e 3098 USA: I am need of a supplier for the following colors of granite in polished slabs 3cm thick: Luna Pearl, Baltic Brown, Black Impala, Paradisio, Uba Tuba, Verde Butterfly, Dakota Mahogany, Toasted Almond, Giallo Veneziano, Black Absolute, Bianco Romano, Blue Pearl, New Venetian Gold, Golden Sand, Emerald Pearl, Bottochino Fiorito, Roman Travertine, White Italian. I would prefer being able to find one suppler for all these colors. Full containers quantities of mixed colors. I am currently in need of 2 full containers of product ASAP. I wish pricing provided to me my costs to my factory located in Michigan, USA. June 5. Contact
offer 26: I am your ultimate supplier! I usually warehouse great quantities of solid Granite and Marble from all around the world in New York. From Statuorio White marble to Absolute Black Granite, Light beige or Orange Travertines to Deep Green Galaxy Granite, even light bone color Lime stones. Most everything is available in Honed or Polished, in Slabs and different size tiles. I usually sell to distributors, and also can serve you. I have an office showroom in the city. I don't keep fancy catalogs, but have great prices and quick supply. When you have a client, you can ask me for any texture and color for your application, and I can make best suggestions and send you samples. I can also fabricate best designs for you into fancy countertops before shipping. Otherwise, you will have to get a truck load of samples, which is not practical.
offer 25: We will be pleased to introduce our self as a producer of marble and sandstone tile, block, and slab in Iran. We are owner of their quarries. Our marble is cream, beige ,pink and cream with pink line.
offer 24: I am interested in this request , specially for the Italian materials . Send me details about quantity and payment terms. Italy
offer 23: I have these material. Inform the quantify you need per month and I will inform our best price. Brazil
offer 22: we already export these granites in USA in full container of mixed colours.
we are specialized only in first quality material, in big slabs for fabricators.
we have others materials too like : madurai gold, vyara gold and light,kashmir gold and white. Italy
offer 21: You can pick some of the materials you need from my price list included. Brazil
offer 20: We are quarry owners of granite in India. We also have a processing unit there and a sales office in New York USA. We could give you tiles & slabs in all Indian colors.
offer 19: My company can supply Uba Tuba, Giallo Veneziano and Verde Butterfly. Brazil.
offer 18: We are manufacturing of Italian marble and precisely of "Daino" as known  also "Perlato".  We operate in the place of extraction and we produce directly the tiles in the varied formats .
offer 17: kindly advise your place zp code no to workout  freight  costs.thanks
offer 16: Please see our enclosed Files , the second one is our quotation and feel free to contact me. Brazil.
offer 15: Find attached our Price List so you can check all granites we trade.
We've been exporting polished slabs in 2 and 3cm since 1999 to several countries such as USA and Italy.
Feel free to ask more about our company and products. Brazil
offer 14: we are pleased to introduce ourselves as international trading company, dealing in the marble and granite stones, both of Italian origin and of foreign origin  (Europe, Africa, Brazil, India).Our production is mainly of slabs, that is followed personally by us from the cutting of the block to the polishing of slabs, that are verified one by one before any loading in container.
You are the most welcome in our warehouse in Carrara, where a full range of coloured slabs can be inspected.
Moreover, our technical staff is at Your disposal to offer the best assistance in the elaboration of any project and offer, especially for particular lay-out, cut to size, slabs and blocks.
We are plsd to hereby quote You our best bottom prices for the following materials in cm 3 thk:
Luna Pearl                USD 3.36/sq.ft
Baltic Brown             USD 4.04/sq.ft
Black Impala           USD 4.83/sq.ft
Paradiso Classico  USD 6.40/sq.ft
Paradiso Bush        USD 6.15/sq.ft
Verde Ubatuba       USD 3.75/sq.ft
Verde Butterfly        USD 3.75/sq.ft
Toasted almond     USD 4.60/sq.ft
Giallo Veneziano   USD 7.77/sq.ft
Black Absolute      USD 7.70/sq.ft
Bianco Romano     USD 7.20/sq.ft
Blue Pearl GT         USD 10.25/sq.ft
New Venetian Gold USD 6.50/sq.ft
Emerald Pearl         USD 9.00/sq.ft
Botticino Fiorito slabs cm 2    USD 2.79/sqft
Travertino Romano Classico slabs cm 2 - cross cut - USD 2.90/sq.ft
White Carrara slabs cm 2       USD 2.55/sq.ft
All a.m. prices are ex Carrara Factory, Italy.
All the a.m. colours are under running production so that are daily available.
Pls be so kind to let us have Yr kind comments.
offer 13: We have conditions of offering the granites that if you are interested, you can observe, enclosed, our price list of our granites, in Slabs, in Tiles and in Blocks.  Brazil
offer 12: We import containers from time to time. Please fax or email  to me how many of each slab you
need, and perhaps we can help you out. USA
offer 10: we produce granite tiles and slabs in various colours and sizes. Italy
offer 8: We are in a position to supply with the requested products and materials. Italy.
offer 7: I can supply Italian white, for quotation I need to know if Blocks, Slabs, tiles or other. I can supply Italian white, and travertino romano marble *slabs cm 3 white carrara marble Euro.29,40 x sqm price ex works Italy.
offer 6: We are a leading italian company specialized in Granite and Marble Slabs & Tiles. We currently handle all the material you mentioned in your message and we are interested in doing business with you.
offer 5: We are in condition supplying most of required material . Are you in condition to open Letter of credit ay sight ?
offer 4: We are an brazilian company . With  office in Miami - USA. We export Brazilian Granites Slabs, Slates and Soap Stone adn fiberglass for reinforce stones. Contact for more information.
offer 3: We glad to send you our details, please see the attached file- our company profile. We are exist over 50 years, specializes in natural stone & marble products and supply our products all over the world. If you would like to get our current catalogue and if you have any questions or requests - please inform us, and send us your mail details, and contact personn details. As well, we would like to inform you that we will be glad to qoute youany request, send you samples, a.s.o.
offer 2: Please find below our best offer for polished slabs @ 3 cm.
Luna Pearl                 USD 4,05/SF
Baltic Brown              USD 4,95/SF 
Black Impala             USD 5,10/SF
Paradisio                    USD 6,40/SF    
Uba Tuba                   USD 5,30/SF
Verde Butterfly         USD 5,45/SF
Dakota Mahogany    USD 8,40/SF   
Giallo Veneziano       USD 7,80/SF
Black Absolute          USD 7,90/SF
Bianco Romano         USD 7,50/SF
Blue Pearl                  USD 10,60/SF
New Venetian Gold   USD  7,20/SF
Emerald Pearl            USD 9,80/SF
Botticino Fiorito         USD 4,90/SF
Roman Travertine*   USD 6,70/SF
Bianco Gioia              USD 5,30/SF
Statuario                    USD 12,80/SF
* Filled and Polished
Prices to be considered for polished slabs @ 3 cm. packed in bundles, loaded on container, Ex works. Currency US Dollar.
Payment to be done by L\C from a 1st class bank.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm