e 3895: We want granite and marble slabs from all countries. Aug 21, Contact
Offer 6: We could supply field granite stones or slabs. Possible cooperation way- You choose the stone colour from the photo received by e-mail-we sending the sample-You make order. Average price for the 1 Qubic meter-------420  USD/m3.
Offer 5: See www.findstone.com/pl/722.htm
Offer 4: We have available Brazilian granite.
Capao Bonito 6USD/Sq metre 2cm thick. 8.11USD/Sq metre 3cm thick.
Bahia Brown 10.47Usd/Sq metre 2cm thick. 14.13USD/Sq metre 3cm thick.
Giallo Ornamental 7.78 USD/Sq metre 2cm thick. 10.39USD/Sq metre 3cm thick.
Jup tobacco 9.93USD/Sq metre 2cm thick. 13.40USD/Sq metre 3cm thick.
Verde Tunas (green) 10.77USD/Sq metre 2cm thick. 14.08USD/Sq metre 3cm thick.
Blue Bahia 63.08 USD/Sq metre 2cm thick.
Labrador Green 6USD/Sq metre 2cm thick. 8USD/Sq metre 3cm thick.
Marinace green 9.70USD/Sq metre 2cm thick. 13.10USD/Sq metre 3cm thick.
All prices are FOB-Brazilian port.
We have many more available and will qoute all serious enquiries. The above prices are correct.

Offer 3:

We can provide materials of Spanish origin (limestones, marbles, sandstone, travertines).

At the moment we counted on 52 varieties with an ample range of colors.

We hope this venture meets all your needs. If you are interested in our offer, please let us know so to decide the definitive terms the commercial contract. Otherwise, we would be grateful to you for letting us know.

offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone