e 4047 USA: Please email me a pricelist of your product range. Sept 4, Contact  
Offer 12: See www.findstone.com/pl/732.htm
Offer 11: I am from South Carolina however I live here in Italy exporting materials all over the world. My product range is as follows: 
Carrara variety c, cd, goia white ect., Asiago white, giallo reale, botticino many variants, rosa perlino, maucubas, pallisandro spring rose, Biancone,we have 8 different types of green form our own quarry, silvia gold, salome, giallo sienna verdello, Chairofont, travertino,French red, Rubina, coralito alba red, Terrasanta, persian red, Yellow istria, fior di pesco, grey reale, Onxy many variants, Black marquina, rosso verona, rosso asiago.  
These are just a few of our materials.  
we are a full rodustion factory with our own quarries. We produce slabs, flooring , tiles and cut to size.  Also construction bricks and tumbled stone. If you have any questions please contact me.
Offer 10:

            I am writing to you as a Sales Director to offer you our services, meeting your demand to import natural stone products. We would like to let you know our company is expanding its trading network abroad and we are interested in finding dealers/commission agent.

            We are a Spanish company which has dedicated to trading with natural stone products. Thanks to its experience we are able to offer the largest catalogue portraying  natural stone products: balustrades, friezes, fireplaces, columns, fountains, tables, mosaic work, decorating objects, quartzites, rustic stone, sink, tiles, washbasins, etc.

            We hope this venture meets all your needs. If you are interested in our offer, please let us know so as to agree on the commercial terms of partnership between both companies. Otherwise, we would be grateful to you for letting us know.


Some products will be able to see them in:


g07: 9USD
g10: 17.4 USD
g15: 16.5 USD

g48: 19.3 USD
g49: 16.2 USD
Images available.
Offer 8:  we are located in Anaheim, California, Here is our price list for quality turkish travertine.Please contact us to benefit from our competitive prices.
                  12 x 12 Travertine  (Honed and Filled)
Travertine Ivory Light                                             $2.30 per/sq/f.
Travertine Ivory Medium                                       $2.30 per/sq/f.
Travertine Classico Light                                       $2.15 per/sq/f.
Travertine Classico Medium                                    $2.15 per/sq/f.

                  16 x 16 Travertine  (Honed and Filled)

Travertine Ivory Light                                           $2.45 per /sq/f.
Travertine Ivory Medium                                       $2.45 per/sq/f.
Travertine Classico Light                                       $2.15 per/sq/f.
Travertine Classico Medium                                    $2.15 per/sq/f

                 18 x 18 Travertine  (Honed and Filled)

Travertine Ivory Light                                           $2.45 per/sq/f.
Travertine Ivory Medium                                        $2.45 per/sq/f.
Travertine Classico Light                                        $2.15 per/sq/f.
Travertine Classico Medium                                     $2.15 per/sq/f.
Offer 7: Our company is one of leading marble companies with six owned quarries and all necessary computerised machinery for the marble elaboration. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for any further information
you might need. see www.findstone.com/657.htm 
Offer 6: See www.findstone.com/pl/723.htm
Offer 5: Founded in 1983, and it’s a private enterprise. From 1993 it has her own privilege of E&I. We have our own mine of G603 and others
The main products of company is: cut to size granite, super standard marble, rock plank, burning plank, paving-stone, stair, blank column, Roman pillar, line etc, a series of round, different type suitable project constructive stone materials crafts and vases floating fountains pets carving, photo carving, figures carving, candle holder, ashtrays, granite and marble ornaments, slate, slab, limestone, countertop, fireplace etc. What’s more we manufacture Japanese and U.S.A and Europe Monument, tombstone.
We can also process according to your designs and sample, Nearly goods of any shape and any size can be made according to your requirement. Your inquiries are sincerely welcome!
The most important is that our price of products is much cheaper than others in China!
Offer 4: Please see our price list on the link mentioned below: 
Offer 3: See the images and prices http://www.findstone.com/supplier15/cobbles.htm
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
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