e 3138 Yemen: We want Italian White Carrara Marble Tiles, Slabs and Steps. 
The sizes are: 
Slabs: 200x120x2 cm, 200x120x3 cm. 
Steps: From 100 - to 150x33x3 cm
Tiles: 40x40, 40x80, 30x60x2 cm,. Kindly send us catalogue of your products along with prices per
sqm C&F Hodeidah Port and C&F Aden Port. June 9. Contact
Till offer 5, we are keen on offer 2 and 3 and we would like to put the Products in our Market so we request you to send us By DHL - Small Pieces  Samples of Both the Items
offer 9: In order to send you our best Prices, please specify which kind of Italian White Carrara Marble are you looking for.
Consider that we are part of one of the biggest of the world in the Marble and Granite Industry and one of the leading Company of
Carrara Marble Industry, owner of Carrara White Marble and Bardiglio Nuvolato Quarrries with an high extactive capacity, with over 40 year of activity.
 SLABS 2CM                       USD/SQM      22.15                 MIN 200X120CM          MAX 300X180CM
  SLABS 3CM                       USD/SQM      30.70                 MIN 200X120CM          MAX 300X180CM
  STEPS   100/150X33X3CM          USD/SQM      33.75
  RISERS 100/150X15X2CM          USD/SQM      27.20
  TILES 30X60/40X40X2CM          USD/SQM      22.40
  PRICES                      :          CNF HODEIDAH
  PACKING                 :          SLABS ON IRON FRAMES
                                               STEPS/RISERS/TILES ON WOODEN PALLET
QUANTITY                          :                MINIMUM 1 FULL CONTAINER EACH ITEM
offer 7: We are manufacturing of Italian marble and precisely of "Daino" as known  also "Perlato". 
We operate in the place of extraction and we produce directly the tiles in the varied formats. Italy.
offer 6:
BIANCO CARRARA C/D prices C&F Hodeidah and Aden Port (goods loaded in cnt 20' box )
1)Random polished slabs 2 cms thck minimum sizes cm 200 x 120    US $  30,00 X SQMT
2)Random polished slabs 3 cms thck minimum sizes cm 200 x 120    US $  41,75 X SQMT
3)Steps polished only on one surface cm 3 thck US $  43,70 X SQMT.
4)Polished tiles cms 60 x 30 x 1,5   US $  28,20
5)Polished tiles cms 40 x 40 x 1,5   US $  29,20    
offer 5: this is my best quotation:
White Carrara C :
Slabs : 200x120x2 Polished  34 Usd/sqm.  Unpolished 31 Usd/sqm
           200x120x3 Polished  46 Usd/sqm.  Unpolished 42 Usd/sqm
Step:   From 100-to150x33x3 Cm  55 Usd/sqm (1 polished surface and 1 polished edge)
Tiles:   30x60x2/40x40x2  polished 35 Usd/sqm - Unpolished 32 Usd/sqm.
White Carrara C/D:
Slabs : 200x120x2 Polished  30 Usd/sqm.  Unpolished  27 Usd/sqm
           200x120x3 Polished  42 Usd/sqm.  Unpolished 39 Usd/sqm
Step:   From 100-to150x33x3 Cm  50 Usd/sqm (1 polished surface and 1 polished edge)
Tiles:   30x60x2/40x40x2  polished 31 Usd/sqm - Unpolished 28 Usd/sqm.           
Please note that these price are C&F Aden Port and for material packed in wooden bundles or crates.
offer 4: we could supply white carrara polished marble ex factory Carrara at the following prices:
slabs over 200x120cm  x    2 cm    euro/m2    21
                                  x    3 cm                    28,5
steps 3 cm thick with one long edge flat polished     euro/m2    35
60x30x2 cm polished tiles            euro/m2 17
40x40x2 cm polished tiles            euro/m2 18

*slabs thikness cm. 2 euro: 21,00 x sqm
*slabs thikness cm. 3 euro: 29,40 x sqm

*Steps thikness Size from 100 to150x33x3 euro: 20,60
*30x60x2 euro: 15,5 x sqm
*40x40x2 euro: 15,5 x sqm

Price ex works

offer 2: we  submit   the  best  price  as follows: 
Bianco  Carrara  CD  -Selected
 a)  Polished  slabs over  cm.  200 x  120 x  2                                                          Euro      20.50              m2   
 b)  Polished  Slabs over  cm. 200 x  120 x  3                                                          Euro      28.50             m2 
 c)  Steps  fronm  cm 100 to  150  x  33  x  3  polished long  edge                             Euro      30.00              m2 
 d)  Tiles  cm.  60  x  30  x  2     polished                                                                Euro       20.60              m2   
 e)  Tiles  cm.  40  x  40  x  2     polished                                                                Euro       20.80              m2  
-Price for  material  C& Hodeidah Port  by  container ,  capacity  27  tons.
-Material  in  wooden  crates
-Delivery   will be  establiseh according  the  quantity
-Payments  By  Irr.  and  Confirmed  L/C 
-Inspection  prior  shipment  included
-Offer  validity   30  days 
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm