e 3713 UK: Please quote for 30mm and 20mm granite slabs, along with payment terms, we are wholesalers. Aug 4, Contact

Offer 17: See www.findstone.com/pl/702.htm

Offer 16: for all egyption marble a spatiol prices is 19$ for polished slabes 2cm  exfactorey. egyption granite a spatiol prices is 47$ for polished slabes 3cm  FOB portsaid Egypt.
we are ready to send to you samples by dhl free of charge .
this price is givving to you sir  for qauntities not less then 280 M2 from any kind,

Offer 15: See www.findstone.com/pl/727.htm

Offer 14: For all Egyptian granite a special price USD 34 for polished slabs 2cm  ex-factory. And choose any material, Quantities not less then 280 M2 for any kind. Egypt.

Offer 13: 

WE ACN SUPPLY FOLLOWING IRANIAN GRANITE AT:                      20 MM                                         30 MM   USD/SQ.M  FOB
1-PERSIAN FOREST GREEN 72137,7227-D.7227-1,7227-2                 67                                                     90
2-CHOCOLATE GRANITE  7238-H                                                    42                                                      56
3-GREEN GRANITE-PIR  7280                                                          54                                                      72
4-CREAM GIALLO FIORITO  7287                                                    47                                                      63
5-HAMEDAN GRAY  7234                                                                 42                                                      56
6-KAHOOEI GREEN  7267                                                                 67                                                     90
7-PINK GRANITE  7259                                                                     47                                                     63
8-ROSSO VULCANO  72127                                                              70                                                     95
9-RED GRANITE  7263                                                                       72                                                     98
10-PERSIAN ABSOLUTE BLACK  7228                                              67                                                     90
11-SHAYAN BLACK  7266                                                                  67                                                    90
12-VERDE AMAZZONITE  72136                                                         65                                                     87
13-GREEN GAKAXY GRANITE   7262                                                 54                                                     72
14-SERKAN BALCK GRANITE  72138                                                 67                                                     90
15-AZAR GRANITE DARK GRAY     72131                                           45                                                     60

Offer 12: 

Type Blocks Slabs  "polished" Slabs  "unpolished" Tiles
( 40 X 40 )
( 30 X 60 )
SYLVIA 200 $ 17 $ 10 $ 22 $
GALALA FIRST 270 $ 18 $ 10.5 $ 21 $
GALALA SECOND 230 $ 13 $ 9 $ 18 $
 GALALA THIRD 200 $ 11 $ 6 $ 15 $
GOLDY 260 $ 18 $ 10 $ 21 $
FLETTO 260 $ 19 $ 10 $ 23 $
SAMAH 190 $ 15 $ 9 $ 20 $
SUNNY 190 $ 15 $ 9 $ 20 $
Carimo marbel 260 $ 19 $ 10 $ 23 $
Gallzroz 150 $ 13 $ 8 $ 18 $
Birshia 430 $ 20 $ 13 $ 21 $
Teista 170 $ 15 $ 12 $ 20 $


Offer 11:
Please kindly visit our price list on www.findstone.com/pl/474.htm . We adopt the European quality standard in mass production as well as some other quality standards for your different choice at very competitive prices. Kindly inform me if you have any decision accordingly. It should be our honor to cooperate with you. China

Offer 10:
we own our own granite qurries and factories to satisfy your demand especially G603,G633, G682, G684 and G635 timely. Payment can be settled by L/C or others after discussion. We are from Xiamen City, China.

Offer 9:
we have many kind of granite, we don't know which color you like, and we are one of the largest suppliers of granite. China

Offer 8: Please let us know the other details to quote our best price.  India

Offer 7: please view www.findstone.com/pl/685.htm China

Offer 6: We are able to supply the required tiles and we would like to provide you with a quote.
In order to do so, would you please supply us with the types or colours of granite that you are seeking and the quantities that you require.
Could you also provide details of the delivery terms that you seek.
The granites that we have available are from Brazil and available at very good prices.
The quality is very high and the stones are cut using the latest Italian machinery.
The company is able to supply 30000 square metres per month.
Examples of the stones available are Amendoa gold, Giallo Veneziano, Venetian Gold, Yellow Santa Cecilia, Giallo Maracuja, Capao Bonito, Bahia Blue, Grey Corumba, Blue Pearl, Green Cruzeiro, Blue Marques, Verde Ecologia, Amazon Star, Branco Piracema, As de paus, Branco Nepal, Marinace, Verde Bahia and Black San Gabriel.
We have many more available and are ready to quote for your specific requirements. UK 

Offer 5: We are pleased to present ourselves to your esteemed company as one of the most leading companies in the field of marble in Egypt. 
We own 11 quarries & we are the only owners of pearly yellow marble quarry. They are spread all over the country and allow us to go through huge orders as we apply a very strict quality control and selection process.
And we are proud to export to Italy, Germany, America, Far East & Middle East. 
Our factory is the biggest one in the whole Middle East that is specialized with whole production lines and uses modern technology. 
We produce different kind of marble with a worldwide fame such as:
1-Pearly yellow marble – golden beige –perlato ivory – giallo atlantide 
2-Galala marble (light beige)
3-Silvia marble (dark & medium)
4-Sunny marble
5-Filetto marble
6-Triesta marble
7- Hashma stone (limestone)
We can provide you from these materials above mentioned with: - 
- Rough Blocks.
- Unpolished Slabs.
- Polished Slabs.
- Cut to size tiles, various dimensions as well as calibrated, honed, beveled tiles and special size. 
We would welcome the opportunity to quote for your specific needs when such opportunity arises and can guarantee a competitive price and delivery time.  Egypt 

Offer 4: Please specify the colours and quantity the paymant is possible by credit letter or direct transfer of 50% before preparation and 50% when loading.
Offer 3: We are able to supply a wide range of granites in 20 and 30mm. Could you please give us more details as to the quantities and delivery terms that you require and also a list of the types of granite that you are seeking. Our granite comes from a large Brazilian Exporter and is cut with the latest Italian machinery. We are able to supply e-books for you to look at. When we have your specific requirements, we shall promptly forward you the quotes. U.K
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.

offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm