e 2997 USA: I am remodeling and will want to purchase enough granite for 80sq.ft of counter top. Also, possibly approximately 700 to 800 sq. ft of granite floor tile.
I could have it shipped to a company in the USA or Canada as I live on the border in Detroit. At present the Canadian prices for the types they have are about 30% less, installed than the American product of equal quality. 
I like the red color granites I see on the findstone site. Indian granites like Ruby Red, Kaddur Red, Imperial Red, Seemankati Red, Magalgudde Red. Chinese reds that I like are Full River and Sichuan Red or Taiwan New Imperial Red. In the States and Canada the countertops are cut from larger slabs then finished on the edges. One side is polished, I believe the slabs arrive polished on one side. I believe there are 2 thickness; 1 1/4 in and thinner type. I want the thicker type of granite. 
The finished product is sold by the square foot. I believe I could have a local company receive delivery, cut and install the product. What I need to know is are any of the reds available from you for counter-tops of the thickness I desire? 
How many slabs are needed for approximately 80 sq. ft of 24 in counter? 
What is the cost of the slabs and the shipping, duty etc. either to Windsor or Toronto Canada or Detroit, USA whichever is least expensive. Can you arrange for shipping from China or Taiwan?
How long does it take to arrive in the US or Canada?
I know this is probably not a large order for you. However, if the transaction works out to everyone's satisfaction it may open up a market with the local stone market here. I have not seen these colors locally. Do you supply counter tops in a finished form to my measurements? May 17. Contact
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I found the stone, tropical brown, at a Canadian dealer for approximately $50 US installed. I felt for the amount I needed it would be better to go with the local supplier.  Also, I was able to pick the exact slabs I wanted.

I felt the service was worth the extra cost.


I found your site very helpful. The prices offered seemed very good. I was able to purchase locally from a supplier who will install it for me. I bought in Canada the dollar exchange rate is very favorable. One of your suppliers was in the USA and they had very good prices, however I wanted to select my own slab and the installation was also helpful. I had not really considered the weight of the finished counters. I may buy tile in the future.

Thank you.


offer 2: We can supply you the counter top in a finished form to your measurements and deliver to your door in eight weeks. The prices is $35/sf, including 4" back splash and two cut-outs for sink and cooktop. We'll also send you the instructions for self installation which most of our customers do. China
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/saleoffers.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm