e 4401 USA: Landscape: We need 5000 sq ft of limestone or granite cobblestone pavers. Contact no.
407 38........Oct 11,
We are serious customer and will be making a purchase in the next month.  Please forgive our delay and tell your suppliers we are very sorry for any convenience.  We will be making a purchase and we hope for everyone to be happy.  Again thanks for all your help and your outstanding service.
Many offers have not responded to our request to send photos.  We are most interested in limestone cobblestone but it not an absolute must.  It will be impossible to evaluate most of the offers unless they could send photos.  What do you recommend?
Dec 10
Offer 29: We can offer you Limestone Cubes of size 14 x 14 x 6-8cm @ USD 0.55 per piece FOB Mumbai Port, India. 
Offer 28: We offer:
20cm length x 15cm width x 11cm thickness (tolerance +/-2cm), or
(25cm           x 20cm          x 11cm).
Packing: wooden crates with 165 pieces (= 53,28 sq.ft.) each crate,
in 20' container carrying 20 crates(= 1066 sq.ft per container).
Delivery FOB: 2-3 months
Price FOB Salvador, Brazil: 1.82 US$/sq.ft
Payment Conditions: 40% in advance and 60% DAP (Documents against payment)
Offer 27: we can supply you those stones hand made {hammered} price is 0.3 per stone any size maximum 30x11. (images available)
Offer 26: With regard to the above enquiry we have 2000 pieces of 8'x8'x2' black  cobble stone in our CA warehouse priced at $7.41 per sqft. We also have 2300 pieces of the same size in different Indian granite colors.The pricing for the color stones is $8.52. We can order the balance and get it shipped to destination.
Offer 25: We offer to supply your required Cobbles,Pavers etc from our own quarries and production centres in India
1Granite Cobble Stones
  Colour          Light Grey, pink
  Size/Price    200-225mm x 125mm x 100mm              PRICE        US$ 46.00 per Ton -FOB-Chennai,India
                      250-275mm x 175mm x 100mm              PRICE        US$ 48.00 per Ton -FOB
                      Any size as per your specification
  Stock           15000 Tons
2 Pavers
  Colours      Grey / Pink / Manga Red / Black
  Size            150mm x 150 x 100mm- Natural cut
  Price           US$ 45.00 per Ton - FOB
3 Kerb Stones
Please let us know your size specification to quote.
We have quoted our price on FOB basis and C&F price will be quoted after hearing from you about  the quantity .
Thickness is most important to us; at least 10 cm; how many square feet per ton; please send photos
Offer 24: We are manufacturers of gray and pink granite cobblestone.  We have been exporting to Europe and we are trying to establish connections in the US. We are also exporting tumbled travertine pavers. Please find as an attachment our price lists for cobblestones and travertine pavers.
Offer 23: We would like to offer the best prices for your requirement.  We are one of the largest exporters of cobblestones to USA and Germany, in various colors & sizes, exporting more than 8 million dollars from India every year.  But your requirement is not clear, as to the color, dimensions, type of finish, port of delivery in US etc.  Our prices will depend on all these factors.  We can offer the best prices, if details are given. India
prefer a gray limestone; 15-20cm x 10-15 cm x 10 cm (driveway pavers – very flexible on size except thickness); finish – open on type; port of delivery – anywhere in Florida ideally; somewhere between 5000 sq ft and 6000 sq ft; please price by the square feet; please send photo; thank you in advance
Offer 22: See www.findstone.com/pl/762.htm

Offer 20: We are pleased to offer Rosa Tupim Cobblestones at 67 US$/tonne, FOB Salvador-Bahia, Brazil, loose in 20' containers; in wooden crates +15US$/crate(=1.375t). If interested please request add info like images etc.
what will the price come to for $/ft2; please send photo of stone
67 US$/t for loose cargos     correspond to 1.57 US$/sq.ft
15 US$/t for wooden crates   correspond to 0.35 US$/sq.ft.
Attached please find a composite pictures of the ROSA TUPIM cobblestones.
Obs: What are the measurements? click here to see color.
15-20cm x 10-15 cm x 10 cm 
Offer 19: we can offer you the limestone you looking for from egypt with 14 USD per m2,
what will the price come to for $/ft2; please send photo of stone
the price will be 1.7 USD / per ft2 --2cm thickness. here you can find the photo of our limestone, if it meet your needs send us your address so we can send you a free sample

Offer 18: looking for LIMESTONE cobble pavers, we have many colors of domestic limestones available in any size or finish required. 
what will the price come to for $/ft2 
Offer 16: We are the quarry owner and one of the largest marble producer in Izmır/Turkey. We are sending you our company profile attached. If you are interested in our products,we can give you more details, so, please feel free to contact us.
what will the price come to for $/ft2
Offer 15: We can supply limestone in black, green, yellow, beige colors. We can also supply grey, pink and black cobble stones. Please let us know details regarding, quantity, packing, payment, destination etc.
Cobblestones size 9/11 cms, prices as under:
1. Grey: USD 48.00
2. Magadi  Pink: USD 63.00
3. Mysore Yellow : USD 62.00
4. Trichy Yellow : USD 55.00
5. Black : USD 55.00
6. Manga Pink: USD 55.00
# The prices are for loose loading in containers.
# For packing in jumbo bags cost will be USD 6.00 extra & in wooden crates the cost will increase by USD 14.00.
# Payment : By irrevocable LC only.
I hope this information is adequate enough for a decision.
Please send photos of your limestone cobblestones
Offer 14: granite  cubes  
ITEM / SIZES-------------------------------- 4/6CM-----------6.8CM----------------8/10CM---------------15/17CM
MANGA  RED-------------------------------62.50-------------58.25-------------------53.50-------------------49.35
WHITE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------60.25------------------- 53.60
SEIRA  GREY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------60.25--------------------53.50
what will the price come to for $/ft2, send photo
prices  for  8/10cm  equivalent  4/4/4/"  at  sq ft  rate
manga  red  bulk  packing in  fcl   usd 1.19/sqft  fob
for  packing  in  wooden  crates  pl  add  usd  0.48  to  the  above price.
Please send photo
Offer 13: We can supply the above cobble stone provided we require the sizes.
we would like the stone to be at least 4” thick; more flexible with length and width;
what will the price come to for $/ft2; please send photo of stone
Offer 12: we have cobblestones available, please let me know the size or sizes you. Canada
we would like the stone to be at least 4” thick; more flexible with length and width;  what will the price come to for $/ft2; please send photo of stone
I need to know Delivery time, size and my color is diamond brown
Delivery time is 4-6 months; 15-20cm x 10-15 cm x 10 cm (driveway pavers – very flexible on size except thickness); finish – open on type; port of delivery – anywhere in Florida ideally; somewhere between 5000 sq ft and 6000 sq ft; please price by the square feet; please send photo; thank you in advance  
Offer 11: We have 8"x8"x2" granite cobbles in black, kashmir white, colombo juperana, tanbrown and saphire brown. However we dont have 5000 sq ft. But we can get it to order and shipped here. Our current product is in our CA warehouse. If you are interested in the product I can ship samples immediately and workout the pricing to the destination.
please ship samples to Orlando, Fl 32806; what will the price come to for $/ft2; please send photo of stone
Offer 10: We have the Limestone in White or Grey, max. size in 600 x 600mm.  The cobble stone is made from the andesit stone, same material as dark grey andesit stone. Cobble stone in 10cm x 10cm x 5cm  up, 15cm x 15cm x 6cm up, 20cm x 20cm x 6cm up and 30cm x 30cm or 40cm x 40cm. Please inform us your specification and quantity.
Offer 9: we will supply paving stones of 5000sft in following colours
Black     size 4x4x4"   price USD 52/ton FOB Madras
Yellow            4x4x4                        53
Grey               4x4x4                        45
Pink/red         4x4x4                        51
We need tolerance of +/-10mm in all dimensions
Finishing:: All sides hand cut
It covers about 45 sft  therefore you need about 112 tons it will supplied in 6 containers.
This is what we are looking for.  Can you please send a photo of your material.  Can call 407 3......
Click here to see images
Offer 8: We offer Coral stone slabs from the Dominican Republic. Please send more details of your need.
Need 5000 ft2; at least 3-4” thick.  Please send photo
Offer 7: we are Egyptian stone supplier,in order for us to give   you prices please send  us by Email the measures    of the needed stones.
we would like the stone to be at least 4” thick; more flexible with length and width What will the price come to for $/ft2; please send photo of stone
Offer 6: G603 USD8.50/M2 any further informatiom pls contact us
Offer 5: I have about 30 thousand peice of pink and grey cobblestone i you would like please let me know becasue i have to have them put on a pallet.
Offer 4: I have enough cobblestone to fill your project if you need more inforamtion. I have about 30 thousand peices and they range in differnet sizes. I hope that we can make a deal
Offer 3: We can supply granite cobblestone in a variety of different colours from black to grey to red. The stones are between 1 3/4 and 2 1/2 inches thick. Cost is determined by colour.
5000 sq ft in granite: Colours- Mysore Yellow, Magadi Red, Jet Black
Measurements: 4'x(4-20' long)x2.6 (or 6.5 or 8.5')
Cost $35USD/ sq/mt
Also have a sandstone in same colour and measurement
cost is $25 USD/sq/meter
Cost is FOB, shipped in wooden crates and pre-packaged.
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone