e 4555 UAE: We are quoting for a large project in the UAE for which a large quantity of sandstone and limestone will be required for external land landscaping. Please let us know the range, colours and rates. If you have an agency office in Dubai please let us know so that we can collect samples from them and if not, please arrange to forward samples of your range. Oct 24
Buyer's response: Thank you for your e-mail.  Actually, it was in the quoting stage and we have quoted to the Main Contractor for supplies. We are awaiting the outcome.  Once the project is awarded to the Main Contractor, we have to supply the same.  That is when the actual costing will come in.  This may take another two months as we are running the Ramadan month here.  We will keep you informed of developments.
Offer 34: Our offer is as follows.
2 cm x 60 x 60 honned or patinated   17.- usd/ sqmeter    500 sqmeter
2 cm x 30 x 60 honned or patinated   14.- usd/ sqmeter   1000 sqmwter
2 cm x 30 x 30 honned or patinated   14.- usd/sqmeter    1000 sqmeter
The quotation must be in container basis. If requested the quantity can be increased depending on the customer. delivery 2 weeks for the above quotations , after receiving the Order confirmation.
payment terms irrevocable and confirmed  L/C at sight or % 50 down payment,
% 50 percent after receiving the goods.  The quality can be inspected  by the customer or by any international SGS company. Also some other dimensions can be available including slabs.
Offer 33: See http://www.findstone.com/pl/793.htm
Offer 32: we can supply you Turkish limestone (lymra) in white colour. Let us know the dimensions you need in your project for quotation. We can send you samples on request.
Offer 31: we can supply egyptian stones
lime stone: FOB
beige: 85USD/TON
green: 85USD/TON
white beige: 82 USD/TON
Offer 30: We are a large-scale enterprise which has more than 30 years experience on the marble and granite.

Especially, we have in Egypt several quarries for Galala and Asian Yellow with a monthly production of 6,000m3,

Now we can offer the best prices as following:

1. Polished Slabs 20mm          FOB Egyption Port USD14.00

2. Cut-to-size 20mm             FOB Egyption Port USD18.00

3. 900X900X20mm              FOB Egyption Port USD19.00

4. 600X600X20mm              FOB Egyption Port USD17.00  

Your further enquiry is always welcome


Offer 29: We are a quarry located in northeastern Pennsylvania.  We produce flagstone, dimensional cut and irregular.  It is a flagstone, I can provide you with compositional data if necessary.  Colors include gray, gray-green, tan, light brown, and blue. 
Offer 28: We are a Company based in India. Our specialization  is in sand stone lime stone and slate. We have our our production unit in Kota in the state of Rajasthan. We have several different kind of sandstone and lime stone. 
It is not possible for us to send you the samples of our complete range.
our product range consists of the following stones 
Lime Stone 
Sand Stone
You will have to visit the findstone site to see the images of the following stones. If you can tell me about the color  or stone of your interest I can send the samples of the same. On receiving your response I can mail my price list also.
Offer 27: We are french manufacturer and we supply tiles, pavers cut-to-size projects as walls, columns, cornices, balustrades,...
Offer 26: We can provide gray limestone from Iran. But we need more information to say exact price.
We have agent in Dubai and you can collect samples from them.
Offer 25: Ours is  basically a mining company dealing mainly in building stone, road metal and ballast, ordinary sand and silica sand being largely consumed in building sector and dimensional stones (mainly slate, sandstone and quartzite). For the building stone, road metal and ballast, ordinary sand and silica sand, we have 100% indigenous consumption, that too mainly in the Capital City i.e. New Delhi and adjoining suburb areas. We are presently  mining and marketing about 20000 metric tones of silica sand per day and 40000 metric tones of road metal per day.
With gradual addition of new leases of slate and sandstone, we have diversified in the field of mining and marketing (export) of dimensional stones i.e. slate and sandstone. We have got the mining lease of entire slate deposits located in the State of Haryana which are known by its trade name in international market as Mahun, Peacock, Kund multicolor, Bihali multicolor, Bihali fossil and black.  
Similarly total mining leasehold area  of sandstone is about 150 hectares located in the State of Madhya Pardesh which is known by its trade name in international market as Gwalior white, Off white, Mint, Beige, Dusty Way and Agra Red. Presently we are mining and exporting slate and sandstone mainly in the Australian market. We understand that this material have got vast market in Europe.
The slate is being mined for  roofing and flooring tiles, slabs, pavers, crazy. Natural riven, calibrated, honed and polished slate tiles have got very good acceptance in the international market.
In view of our capacity of handling big project in mining sector, we are now intended to execute bulk orders for the supply of slate & sandstone with various finishes in residential and commercial sector.
We would like to supplement our credentials with necessary business documents which you may like to consider. Further details on our company are given below :-
We have 30 mining companies, 6 chemicals, paints. Oil & solvents companies, 3 export houses, 2 import houses, 2 general enterprises and I.T. Services (Software Development & Call Center).
We are the most diversified business house operating in the fields of mining & processing of minerals and building stones, natural stones, paints & chemicals, oil & solvents, clothing & readymade garments and I.T. Services. Total turn over is Rs. 3000 millions.
Our main mining activities are confined to borders of New Delhi. Our group has mining leases of major and minor minerals/rocks viz. silica sand, china clay, quartz, quartzite, school slate, slate stone, sandstone, ordinary sand, road metal & masonry stone.
Total mining leasehold area is spread over 8000 hectares.  We are one of the largest Quarry Operators for above minerals and rocks in India. We are in the business of mining for the last over 30 years. We have been recently granted the mining leases of slate & sandstone. We are now introducing mechanization in slate and sandstone mines, which were otherwise operated manually. We have also installed a processing plant to get edge cut, honed, calibrated and polished tiles to meet the export requirement. A 100% EOU is being installed near Delhi to centralize our processing activities.
Presently we are actively operating in the fields of mining, processing and export of world famous Kund peacock slate, Bihali slate (multicolor fossil and black), Mahun Multicolor Slate- all flooring & roofing slate, Sandstone (Exclusive White, Off White, Pink), Dusty Way, Beige, Tinted mint . Apart from standard sizes of tiles, slabs, pavers, random, cobbles , kerbs, crazy etc are also available.
Products :-
The following types of material is available with us :
A.         Slate
1.       Bihali light multicolor-fossil
2.       Bihali Black
3.       Kund multicolor(peacock)
4.       Mahun
Standard Size 
Sawn Edge                              Chipped Edge
500X250 C/E*
60X60 S/E*                             405X280 C/E
60X40 S/E                               305X305 C/E
60X30 S/E                               300X200 C/E
40X40 S/E                               387X190 C/E
30X30 S/E                               400X200 C/E
30X20 S/E
*S/E : Sawn Edge/Machine Cut (thickness 10-15mm)-Flooring
*C/E: Chipped Edge/Hand Cut (thickness 5-7 mm)-Roofing
B.             Sandstone
1.        Exclusive White
2.       Off White
3.       Tinted Mint
4.       Beige
5.       Desert sand/Dusty way
6.       Pink / Dark Pink
7.       Agra Red
8.       Fossil Sandstone
Standard Size
60X60 S/E & C/E
60X40 S/E & C/E
60X30 S/E & C/E
40X40 S/E & C/E
30X30 S/E & C/E
30X20 S/E & C/E
*      S/E:Sawn Edge/Machine Cut (thickness10-20,15-25,20- 30,25-35mm)
*    C/E: Chipped Edge/Hand Cut   (thickness 10-20,15-25,20- 30,25-35 mm)
In view of the given information we are expecting long term business association.
Offer 24: Our company is one of the leading companies in Egypt in the stone industry, we have our own quarries in addition to 3 factories for processing marble, granite and other stones, for the time being we are supplying one of our client in Kuwait with limestone tiles about 4000 sqm 125x75x3 cm size for the external cladding of many buildings. We will be pleased if you send us your address in order to send you samples of our production.
Offer 23: We are new company.We have red sand stone.Please contact us.
Offer 22: Please let me introduce my company in few words.
We own 14 different marble quarries in which 350 persons work established on 9000 m2… Our factory contains modern machines from the Italian brand name “Pedrini”. With manpower of 100 employees in the factory
(2 shifts).
We have all the abilities to provide you with all your requires of the polished marble treated in our modern production line with the risen either from Italian trademark " Tenax" or from the German trademark " Akemi"
Here are our best prices for all our kinds of marble except the filitto & limestone
( Hashma):
The Blocks:
The first choice =            100 USD for the Ton (F.O.B)
The commercial choice =  65 USD for the Ton (F.O.B)
The unpolished slabs 2 cm thickness:
The first choice =             10.5 USD per m2 (F.O.B)
The commercial choice =   7 USD per m2 (F.O.B)
The polished slabs:
The first choice               (2cm thk)= 15 USD per m2 (F.O.B)
The first choice               (3cm thk) = 19 USD per m2 (F.O.B)
The commercial choice     (2cm thk) = 11 USD per m2 (F.O.B)
The Tiles (different sizes )
    The First choice =            from 18.5 USD to 24 USD per m2,
The commercial choice =   from 10 USD to 15 USD per m2,

Offer 21: we sell Iranian stones and we usually work throug L/C and when we sign-up a contract we agree all items with our customers. Furthurmore, because our main products are not in your international lists,
we're ready to send you our catalogue and complete pricelist for any size cut to size tiles.
Offer 20: We are quarry owners, processors, exporters and contractors from Egypt.  
Marble and granite are natural stones, and to form them into sophisticated and marvellous formations, you need talent, patience and will, and we do have them all. We commit ourselves not only to our client's needs, but also to excellence, seeking perfection and beauty.
We collaborate with many Italian, Spanish and Indian companies in the field of importing and exporting marble and granite.  Our factory is well equipped with the latest machinery, such as laser and water jets, which in addition to our strong experience, makes us true leaders in our field.
In marketing field, we exclusively promote and market our high quality marble and granite products in various forms such as rough blocks, slabs, as well as cut to size marbles either in semi-finished or in finished products, as in finished stone, both in domestic and overseas market.
In domestic market, our market covers many big cities nation-wide including Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh., Hurgada, Luxor, Aswan, etc., while our overseas market covers many countries including Italy, Germany, Arabian Gulf countries, Lebanon, China, Singapore, etc.
Our products have been widely installed in many different projects such as hotels, office buildings, airports, museums, shopping malls, residential housings, commercial buildings/projects etc.
Now we can offer the best prices as following:
1.  Slabs 20mm                      USD19.00
2. Cut-to-size 20mm               USD34.60
exfactorey . first choice

We deal in the following finished items.                             
(1) Natural (2) Calibrated (3) Bull nosed (4) Polished (5) Hond (6) Sand Blast (7) Tumbled (8) polished
We also can provide you Chinese granite, marble, india green, travertine and so on.
Quality guarantee:
we send the buyer digital images for confirmation before  shipment.After getting the confirmation, we ship the goods.If there is still a problem, buyer will give proof , we will give a discount at agreed rate .
Packing style:    wooden crate
Delivery period:  within 30-45 days after receiving the down payment.
please advaice us with the way of transportaion
Offer 19: Please have a look at our priceslist www.findstone.com/pl/732.htm , our stock list at www.findstone.com/sl/rs254.htm , images at www.findstone.com/indsand1.htm and www.findstone.com/indsand2.htm
Offer 18: We can supply gray & beige limestone as per your order. Please advise if you are interesting, and also your required size, so we could be able to offer our price. (images available)
Offer 17: We can supply you Turkish limestone in sveral dimensions.and thicknes.  Please let us know some info about samples and where shall we send samples.  We don't have any agency in your territory but we can send samples directly from our factory.
Offer 16: Please see our price list www.findstone.com/pl/728.htm
Offer 15: We have the 16 shades of sand stone. send your specifications to give price.
Offer 14: We are interested in doing business with you.  Our price list is located at
I can arrange a special quote depnding on the size of the order.  We can also cut to your specifications.  I have a special on for our Western Sunset range.  $US50/m2 for 300x300x50mm. Attached is a photo of it.  We also supply Beige and Gold sandstone.
Offer 13: I am writing to you as a Sales Director to offer you our services, meeting your demand to import marbles and sandstone.

            We are a Spanish company which has dedicated to trading with natural stone products. Thanks to its experience we are able to offer the largest catalogue portraying natural stone products: balustrades, ceramic, friezes, fireplaces, columns, fountains, tables, mosaic work, decorating objects, quartzites, rustic stone, sink, slabs, stoneware, tiles, washbasins, etc.

We can provide materials of Spanish origin (limestones, marbles, sandstone, travertines). At the moment we counted on 52 varieties with an ample range of colors.

            We hope this venture meets all your needs. If you are interested in our offer, please let us know so as to agree on the commercial terms of partnership between both companies. Otherwise, we would be grateful to you for letting us know.

Some products and the tariff of prices can see it in:


Offer 12: See http://www.findstone.com/pl/789.htm
Offer 11: we have a good quality of sandstone,,limestone ,,marrble and Granite  
Offer 10: we have several kind of sandstone and limestone, please specify the product,dimensions,colors,and
quantity needed.
Offer 9: We can offer you a wide range of products specially limestones (travertines).
The prices are competetive. We can send you the photos even with email attachments.

Offer 8: Our company was established in1999, we have our own quarries, polishing and waxing plants, located in Nanjing, Dalian and Xiamen.  Our factories could produce more than 30 kinds of pebbles and stones, there are more than 10 kinds of colors of them and we do 4 kinds of sizes for our customers now.
Colors :  white, black, yellow, red, green, striation and so on.
Sizes : 3~8mm, 5~10mm, 10~30mm, 30~60mm, for some pebbles we have bigger sizes.
They are all natural , we do only polish and pack them for customers as their required, what kinds of them are suit with your market?
Your feedback could improving our services directly, thank you very much for reading this email
and connect with us! We need agent or partner for pebbles business , high quality products and sincerely
services will make good business relationship with your company. And the best prices could give you more
profit if you import such pebbles from China. Even if you don't buy those pebbles and gravels from
china, would you like to think about do our agent in Australia? We could do CIF or CNF 2% for our
cooperation, all right?
Offer 7: We are delighted to introduce ourselves as principle exporter of Egyptian marbles and granites to the international markets worldwide.
As your business partner we offer you the following:
Immediate access to wide range of blocks, slabs and tiles
Full range of quality and a variety of tastes and prices
Continuous supply of volume shipments
Efficient logistics and exporting services at the lowest cost
Proper packing for safe delivery of goods on-time
We, with 25 years of established experience in the business of marble and international trading in the Middle East. With our headquarters conveniently located in Cairo, we develop a number of carefully selected quarries and support a network of processing plants to stay tuned to the global market trends and demands.
We assume our responsibilities within a strict framework of total quality management.
Our list of products include the following:
Bianco Aswan- Gray Aswan-Gandona Aswan-Rosa Aswan-Light red Aswan-Rosa black Aswan- Rosa Red Sea- Red Aswan-Imperial-Royal- Verdi Deer.
Range of products:
Blocks- Unpolished Slabs- Polished Slabs - Cut- to-size Tiles.
Other ranges from different countries (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Iran) are also available through our sister companies.
Offer 6: We have high quality Helidon Sandstone available in blocks. Australia
Offer 5: Available colors in sandstone: Beige, Mint, Red, Chocolate, Teak, Rainbow, Fossil, Pink, Grey, Green
and Yellow.
Available colors in limestone: Blue, Black, Grey, Yellow and Brown.
Sizes range are: 30cm to 2.5 mtr.
Thickness can be 10mm to 50mm.
Prices and samples as per your detailed requirement.
Offer 4: we are from Israel -we know it's not easy for you any way we have a very good sandstone and limestone. Click here to see image.
Offer 3: we are the leading mfg.of sand stone handcut&tiles. we can fulfill your all requirements up to rhe best of
your satisfaction regarding sandstones
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from
www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone