e 3089 Dominican Republic: We are a stone supplier for variety of different construction projects in the United States and are interested in an immediate purchase of 50,000 (fifty thousand) sq. meters of Italian marble. We also are interested in the purchase of Italian granite as well as marble and granite from Brazil. We are located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. June 3. Contact
offer 18: We are an export company based in Nigeria ,west africa.In line with our expansion into the export we
are willing to offer you granite blocks at the cost of us$700 per tonne.We also offer to offset the cost of
shipping to any port you may require.We look forward to hearing from you
offer 17:  follows our prices list for slabs. In the case of existing interest by our materials, we can give good discounts. Brazil
offer 16: Estamos interesados en saber las calidades de los materiales italianos que les necesitan para poder cotizar y enviarles muestras, catalogo. Cordiales saludos
offer 15: a company that itīs been attending the internal and external market of granite and other Natural Stones for many years.
    If you are looking for any kind of brazilian stone, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.
offer 14: We can supply, fm my area, beige or cream types of marble as Serpeggiante types, Perlato Svevo,Bronzetto,Filetto Rosso, Fiorito. All a/m types can be supplied in all sizes and selection,fm companies I promote. Remember that supplier wants payment by L/C.
offer 13: we are deeply interested in establish a business relationship with Yr Company. We are at present supplying marbles and granites from Italy to our clients spread all over U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Brasil, Panama. Our sales manager for central America will be in Your area the second half of July and we would be really pleased to receive Yr enquiries.
We are specialized in slabs, tiles, cut to size of following materials: 
White Carrara C
White Carrara C/D
Travertino Romano
Travertino Navona
Perlato Sicilia 
Should You be interested to receive some prices, pls don't hesitate to contact us.
offer 12: Please find below our offer for polished slabs @ 2 cm.:
Bianco CD            USD 30,00/SQM
Bianco Gioia          USD 42,00/SQM
Bianco Sardo        USD 32,00/SQM
Rosa Beta             USD 27,00/SQM
UbaTuba               USD 45,00/SQM
Giallo S. Cecilia     USD 50,00/SQM
Prices to be considered for polished slabs @ 2 cm. packed in bundles, loaded on container, Ex works. ITALY. Currency US Dollar.
Payment to be done by L\C from a 1st class bank.
offer 11: Please let Me know if You are interested in Bianco Carrara, and let Us know the sizes and thickness.
offer 10: We are located in Carrara area for your reference. You are looking for marble or granite?
offer 9: We regularly work with Italian suppliers and may be able to help you with your advertisement in findstone regarding the purchase of Italian marble and granite (we have someone who inspects block for us over there).

Let me know if I can help. Feel free to fax me your drawings and maybe we can put a budget or quote together for you.  Also, what is your lead time? USA
offer 8: Pls give us more details about your request i.e. do you need slabs or tiles?which thickness? and anything else
offer 7: We are interested as Supplier in this market. Our organisation is prepared to supply every kind of finished work
as Exteriors and Interiors building. In meantime we are supply also for Polished slabs and Flamed slabs 2 and 3 cm in Granitre and
Marble. We impport blocks from  every side of world.
offer 6 : We can supply italian marble and granites.Our payment conditions are : By confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit at sight.
offer 5:
VERDE MALACHITE (Polished Slabs 2 cm. th.)  215 USD/sqm.  (att. picture)
 BIANCO STATUARIO (Polished Slabs 2 cm. th.) 45 USD/sqm(Comm.)
73 USD/sqm.  1° Quality)(BEST PRICE)
ARABESCATO (Polished Slabs 2 cm. th.) 36 USD/sqm.
BIANCO CARRARA "C" (Polished Slabs 2 cm. th.) 27 USD/sqm.
BIANCO CARRARA "C\D"(Polished Slabs 2 cm. th.) 22 USD/sqm.
YELLOW SUN (Polished Slabs 2 cm. th.) 32 USD/sqm. (First Quality)
CREMA LUNA (Polished Slabs 2 cm. th.) 30 USD/sqm. (First Quality)
ROSA BETA -granite (Polished Slabs 2 cm. th.) 27 USD/sqm. (First Quality)(BEST PRICE)
TILES BIANCO STATUARIO 40x40x2 or 30x30x2 Polished 39 USD/sqm. (Comm.); 65 USD/sqm. (1° Quality)- 40x40x1 or 30x30x1 Polished 45 USD/sqm. (Comm.); 52 USD/sqm. (1° Quality)
TILES BIANCO CARRARA "C" 40x40x2 or 30x30x2 Polished 28 USD/sqm.
40x40x1 or 30x30x1 Polished 25 USD/sqm.
TILES BIANCO CARRARA "C/D" 40x40x2 or 30x30x2 Polished 20 USD/sqm.
40x40x1 or 30x30x1 Polished 20 USD/sqm.
offer 4: We produces and distributes worldwide an innovative panel covered with a thin slide of natural marble or granite. The main characteristic of the panel is the lightness: its weight is only 16 kg/sqm, thanks to the small thickness of the stone, which is 5 mm.
offer 3: I can supply Italian Marble but for the quotation I need: types of marble and size
offer 2: We are an brazilian company . With  office in Miami - USA. We export Brazilian Granites Slabs, Slates and Soap Stone adn fiberglass for reinforce stones. Contact for more information.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm