e 4921 South Korea: Blocks: We are a stone trading company looking for PURE WHITE MARBLE FOR SCULPTURE (EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP, NO VEIN REQUIRED). 
SIZE : 1M X 1M X 1M (BLOCK) - can be negotiable
QTY : 300 CBM / YEAR - want long term base contract. 
Supplier's reply in red
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Our required size is over 0.5cbm (hexahedron -  minimum length :  50cm ). For the actual field test we need the size (16cm x 16cm x 25cm) of sample. Jan 22, 2003
Offer 29: I believe that we can meet your superlative structural and esthetic needs quite well with our CHRYSTALINA marble. This is a stone devoid of vein that is produced in Greece (FOB would be  Greece); however, though produced in Greece it is not of the Thassos group, as you have made it explicitly clear that you are not interested in those stones given that they are not compatible with your intended uses.

We can certainly appreciate your qualitative needs given the scope of your intended uses for the marble. In the 1500’s Michelangelo would spend weeks at a time dissecting cadavers in a monastery to discover the vital structures of the human body beneath the skin’s surface. He methodically studied the joints, cartilage and muscles in order to learn about human anatomy for his sculpture of David. Carved out of two tons of marble, physical stamina is clearly demonstrated in the statue’s fixed points: the ankle, waist, wrists, hand. He eventually learned that in order to support the sculpture’s weight, he had to be very careful handling the marble in these critical areas; that by ignoring any of these parts, his sculpture might collapse. What is more, through trial and error Michelangelo discovered, as you very well know yourself, that the kind of marble used, aside from the obvious esthetics of the stone, also plays a major role in meeting the requisite stamina criteria.

Consequently, we are confident that with CHRYSTALINA you will be provided with the right (both esthetically pleasing and structurally viable) stone with which to create your sculptures and other applications of very exquisite workmanship.

If you feel that you would be interested in doing business with us, please do not hesitate to communicate your specific needs at your earliest convenience. We will be pleased to forward whatever facsimiles you require to make a further assessment.

Interested.  We'd like to receive the sample and quotations.  Our demands are pure white marble with no vein, no crack, no crystal including, no pinhole and small particles with good adhesion for the exquisite sculpture.

Offer 28: we would like to offer sivec bianco snow-white without veins, quality best applicable for modeling and sculpturing. Origin Republik of Makedonija. Photos forwarded seperately.
Price: 610 EURO/tone  FOB Greek Port
Interested. We'd like to receive the sample for our test.  Our demands are pure white marble with no vein, no crack, no crystal including, no pinhole and small particles with good adhesion for the exquisite sculpture.  Thassos and Volakas of Greek are not our demands.
Offer 27: We have granite and marble in lumps. We also have some other natural stones like; feldspar, limestone, sandstone, quartz and talc.
Sizes and price of granite are,
i. 4-0=$55 per tonne.
ii. 2-0=$55 per tonne. 
iii.11/8-5/8=$65 per tonne.  
iv. 3/8-1/4=$ 65 per tonne.  

Price for marble in lumps from 2kg-10kg and above is $3500 per hundred tonne.
price for talc in lumps is $3500 per hundred tonne.
price for granite in lumps is $70 per tonne and above.
price for granite slaps per tonne is $70.
price for feldspar per hundred tonne is $3500.
price for limestone per hundred tonne is $4000.
price for sandstone per tonne is $45.
price for quartz from 300grammes- 10kg is $2 per gram.
All our prices are excluding shipping fee.
not interested.
Offer 26: 1. There are three types of white marble.  One in Italy which is very expensive and very difficult to get.  Another in Turkey called Limestone White.  But it is a material with a high percentage of absortion.  The other is in Greece.  We have requested our factory information about the possibility of getting blocks of more or less 1x1x1 meter without veins.  From our part we think it will be difficult.  Anyhow we will inform.  ( it would be interesting if you could also work a block of White Limestone which is less expensive that the Thassos Blocks. 
2. When we have information we will inform you. 
3. We wait for comments about limestone material.  
Not interested.  Because Bianco Carara Italy, Thassos and any limestones are not acceptable for our demand.  
Offer 25: We can supply these size block of Ambaji White  Or Raj nagar white. 
 Ambaji white would cost you Rs 2,50,000/- per cbMt
 Raj nagar white would cost you Rs.1,50,000/- per cbmt
We are interested in this offer, can we have receive the pictures of them ?  Also, let me know the origin. 
Offer 24: we can supply you pure white blocks of White P, very compact material with no veins at Euro 4.700 per cubic meter, but availablity of this material is not too much.  
In alternative we can supply you White P standard choice that cose Euro 3.000 per cubic meter, but is is less white with some little veins or color variation. 
Or if you want economic White C, very nice with some veins the cost is Euro 1600 per cubic meter. 
All the prices are for blocks free of cracks. 
If you need blocks with cracks the prices is much less (over -30 % less but you have wastage)
Not interested, this is Bianco Carara Italy.
Bianco P is not Bianco Carrara, but a very pure white marble like Sivec, less white, but with very fine grain, unique in its kind
Sorry, but the price is very high even Bianco P meets our demands which are pure white with no pinhole, no crack, no crystal, no vein and very small particle with good adhesion for the exquisite sculpture. Jan 24, 2003   
Offer 23: Our white marble always carrys some veins (yellow,grey,black). If you still have interest, please let us know.
Not interested due to veins.
Offer 22: Kindly be informed that we can supply white spotless marble to the above buyer.
We'd like to know the origin and name of stone. And also, could you send us the picture of it ?
Offer 21: SIZE : 1M X 1M X 1M (BLOCK) -
PRICE : approx 300 US$ per Cubit Meter  (Ex Factory)
Quality : White Ambua Super
Note : We have our own mines of white marble.
Could you send us the picture ?  And let me know the origin.
Forwarding images seperately
Our demanding materials are as follows ; pure white with no vein, no crack, no crystal including, no pinhole and small particle with good adhesion for the sculpture.  If your products meet our demand, we'd like to receive the sample from you. Jan 28, 2003
Offer 20: The pure white blocks in Makrana White is not possible.
what is the Makrana White ?
Offer 19: Both marbles you 've picked out are beautiful and suitable for your applications.
I represent a quarry/processor of Thassos White.
Indicative prices Thassos White
A1 Blocks 1mx1mx1m: $ 1,500.00 / cubic meter FOB Macedonia, Greece.
A2 Blocks 1mx1mx1m: $ 1,400.00 / cubic meter FOB Macedonia, Greece
Thassos is not our demand.
Offer 18: I have got your inquiry for white marble for sculpture with no veins,  I can send you pictures for your pursue. (image forwarded seperately)
Thassos is not our demand.
Offer 17: I can supply pure white blocks from Turkey. It is Usak white without vein. 250 cbm is in our stock and we are owner of the quarry. Price: 1250USD/M3
We are interested in this offer,  could we have receive the picture firstly ?
Offer 16: The name of the pure white marble in Chinese is called 'Hanbai Yu', which could be translated in 'Chinese white jet' in English. It is the best white marble in China, even in the world, and it is only produced in our home area. The statue and monumental building of Chairman Mao, the most famouse No.1 leader of P.R. China, is built in this material.
We are interested in this offer, could we have receive the sample
Offer 15: we are the one of the largest supplier of onyx and marble blocks already supplying to Hong Kong and China in large quantities.  We can supply you pure white onyx blocks with absolutely NO vein at all. Pls find below our prices.
Pure White Onyx (without any Kind of veins)
For Blocks ranging 1 Mton to 3 Mtons USD 600/Mton
For Blocks ranging 3 Mton to 5 Mton USD 700/Mton
For Blocks over 5 ton USD 800/Mton
Note: prices are FOB Karachi, Pakistan.
Payment will be through L/C at sight.
If the smaller sized blocks can work for you we can suppy them to you at a
lower price, the best thing is you look at the lot and then decide
We are interested in this offer, could we receive the sample ?

1-WHITE FANTASTIC CRYSTAL CODE F.72134      100X100X100 CM BLOCK          245 USD/M.TONS FOB
2-WHITE CLOUDY CRYSTAL       CODE F.7217-C                  '                                 215 USD/M.TONS  FOB
3-WHITE MOSALLA CRUSTAL    CODE F.72146                     '                                265 USD.M.TONS  FOB
images forwarded seperately.
Not interested.
Offer 13: Pure white marble    Block  100X100X100cm USD760 / m3.          
material : MG053 pearl white
We'd like to receive the picture of it firstly.
Offer 12: We are interesting to send you some examples of white marble. Mexico
We are interested, could you send us the sample ?
Offer 11: we have white marble blocks so we can make contract with you to export 300CM pear year and we can send samples to you please give us your add. and tel no,
We are interested, please send us the sample.
Offer 10: We have a very good quality of pure white marble.
We are using this pure white marble in cremation urns, vases and other artifacts.
It is not only pure white marble but also very fine in engraving and making handicrafts with having
a medium hardness
Sample is attached.
I can not supply 1m x 1m x 1m blocks because we have a random size blocks.
If you are interested I can supply you cut to sizes according to your requirement.
If you have an account with DHL express, I will send you sample of
pure white marble size 10cm x 10cm x 15cm for your field test.
Could you let me know the origin and name of stone ?  Because we already tested Baoxing White of China and Tathoss White of Greece.
Our pure white marble is Gilgit White and origin of Pakistan. We are manufacturer of artifacts and doing carving jobs. Gilgit White is the best marble for this purpose, it is totally different from Tathoss White of Greece.
Tathoss White is not suitable for artifacts and carving because of very softness and porous. If your buyer is interested I can send you sample for testing.
We'd like to receive the sample asap as we informed.  If the sample is acceptable after our testing, we'll visit the quarry.    Jan 20, 2003
Our required size is over 0.5cbm (hexahedron -  minimum length :  50cm ). For the actual field test we need the size (16cm x 16cm x 25cm) of sample. Jan 22, 2003
Offer 9: I can inform You that it is posible to suply that quantity of pure white blocks of "Sivec" marble from Macedonia.
The price is 1500 USD / m3, FOB Macedonia. Payment must be in advance,via leter of credit.
I'd like to see the sample for the field test.  Could you send us the pictures of them by e-mail firstly ?
Offer 8: I have information for white marble, I can send you or to your partner in Korea offer about it, Macedonia
Could we have the pictures of them by e-mail first? then send us the test sample (size : 10 x 10 x 15cm). 

Offer 7: We can easily supply this kind of white marble . pls advise how to proceed.
Could we have the pictures of them by e-mail first? then send us the test sample (size : 10 x 10 x 15cm).
Offer 6: We have 500CBM in stock of  snow white marble. Price USD1500.00/CBM FOB India. Minimum order should be 75 CBM.
Please send us the test sample (size :  10 x 10 x 15cm) and pictures of stocks.
Please confirm minimum qty. Our minimum offer for 75CBM. Who will pay for sample postage?
If the material is ok, we'll buy all your stock.  Could you send us the pictures of them firstly ?  And also, let us know the origin and name of stone.
We sent your herewith some pics of white marble blocks and statue. We are supplying white marble blocks from Thassos and China. Price $1500.00 CIF Busan, South Korea for minimum order of 75cbm. We can send samples of 10cmX10cmX1.8cm.
I wonder your items might be tested by us if they were from Thassos and China because we already tested Baoxing White of China and Tathoss White of Greece... but not acceptable for our accurate carving work.  Therefore, if yours are not above items we'd like to receive the sample for the actual test by parcel post.
Offer 5: I can supply the best white marble in China. We own such a quarry. We are in the north of China. Let me know how to contact you and the sample will be send ASAP.
>Please send us the test sample
Could you let me know the name of stone ?  Because we already tested Baoxing White..
Offer 4: We have this material from Greek Quarry and we are dealing directly with the quarry.  No need to say the prices will be competitive.
We need a sample for the test, but could you e-mail us the picture of blocks ?
Could you let me know the name of stone ?  Because we already tested Tathoss White of Greece..
Offer 3: I can send You Bianco Carrara extra for Your sculpture, the price will be hight, but the quality is very good. All the blocks may be Cm. 100x100x100?
Please send us the sample for our examining.  It should be without veins.
Could you let me know the origin of stone ?  and also, pleases send us the pictures of them by e-mail firstly so that we can check the possibility of yours.

offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
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