e 3183 Singapore: We are an Interior Design firm. Please quote for:
Stattuario 1°ch. 200 sqm polished slabs 2 cm th. (no yellow spot)
Malachite Green 100 sqm polished slabs 2 cm th.
Giallo Siena 150 sqm polished slabs 2 cm th.
Carrara White 250 sqm.polished slabs 2 cm th. Please quote your best FOB price. June 14. Contact 
offer 5: We are a specialist company for Stone. We are based in Singapore.
Hereby we are giving you some price indication for your slabs request.
Random Slabs polished in 2 cm. thk F.O.B. Italian port.
Bianco Statuario First choice    200 sqm   Euro 125,00
Malachite Green                        100 sqm   Euro 185,00
Giallo Siena First Choice           150 sqm   Euro 115,00
Bianco Carrara type C              250 sqm   Euro   40,00
Bianco Carrara type CD            250 sqm   Euro   29,00
If you have any question, please contact our company.
offer 4: Statuario Marble
*slabs in 2 cm from : euro 74,90. Italy
offer 3: we make reference to your inquiry, please find our FoB prices for the following:
    random slabs cm 2
    statuario 1st    euro\m2    100.00
    giallo siena     euro\m2     180.00
    bianco carrara euro\m2       32.00
    malachite need more details about sizes
waiting your kind comments. Italy
offer 2: my quotation is:
Statuario pol. slabs 2 cm th. 80 Usd/sqm
Malachite Green pol. slabs 2 cm th. 215 Usd/sqm
Giallo Siena pol. slabs 2 cm th. 85 Usd/sqm
Carrara White pol. slabs 2 cm th. 27 Usd/sqm
Please note that these price are FOB Marina di Carrara
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm