e 4503 USA: Looking for bulk suppliers of Hydrostone, casting marble, and other casting materials. Oct 20
Buyer's reply in blue: I'm looking for LIQUID materials that can be poured into moulds, like carrara marble & hydrostone (in liquid form) as well as other types of (liquid) crushed or cultured marble, rock-hard plasters, etc. Am replicating a variety of bronze & stone artifacts, skulls & skeletons, Mesopotamian, Meso-American, & Egyptian artifacts. Need pourable materials that will give the impression of marble, stone, bronze, etc. that can be poured into silicon moulds. Also need a source for bulk mould-silicone, hard (dental quality) plaster, as well as a source for bronze for casting and a small bronze furnace. I do not sculpt, so hard stone is of no use to me. I am a mould-maker in need of CASTING materials. 
Am located in the Netherlands and cannot find these materials here. I know that 3M & DuPont manufacture these materials, but cannot find distributors for them here in Holland. Even the few suppliers who DO deal in 3M & DuPont are unwilling to place special orders for materials or quantities that they do not stock. (oct 26, 02)
Offer 6: We supply marlbes and stone casting at high quality and competitive price. I can also guarantee that you will 3-5% discount as the best price you can get.
Offer 5: Maybe youw have interest in Sodalite, this is a blue green stone, if youw have interest, please contact me for more information.
Offer 4: Our stone is perfect for sculptoring and can also be fired in a kiln to 380 degrees turning the sandstone into a China Clay.  The limonite becomes a hematite and the kaolinite becomes a metakaolin.
Offer 3: We intend paying FindStone to contact you, so please let them know more details about the material you need (description, sizes, quantity etc). We are located in Greece. Does the transportation cost is too high for you?
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone