    120X60X10        150       120X60X15             230         80X10X10             16
    70X25X8          30        60X45X15              83
  six surface polish, FOB XIAMEN  USD$/piece.
offer 10: we are manufacturing only black and green granite with our three big quarry for a long time.
so we can supply our products as follows;
thickness 10mm;cut-to-sizt;$19/m2 1800x310upx10mm $18/m2
20mm;cut-to-size;$28/m2 1800x600upx20mm $27/m2
30mm;cut-to-size:$36/m2 1600x600upx30mm $35/m2
Price;USD/M2 FOB TAIN JIN Port China.
Delivery:Within 30 days on receiving L/C or T/T
Thanks for your kind cooperation always.
the buyer's sizes are as follow or not ?
Shanxi black for tombstone cut and all side polished
160x65x15cm 0.156cbm/each $234/each
150x25x8cm 0.03cbm/each $45/each
70x25x8cm 0.014cbm/each $21/each
160x10x10cm 0.016cbm/each $24/each
80x10x10cm 0.008cbm/each $12/each
160x60x4cm 0.0384cbm/each $57.60/each
160x60x2cm 0.0192cbm/each $28.80/each
165x45x15cm 0.111375cbm/each $167.06/each
120x60x10cm 0.072cbm/each $108/each
120x60x15cm 0.108cbm/each $162/each
60x45x15cm 0.0405cbm/each $60.75/each
our price:USD1,500/CBM FOB Tain Jin Port from our quarry and factory.
Delivery:Within 30 days on receipt of L/C from our bank or T/T in advance.
Payment:By Irrevocable L/C at sight more $10,000
By T/T in advance under $10,000
offer 9: We want establish business relationship with you very much.
Now we quote you the price of Shanxi black granite(polished)
FOB Qingdao        USD/piece
Size                    Unit price
160x65x15cm            USD113.1/PIECE
150X25X8CM             USD21.7/PIECE
70X25X8CM              USD10.1/PIECE
160X10X10CM            USD11.6/PIECE
80X10X10CM             USD5.8/PIECE
160X60X4CM             USD27.6/PIECE
160X60X2CM             USD13.9/PIECE
165X45X15CM            USD80.5/PIECE
120X60X10CM            USD52.2/PIECE
120X60X15CM            USD78.3/PIECE
60X45X15CM             USD29.7/PIECE
We can supply more than 80 kinds of Chinese stone products.
We can supply stone tile,stone slabs,stone fitment,stone table,fireplace,sculpture product,flowerpot,Loma column,table slabs for toilet,building stone,pavement stone ,sleeper stone,sandstone,statuary products, banister and so on. 
offer 8: We are a manufacturer of monuments in China. We can supply you the required goods at about USD70 per cubic feet, FOB Xiamen, China. The detail prices will be available according to your pictures and sizes. 
We are a professional manufacturer, quarries' owner and exporter in China for years. Our major products are tombstones of Japanese style, monuments of Euro-US style etc. The attachments are some of our products pictures for your reference. We have been supplying our customers with very good quality products at very profitable prices. Our policy is assuring the quality of our products and offering free changes to default ones. Please kindly check the following of our manufacture address and contact details. We will be very appreciated if we can meet you in China and establish a solid relationship through Find stone in the near future. 
offer 7: we are very glad to quote our good price for Shanxi Black granite as USD2350/m3, FOB Xiamen.
offer 6: I'd like to quote you as follows: FOB Tianjin,China 1780usd/m3 I'd Like to hear your further opinions.
offer 5: we can supply the products you need and how can we send the samples to you? China
offer 4: the price of off shore XIAMAN CHINA is 60usd/foot*foot*foot
offer 3: We can make the products for you, price FOB China USD1600/M3.
I have no cause to trust the price of offer 9, too cheap, the blocks of shanxi black in quarry is ABOUT USD400/M3 up. 
The offer 8 is more expensive than me, about USD2300/M3. My is USD1600/M3 
The materials of my quotation is shanxi black, certainly I am pleased to accept the price of offer 8, if you trust them. Our factory is near the quarry, a small factory, but we have had a israel customer who have bought black tombstone from us.
Perhaps you do not trust the goods on cheaper price. USD1900/M3 is our new price.
offer 2: We can supply, The price is C&F$1700/m3. There are no any problem for us to finished one container black tombstone. We have Shanxi Black Quarry and Our Monuments factory is near the Shanxi Black quarry.The Black granite monuments is our main products. We can let you satisfied  on both price and quality. China
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/saleoffers.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm