e 4139 China: Blocks: I want 5 containers of Black Galaxy granite with big flecks small blocks. I will buy blocks even smaller than 120 x 60 cm but I need good quality blocks as I make counter tops for American furniture companies. This is just an initial order but will increase the quantity if the quality and price is good over a period of time. I can buy immediately. Please quote CIF Haikou. Sept 13, Contact
Buyer's response in blue
Supplier's response in red
I just received the sample of Black Galaxy from my buyer today and found it is not the large galaxy flakes. It's medium galaxy flakes I think.
In case of medium galaxy, I can accept offer 5 as offer 13 has no medium flakes. Offer 5, pt 5 (70 x 40; 65 per pc), pt 7 (smaller than 65 cm width 60 per pc).
however I need to understand what will be the size of 3 dimension in general in case of sellinf pc by pc. for above pt 5, pt 6, pt 7.
I feel sorry for confusion but I have to receive the samples of Black Galaxy medium from this quarry immediately to fix order and proceed immediately. (Oct 8, 2002)
I am still waiting for samples of small, medium and large galaxy flakes of BLack Galaxy.
My original sample is small or small and medium galaxy flakes. (Oct 12, 2002)

155 X 65 X -- USD 950
125-150 X 50 UP USD 850
125 X 65 BELOW USD 750
65 X 65 USD 550
70 X 65 BELOW USD 450
Offer 13: we are rough granite block exporters from Hyderabad
The Price for Black Galaxy    per ONE CBM     ( for small galaxy and large galaxy)
1. more than 155 x 65 cm  $ 860  AND $ 920 FOB CHENNAI PORT/IRREVOCABLE L/C PAYABLE AT SIGHT
2. 125 - 150 x 65 cm    $ 810 AND $ 850 FOB CHENNAI PORT/IRREVOCABLE L/C PAYABLE AT SIGHT.
3. less than 125 x 65 cm (above these are used to cut 2'x2' tiles)
                                  $ 650 AND $ 700 FOB CHENNAI PORT/IRREVOCABLE L/C PAYABLE AT SIGHT
The following items will be supplied in containers
In a container 20 tones are only allowed
4. less than 65 x 65 cm  $ 550 and $ 600 FOB CHENNAI PORT/IRREVOCABLE L/C PAYABLE AT SIGHT
5. 70 x 40 cm (used to make 1'x1' tiles)$ 550 and $ 600 FOB CHENNAI PORT/IRREVOCABLE L/C PAYABLE AT SIGHT
6. smaller than 70 cm length $ 450 AND $500 FOB CHENNAI PORT/ IRREVOCABLE L/C PAYABLE AT SIGHT
7. smaller than 65 cm width $ 450 AND $500 FOB CHENNAI PORT/ IRREVOCABLE L/C PAYABLE AT SIGHT
the third dimension is always smaller than the second dimension.
We would like to have a friendly long term business relationship with your esteemed company.
Please inform us your monthly requirement and payment terms etc.,
Looking forward to receive reply at your earliest convenience.
I am interested in your offer. I want 5 containers as mentioned in pt 5, pt 6 and pt 7 in your offer.
Pt 5.) 70 x 40 cm (quantity reqd. is 1 container)
Pt 6.) smaller than 70 cm length (quantity reqd. is 2 container)
Pt7.) smaller than 65 cm width (quantity reqd. is 2 container)
1) All in large galaxy flakes. Each 20 ft. container should be at least 6 cbm as I found black galaxy 1 cbm is 2930 kgs. and a 20 ft. container can load 20 tons. Please confirm actual weight per cbm from quarry.
I need your samples urgently. I need large galaxy and small galaxy toghether with med. galaxy for my reference for the future.
2) Please advise when you can ship 5 containers after receipt of L/C. I need your offer.
3) Please advise actual size of small blocks before they ship these containers.
4) Please advise if you can inspect blocks at your end or should I arrange for an inspector to check quality. Although there will be many small blocks, but I need even good quality galaxy blocks not with streaks or other defects. (Oct 7, 2002)
Offer 12: I wish to furnish below the reasonable price for Black Galaxy Rough Granite Blocks of both MEDIUM and LARGE FLAKES on FOB Indian Port Basis.
Sl.No.         Sizes (As per your specifications)  FOB price per  CBM
1.             125 - 150 x  65 cms            USD  800/CBM
2.             More than 155 x 65 cms         USD  900/CBM
3.             Less than 125 x 65 cms         USD  775/CBM
4.             Less than 65 x 65 cms          USD 95/PER PIECE
5.             70  x  40 cms                     -
6.            Smaller than 70 cms Length
                Smaller than 65 cms Width
               That means  70 cms x 65 cms     USD 95/ PER PIECE
1.           125 - 150  x  65 cms             USD 850/CBM
2.           More than 155 x 65 cms           USD 1000/CBM
3.           Less than 125 x 65 cms           USD 825/CBM
4.           Less than  65 x 65 cms           USD 100/ PER PIECE
5.           70  x  40  cms                   USD 100/ PER PIECE
6.          Smaller than 70 cms Length
             Smaller than 65 cms Width
             That means 70 x 65 cms            USD 100/ PER PIECE
Of course, the third dimension is always smaller than second dimension.
I hope the above prices are in line and would result in long standing and fruitful business relationship with your reputed organisation. Now, I look forward to your valuable order which will be executed on high priority basis.

Offer 11: I wish to give below my price with terms and conditions for the supply of BLACK GALAXY ROUGH GRANITE BLOCKS.
2. SIZES:    120CMS X  60 CMS BELOW (As per buyers specification)
4. PRICE: 
5. PAYMENT TERMS:  An Irrevocable Letter of Credit should be established in our favour for the full value of the goods paybale at SIGHT with THREE Months validity.
6. INSPECTION:  The STRICT Inspection of Blocks will be carried out at to ensure total defect free blocks to the overseas buyers. However, once again final Inspection will be done at Port of Shipment to ensure the complete safe loading of the Inspected Blocks to the vessel. To this effect, an Inspection Certificate will be issued for buyers record.
7. DELIVERY SCHEDULE:  I can immediately ship about 30 CBM of Big Galaxy (Big Flakes/Specks) for the present shipment upon receipt of an confirmed PO/LC from the buyer. However, I shall give you the details of the beneficiary once I get the confirmtion from you on the above.
Assuring you of my full co-operation and best attention always.
Now, I look forward to your valuable orders.
Offer 10: SIZE 120X50XBELOW IS USD 700 /CBM FOB INDIAN PORTWe are geologist by profession. We assure you quality as we inspect the blocks ourselves. Till now we have not faced any problem where inspection is concerned. If it happens we will definitely compensate in the next consignment. The blocks are ready, please send confirmation. Good Galaxy blocks.
      120X50XUP     760 USD
      150X50XUP     790 USD
      180X50XUP     830 USD
Offer 9: Best quality Galaxy Blocks
Lenght of the block: 150 cms and below -
usd 950 fob chennai
250 cms and below (more than 150 cms)- usd 1200 fob chennai
please get back to me for samples. we will send it for approval.
Offer 8: Price CIF 1500 USD per cbm CIF Haikou
payment terms: Confirmed inspection LC. (Confirmed inspection LC does not require client to come here,
inspection is done at client place after they receive goods at their port.)
Packing style: container
Delivery period: minimum 30 days
if satisfied with the prices, we will send samples.
Offer 7: we will supply you small blocks in Black Galaxy granite 
USD 1250/cbm cif Haikou by containers
Galaxy:  with big speck.
If a thin black line is acceptable then we can supply you at USD 950/cbm CIF Haikou.
Guarantee for the quality/money:  we give free replacement for any visible defect if noticed. Before shipment we will give you all details of the block. Upon your approval only we will ship.  Even after all that, if you find any visible defect in the block before cutting, we will give your free replacement, upon receipt of your claim with all details and proof.
Payment:  By sight letter of credit from a prime bank
Please confirm your requirement
Yes I will supply smaller than 120x60x50cm with Big Flecks at same price. 
Offer 6: I Can supply black galaxy granites with big specks for 1150USD/CBM C&F HAIKOU- CHINA port.
WE are responsible for any quality problem. if it is really having any defect i will give replacement or i will sort out in any of the ways accepted by the both the parties. You can appoint any inspection agent.
I can also send digital images.
Or 90% at sight and balance should confirm within 7 days after reaching china port and whether you have done inspection or not, you should give clear report or give back the 10% guarantee amount.
Quantity: buyer wants in container basis that means 5CBM in one 20 foot container
Approximate weight: 25 Tons
Packing style: It is rough granite blocks so no need of any particular packing, Only normal packing for not mving the stones inside by wooden pieces.
Delivery; within ten days after receving the L/C Quality gurantee; buyer can appoint inspection agent or Self guarantee,
Payment: Paymend by L/C at sight

1. more than 155 x 65 cm
2. 125 - 150 x 65 cm
3. less than 125 x 65 cm (above these are used to cut 2'x2' tiles)
4. less than 65 x 65 cm
5. 70 x 40 cm (used to make 1'x1' tiles)
6. smaller than 70 cm length
7. smaller than 65 cm width the third dimension is always smaller than the second dimension.
The price for FOB Chennai port is 950 USD/CBM
And the prices for various sizes given is Sl NO 1 TO 3 is 950/CBM And the SL NO 4 TO 7 is 850/Cbm
offer 5: We introduce ourselves as Black Galaxy quarry owners. We can offer 50 CBM of blocks to you every month. We need to know the following before we provide you quotation
a)       What are the exact sizes you are interested in? There are various categories available ranging from 120 – 230 in length x
60 – 120 in width (if you consider sizes as described by you. The third measurement will vary as per block.
b)       What are the payment terms? We offer blocks only at L/c.
c)      Who will do the inspection ?
Size categories offered are :
120 x 60 cm below, 120 x 60 cm Up, 150 x 60cm Up, 180 x 60cm Up, 180 x 90 Cm Up, 200 x 100 cm Up, 220 x 120 cm Up, 240 x 120 cm Up, 270 x 150 cm Up.
Also, tiling blocks are offered – 60 x 60, 60 x 30. (third measurement – 40)
Pls indicate preference.

Pl find attached the FOB prices for MEDIUM FLAKES MATERIAL.
S. No. Size Price
1 More than 155 x 65 900 Per CBM
2 125 - 150 x 65 825 Per CBM
3 less than 125 x 65 725 Per CBM
4 less than 65 x 65 115 per piece
5 70 x 40 65 per piece
6 smaller than 70cm length 60 per piece
7 smaller than 65cm width 60 per piece
Currently we are supplying medium flakes from our quarry. prices for BIG Flakes are 75 USD higher (per CBM) in categories no. 1 - 3 and In categories 4 - 7, it is 40 USD more per piece. These will be from other quarry.
Pls also note that since 185 x 65cm is another category, so category 1 given above will have length till 185cm only.
Our offer in CBM terms (as per your wants)
70x40x30 - fixed measurement. USD 550/-
70x70x40 - variable measurement. USD 500/-
80x65x40 - variable measurement. USD 500/-
if you want a mix of big-medium & small, we can supply at 25USD cheaper in each category.
I think it is best if you have a look at sample and decides.

In cases where PER PIECE QUOTATION IS GIVEN (i.e. 4, 5,6 & 7) please find the third measurements.
Size Third
65 x 65 40-45
70 x 40, 35-45
smaller than 70cm length, 35-45
smaller than 65cm width 35-45
The third measurement range has been given and all sizes will be between the given range.
Please send me your sample for approval and I want USD 450 / cbm FOB Chennai Port (as in pt. 5, 6, 7) because I am not sure the size of small blocks, if you sell as piece by piece.
a)  We want to sell on per piece basis because that is how we have to pay royalty. We are willing to send you 
     a block lists so you can work out the benefits.
b)  If you want on PER CBM basis, then the best we can do is 550, 500 & 500 for medium galaxy & 500,450,450
     for small galaxy. Below that is totally unviable for FIRST CHOICE. Anyone claiming lesser price is a HOAX  
     (believe me on that).
c)  Inspection can be done by us – no hassle.
d)  Samples are ready. Can be dispatched anytime.
e)  Best is that you look at the samples and then decides what you want and the price you find justifiable.
Offer 4:  we are one of the main quarry owners of green marble and black galaxy in india..we also have a stock yard in beijing / china..can supply the material ex-india or ex stockyard/ china.
Offer 3: We can supply Black Galaxy small blocks of size from 120 to 180 cm in length at 1050 US D per cbm C&F xiamen, by container. 
Please write to us we can send you the sample immediately   
We belongs to a big business group having turnover more than 50 million US D per year, So we can supply whatever quantity you need whatever material from India,
offer 2: Which price range is ok?
There are 7 sizes - which do you want?
1. more than 155 x 65 cm
2. 125 - 150 x 65 cm
3. less than 125 x 65 cm (above these are used to cut 2'x2' tiles)
4. less than 65 x 65 cm
5. 70 x 40 cm (used to make 1'x1' tiles)
6. smaller than 70 cm length
7. smaller than 65 cm width
the third dimension is always smaller than the second dimension.
all of the above have different prices.
offer 1: Select from
www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone