e 4273 Romania: Machinery: I want a complete plant for marble tiles, beginning with quarry equipment (wire saw). I saw a complete line for processing marble (located in Belgium). Can you send me more information about the individual machines? Alternatively, can you configure for me, with you're used but good equipment, such a complete line beginning with quarry equipment? If yes, please send me technical documentation and the quotations. Sept 26,
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Offer 5: We can offer you both second-hand and brand new machines. We would like to receive some more information concerning the plant capacity in terms of sqm/day. 
We can quote both second hand and brand new machine from Italy. 
We are ready to send you the quotation. But we would like to receive your e-mail in order to keep safe our details and price. Further the right quotation consist of 5 pages with all technical details .
Offer 4: We have:
The Breton plant
the Löffler polisher slabs
the copying and mouldering VAN VOORDEN
AS THE MACHINES ARE, we could sell them for:
BRETON : 135.000 euros EX FLORENNES
LOFFLER : 12.000 euros
VAN VOORDEN : 18.000 euros
See http://www.findstone.com/sl/rs69.htm
See http://www.findstone.com/sl/rs68.htm
We are a Romanian company interest in buying a line for stone processing, beginning with quarry equipment and till to the tiles final products. Do you have other supplementary technical information about your stock 68: "Stone processing equipment"? Can the equipment be inspected? Please inform us about the payment and delivery conditions and also about other eventually requirements.
Our Breton plant is still available. 
Concerning the Breton complete plant for marble tiles, we need some more data you have for a better technical evaluation for all the machines. Certainly, a block cutter is needed and the option of our specialists is for a gang saw able to realize a good parallelism. The resulted slabs will be processed on the plant for tiles. Some slabs with a very good esthetics will be processed as there are, so is needed a small capacity fore slabs processing.
The concrete conditions in the quarry where the main quantity of stones well be extracted (sandstone) require a wire saw and naturally, drillers.
These are some general requirements we have. In this moment we try to configure the whole process, according with the availability of the equipment on the second-hand market, so all the proposed solutions are welcome.
Further to your request, we are able to provide you all the equipments that you want for your quarry and the extraction of the stones. 
The cheapest way to take the blocks is a boring machine +  thread with diamonds 
After you new a machine to square the block with 1 thread.:
with the new equipments you can square and cut in slabs. 
PRICE FOR A BRAND NEW : around : 60.000 euros 
After you need a new gangsaw machine : 25 or 50 blades 
PRICE FOR A BRAND NEW : around : 100.000 euros
To feed slabs to the Breton, you need 3-4 gangsaws.
The Breton has a capacity of 500m2 a day.
In case you would like more informations don't hesitate to contact us.
Offer 3: We can offer you both second-hand and brand new machines .We would like to receive some more information concerning the plant capacity in terms of sqm/day .
We intend to develop a capacity about 300 – 500 sqm/day for tiles and also an additionally small capacity for slabs processing. The final capacities depends also on the offers, so on the investments costs. For these capacities, we intend to have equipments for quarry (drillers, wire saw etc), and the location for all of these is in Romania.
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes: a tile processing plant for about 300 – 500 sqm/day and for slabs equipment for calibrating and polishing.
- delivery location and phone no. Romania, phone no. +40 233 2......; fax no. +40 233 .........;
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?import from Europe, not strong preferences, maybe Italy
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album? Romanian stones, primary source is sandstone but also marble and travertine, with hardness about 7 – 8.
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price? equipment acquisition in about 4 - 6 month; the decision criteria for purchasing is the price/performance ratio. Primary, we are oriented on good second hand equipment but we don’t exclude competitive price/performance new equipment. That depends on the offers we have.
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it: the application will be in a new company belonging to our industrial group, specialized in stone production.
If you have prices, tell us what they are. – in this moment we analyze the market, the availability of the equipment, prices and performances. To have one supplier for all the equipment we need (complete line) is more convenient for as. Otherwise, we’ll buy separate machines for competing a line. We have some offers in this moment, also some technical discussions and I think in short time we can talk about competitive prices. We’ll be glade if we can collaborate for finding together reasonable solutions both technical and financial aspects.
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