e 3044 USA: I am a fabricator and am interested in sources of Granite Slabs in the Western part of the USA. I do not want any stone that has dyes or other color enhancers, I am interested in quality and will consume up to 25 slabs a day. May 27.
Buyer's reply in blue: We are interested however some legal manuvering has delayed our ability to move forward.  When the issues are resolved we will start interacting. Thanks for your patience.

Offer 12: We are holding stock of all Indian colour slabs in Houston  and we are a slab manufacturing plant in India so we can assure you that the supply will be continuous. And as the stock is in USA already, you will be able to visit Houston without any problem and delivery can start as soon as you wish. The other terms and conditions and pricing can be worked out.Please contact if  interested.

offer 11: We have a block saw and could slab out granite block for you and ship it. What kind of granite do  you need slabbed? USA

offer 10: We are an brazilian company . With  office in Miami - USA. We export Brazilian Granites Slabs, Slates and Soap Stone adn fiberglass for reinforce stones. Contact for more information.offer 9: We are Basically Indian Importers.We can supply with good quality with best competitive price.

offer 8: We are a producer of high quality granite slabs and tiles from China with an office in California to handle the U.S., because of our strict adherence to +/- tolerance as well as color control (we supply samples before shipments are made to insure quality and color) are just some of the reasons why we are becoming a leader in the granite industry. Contact us for more information.

offer 7: i will be able to supply you the granite(seaweed green). India

offer 6: Please check the attachment for the price list of tiles and slabs. We are a Chinese stone company, having exported granite products for over 8 years. We are looking for new cooperator from the States. I hope we can start to make mutual profitable business. All the granites mentioned in the price list are from China.   

We sincerely welcome your visit of our factory in Fuzhou, China at your convenience, which, we are sure, will confirm your confidence in us. We are able to pick you up at the Fuzhou International Airport should you make the visit.
offer 5:  RANDOM SIZE SLAB of 270X150 CM and above 2cm Thickness
1)       BLACK FINE                               USD 66 / SMT
2)       BLACK GALAXY                       USD 93 / SMT
3)       BLUE PEARL                               USD 65 / SMT
4)       COLOMBO JUPRNA                USD 52 / SMT
5)       GHILBLI                                       USD 49 / SMT
6)       HASSAN GREEN                        USD 47 / SMT
7)       IMPERIAL WHITE                     USD 64/ SMT
8)       INDIAN JUPRANA                     USD 52 / SMT
9)       INDIAN PERANA                       USD 63 / SMT
10)   IVORY BROWN                         USD  60/ SMT
11)   KASHMIR GOLD                       USD 52/ SMT
12)   KASHMIR WHITE                      USD 49 / SMT
13)   LAVENDER BLUE                      USD 57 / SMT
14)   LEOPARD SKIN                         USD 57 / SMT
15)   MAGHONY                                  USD 57 / SMT
16)   NEW IMP RED                            USD 54 / SMT
17)   PRADISO                                     USD 51 / SMT
18)   RAW SILK                                   USD  54 / SMT
19)   RED JHANSI                               USD 60 / SMT
20)   SANDORI RED                           USD 67 / SMT
21)   SEAWEED GREEN                     USD 59 / SMT
22)   SHIVA GOLD                              USD 60 / SMT
23)   SHIVKASI YELLOW                 USD 54 / SMT
24)   TAN BROWN                              USD 50 / SMT
25)   TOPAZ BLUE                              USD 44 / SMT

 These prices are in US $ /SMT

  1. These prices are FOB Indian Port.
  2. Being a Natural Stone, the Texture may vary but base colour will remain same.
  3. Material will be free from cracks.
  4. Payment terms LETTER OF CREDIT.
  5. Delivery 30-45 days.
  6. The thickness variation will be +/- 1mm
Offer 4: We are based in New York with a varied spectrum of business activities. The most recent addition to our business activities is, distribution of high quality granite tiles, slabs and blocks in USA. The granite tiles and slabs are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in India under stringent quality standards, which enables us to give you the best material available. 
Our main focus is to supply quality material at competitive prices and on a consistent basis. Please call or email us for FREE samples and best pricing. New York, USA.

offer 3: We are the largest natural stone importer in the Rocky Mountain area. We carry over 150 different granite and marble slabs from all around the world. Please contact us for detailed price information.

offer 2: Please contact me as I wish to know your location. From your request you are look at purchasing 25 Slabs daily in the Western Part of the USA. The quality of the material is superior and would like to speak with you further about possible relationships.

Offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm

Dear buyer, please put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone