e 4475 UK: I am a trader and have an enquiry for slate roofing tiles. Most common size 250 wide x 500 long x 4 to 6 mm thick. Quantity could be as high as 550 containers per year if price and quality good. Slate must comply to British Standard and be guaranteed for 20 years on roofs exposed to UK weather. Oct 18
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Offer 15: our company may provide the roofing slate, as per requirment, 20 inches by 10 inches by 4mm to 6mm
thickness, with the following colors of our quarries, 1- black ,2-silver shine slate, 3-grey slate, price is 4 us dollar per meter square, fob karachi
Offer 14"We intend paying FindStone to contact you so let them know if you have an interest in our products as per details below."
Colour            :        BLACK
Thickness       :        Approx. 4/6mm
Size               :        250 x 500mm
Price              :        USD 7,80 / m2 FOB Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
We are in a position to supply any alternative size.
Offer 13: Our main products are: 
S1202, Green; S1203, Gray; S1602/S1205, Black; S1602C, autumn rust, in which, S1202 and S1205 have passed BS680 test.  
Here please find our latest prices for your information: 
Art No.      Size                     Unit Price (FOB WUHAN) 
  S1202 Green   500X250X5--7MM             USD0.50 PER PC 
                400X250X5--7MM             USD0.38 PER PC 
                400X200X5--7MM             USD0.30 PER PC 
 S1203 Grey    500X250X5--7MM             USD0.42 PER PC 
                400X250X5--7MM             USD0.32 PER PC 
                400X200X5--7MM             USD0.25 PER PC 
 S1205 Black   500X250X5--7MM             USD0.58 PER PC 
                400X250X5--7MM             USD0.42 PER PC 
                400X200X5--7MM             USD0.35 PER PC 
  S1602 Black   600X400X12-15MM            USD5.50 PER M2 
                600X300X12-15MM            USD5.30 PER M2 
                300X300X10-15MM            USD4.80 PER M2 
Of course, we can supply the goods of one side polished, and the price will be accordingly raised at one dollar 
per square meter. We can do to your detailed sizes for roofing. 
Offer 12: " We intend paying find stone to contact you so let them know if you have  interest in our products / company as per details below"
We are one of the leading Manufacturer/ Exporter of natural stones and its products of Indian origin covering the range of materials of sand stone, slate , quartzite, granite , marble. Please let us know your mailing address and we will arrange our product brochure and also the specific verities samples for your evaluation. As per your requirement we can offer select varieties of roofing tiles materials in compliance of British standards. 


Brief of our Company’s profile is given below for your kind perusal and to assess our capacity of handling big projects:-


We are an amalgamation of 30 mining companies, 6 chemicals, paints. Oil & solvents companies, 3 export houses, 2 import houses, 2 general enterprises and I.T. Services (Software Development & Call Center).

We are the most diversified business house operating in the fields of mining & processing of minerals and building stones, natural stones, paints & chemicals, oil & solvents, clothing & readymade garments and I.T. Services. Total turn over is Rs. 3000 millions.

Our main mining activities are confined to the NCR, bordering New Delhi. Our group has got over 60 no of mining leases of major and minor minerals/rocks viz. silica sand, china clay, quartz, quartzite, school slate, slate stone, sandstone, ordinary sand, road metal & masonry stone.

Total mining leasehold area is spread over 8000 hectares. The mining leases are initially granted for 20 years renewable thrice for further 60 years. We are the largest Quarry Operators for above minerals and rocks in India. We are in the business of mining for the last over 30 years. We have been recently granted the mining leases of slate & sandstone. We are now introducing mechanization in slate and sandstone mines, which were otherwise operated manually. We have also installed a processing plant to get edge cut, honed, calibrated and polished tiles to meet the export requirement. A 100% EOU is being installed near Delhi to centralize our processing activities.

Presently we are actively operating in the fields of mining, processing and export of world famous Kund peacock slate, Bihali slate (multicolor fossil and black), Mahun Multicolor Slate- all flooring & roofing slate, Sandstone (Exclusive White, Off White, Pink), Dusty Way, Beige, Tinted mint . Apart from standard sizes of tiles, slabs, pavers, random, cobbles , kerbs, crazy etc are also available.

Products :-

The following types of material is available with us :

A.         Slate

1.       Bihali light multicolor-fossil

2.       Bihali Black

3.       Kund multicolor(peacock)

4.       Mahun

Standard Size

 Sawn Edge Chipped Edge


500X250 C/E*

60X60 S/E* 405X280 C/E

                                    60X40 S/E                               305X305 C/E

60X30 S/E 300X200 C/E

40X40 S/E 387X190 C/E

30X30 S/E 400X200 C/E

30X20 S/E

*S/E : Sawn Edge/Machine Cut (thickness 10-15mm)-Flooring

*C/E: Chipped Edge/Hand Cut (thickness 5-7 mm)-Roofing


B.             Sandstone

1.        Exclusive White

2.       Off White

3.       Tinted Mint

4.       Beige

5.       Desert sand/Dusty way

6.       Pink / Dark Pink

7.       Agra Red

8.       Fossil Sandstone


                        Standard Size


60X60 S/E & C/E

60X40 S/E & C/E

60X30 S/E & C/E

40X40 S/E & C/E

30X30 S/E & C/E

30X20 S/E & C/E


*      S/E:Sawn Edge/Machine Cut (thickness10-20,15-25,20- 30,25-35mm)

      *    C/E: Chipped Edge/Hand Cut   (thickness 10-20,15-25,20- 30,25-35 mm)


Initially we would like to send a set of samples of our roofing slate to assess the quality and its suitability at your end. We can regularly produce and supply the required size roofing slate in the quantity as mentioned. The present production capacity of roofing slate from our 3 slate mining project is about 1500 sq. mtr per day which is largely being sold locally as we donot have direct export market for all the quantity produced. If our proposal is materialized, we can stop the local sale and the entire quantity can be supplied to you.  Moreover these slate have been exported for last over 20 years by the previous lessee and found very suitable for European climate and weather conditions.


Offer 10: We have quarry for Black Roofing Slate.The slate has been tested in UK & found suitable.One of our UK buyer is regularly buying the same in regular basis.We can send you the samples for your testing purpose.The rate per meter squire for 250x500x4-6mm would be USD$ 6.00/M2 (no further discount please), F.O.B-Indian Port. Payment terms-Only on L/C basis.
"We intend paying FindStone to contact you so let them know if you have an interest in our products / company as per details above."  
Am interested in your offer can you please send a sample of the 250 x 500 size slate about 5 mm thick.
(oct 26, 02)
Your price is higher than China but I have not yet had the Chinese slate tested for compliance with BS. I may get back to you if the Chinese quality is low. (oct 28, 2002)

Offer 9: size 500 x 250 {20" X 10"} x 4 to 6 mm thickness  Sterling Pound 5.95 per Sqm. our products is lifetime warranty and high quality. ISTANBUL,TURKEY
Sorry but your price is too high. We can buy in China  in US$ what you want to chrge in GB£.
Offer 8: Our's limited company is the produced and selling of natural rock. Main products are slabs rock and mushroom rock , made from is quartzite sandstone ,more than 50 kinds ,three processing factories.
Used for the construction , villas, interior decoration etc and gardens, return to the nature,as of you were in a beautiful mountain and water picture.
Quartzite colour : green, black, pink, gray, black and white spot, gray black, white, jade of peach red, tiger skin yellow, olive green, strawberry red, yellow, apple red, apple green, wood veins, cloud veins. Sandstone colour  :red, white, pink, silver brown plate, purple.
Slate colour: white, yellow, pink, green, rust, purple, gray black , black, blue.
Product specifications:7*20 10*20 30*15 20*40 30*60 30*30 40*40cm
Offer 7: I manufactured slates in many sizes and thicknesses. Please send details on British Standard. We shipped roofing slates to the US market.
If you send me your fax number then I can fax you the key
elements of the British Standard. Alternatively a library or University near you will certainly have copies of the standard which is BS 680.
Offer 6: We intend paying FindStone to contact you. So please let them know if you have have an interest in
black marble tiles (blue stone), honed, in dimensions 250x500x6 mm in the price of 22 Euro/m2 for delivery CF port of UK. Greece
We have no interest in Balck Marble tiles
Offer 5: 500 x 250 x app.5mm. Gray Color Slate. FOB.Istanbul Sqm.£9.30
The price is daft, far too high.
Offer 4: 50cm x 25cm. x 4 or 6cm. Slate per sqm.FOB ISTANBUL or IZMIR - TURKEY  £9.45
The price is daft, far too high.
Offer 3: We would like to introduce ourselves as Slate quarry owners and one of the Leading exporters of high quality natural roofing Slates from India . Our  mines our Located in the heart of Himalayan  mountain range.Our family has been  in this trade since last 40 years. We  have been exporting slates to various countries like U.S.A., Australia Europe  and we have proven our quality there. The colour of our Slate is light grey.We can also supply handcrafted Decorative and Architectural slates We have a range of sizes available with us which are as under All  these sizes are in inches:
24X12, 22X11 20X10, 18X9, 16X8, 16X12, 14X11, 14X9, 14X7, 12X8, 12X6. Slates will be available in thickness ranging from 4mm to 8 mm. If you feel interested please do not hesitate to contact us
The size we wanted mostly is 500 x 250 {20" X 10"} x 4 to 6 mmm thickness. {average 5 mm}.
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
The quantity was in the original enquiry. We are not so bothered about the country of origin but are ourseleves
happy to deal with China where our experience lies.

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