e 3784 Canada: Monument: Kindly quote for Black granite, Vizag Blue, N. H. Red, S. Gray & Paradiso monuments. Click here for details. Aug 12, Contact
Buyers response: The sizes are as follows
1. BHG 109 Cross A 22x8x30  P5
2. BHG 109 Cross A 26x10x16 P4
3. BHG 109 Cross A 32x4x16 P1+BRP
4. BHG 109 Cross A 26x8x39 P5
5. BHG 109 Cross A 28x10x16 P4
Offer 8:
Offer 7: detailed below is our price list in USD FOB Chennai, India.we have our own quarries and we will assure the best quality workmanship in monuments along with consistancy, i.e. all monuments will be very consistant with our samples.
                                             black  grey v.blue paradiso n.h. red
1. BHG 109 Cross A 22x8x30  P5    304   273  282     282      304
2. BHG 109 Cross A 26x10x16 P4    202   181  188     188      202
3. BHG 109 Cross A 32x4x16 P1+BRP 106   95    99      99      106
4. BHG 109 Cross A 26x8x39 P5     475   427  442     442      475
5. BHG 109 Cross A 28x10x16 P4    224   201  208     208      224
please contact us for further details about our company and
attached is someof our black granite scluptures we do for USA. we will send you some more pictures of the monumets we have made and exported to various parts of USA and Canada, and across the globe.
Offer 6: Can you give me the details of the following? BHG 101,   BHG-109,  BHG-112 CROSS DESIGN etc.
Offer 5: We have 4 self-owned clear veins for sandstone quarries and 2 factories in China. We can provide 1000/sqm a day. Our products have their 7 obvious advantages compare to Austria and India sandstone. Our quotation price is: 25-35USD/qsm. FOB XIAMEN CHN.
We can provide big slabs and cutting sized-slabs. Your inquiries are welcome. (Picture availabe)
Offer 4: We can offer you the product of needs, ask bold notice we you the detailed information of needs?  China.
We take pleasure in making you a special offer,subject to our final confirmation. More accurate quotation , please offer blueprint.
SHANXI BLACK(A)    USD2900.00/cft
SHANXI BLACK(B)    USD2800.00/cft
NANPING BLACK      USD2550.00/cft
G603#              USD970.00/cft
G633#              USD1370.00/cft
G654#              USD1440.00/cft
France Blue        USD3888.00/cft
Hengye Red         USD1800.00/cft 
Offer 3: we will  supply monuments in Black garantie, Vizag Blue, S.Grey, Paradiso. INDIA
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from
www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone