e 2993 USA: I am currently importing limestones and marbles and would like to add Turkish travertines in polished and tumbled finishes. Could you send me some samples of your stones? California. May 16, Contact
offer 4: We are presenting for you, from our own quarries who is lovated in south Anatolia Light Travertines and in south-west Anatolia Limestones in any kind of cut-to-size, slabs and like Blocks with different alternatives. However, we will to offer you all kind of Turkish Marbles and Granites so you wanted and the enormous beautys from the handworks through the Turkish Masters hands existings.  
offer 3: We have Turkish travertine and beige marble from our quarry in Turkey,- various cuts, sizes and colors, with very competitive pricing. Please contact me with details of your requirements.
offer 2: We are a supplier from Turkey. We'll be glad to send you some samples.
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