e 4922 India: FindStone has been retained to advise regarding renovation of the flooring of a 16 floor office building in Mumbai.
Details are as follows:
Total quantity: 40,000 sq.ft.
Material: polished granite block-cutter slabs
Colors: light brown, dark brown, red, yellow, black, black galaxy
Scope: Only supply of material, not installation.
Delivery: will buy from anywhere in India. Delivery to begin mid-January 2003. You can send one truckload at a time.
Payment: no credit needed
Design: There will be 80 such designs i.e. 5 per floor. The balance area will be normal slabs. Click here to view the design layout. 
If you can supply each design module as a ready-to-fix module, it would be very nice. Otherwise, it will be cut at site by the contractor.
Please quote for random slabs, cut-to-size slabs, pieces cut as per design whichever is convenient for you.
Please quote for whichever color you can supply. Also mention your full contact details. 
The steps are as follows:
1. Send your quote for each shade that you suggest.
2. Then send your samples to the buyer.
3. Negotiate and finalize with the buyer.
Since we are retained by the buyer, you do not need to pay us anything.
If you can supply through a Mumbai based distributor or agent that would be better.
If you have alternative pretty designs, that could also be considered. Nov 23


Offer 20: Please find enclosed herewith our best quotations  (ex-mumbai) for the Shades suggested by us matching with the colours required by you.
Sr No.  Colours    Our Suggested     Rates in Rs/Sft    ( 20 mm Thick )
                             Shades                Random Slabs    Cut to
                                                        cutter size

1.      BROWN :
                           Tan brown           155  /-              120 /-
                           Saphire brown      170 /-               125 /-
                          G.D.brown           120 /-                115/-
2.      RED :
                           Imperial Red       180 /-                 140 /-
                           Multicolour Red    175 /-              120 /-
                           Apache Red          120 /-              115 /-

3.       YELLOW :
                              Bhi Yellow        120 /-               115 /-
                              Siva gold           175/-                155/-
                             Raw silk yellow  155 /-              145/-

4.        BLACK :

                              Black               175/-              120 /-
                              Black galaxy    245/-              140 /-
In case you require any further information / clarification, please feel free to contact us

Offer 19: We are pleased to give our Quotation for this Enquiry as under: 
We can supply in Random and Cut to side ready to fix modules in all size. However we are giving our Quotation for Both Random and cut to size. We leave it to buyer to decide on the same.


Description as per Enquiry

Colors Proposed

Size in Inches

FOR Mumbai rates per Sq.Mtr in Rupees


Light Brown

Sapphire Brown

36x23 & 36x21




Sapphire Brown

38x36 & 38x31



Dark Brown

Tan Brown

72x9 & 67x9




Ruby Red





Ruby Red





Kashmir Gold





Kashmir Gold





Black Galaxy

96x9, 60x9 & 42x9


Delivery : One Truck of 2000 sft can be delivered every week. 
Payment : 25% advance with order and balance before dispatch.
Inspection : To be carried out by your authorised representative before dispatch.
Packing : Random Slabs will be loaded directly in truck with foam sheet in between polishing face to prevent any damage. Cut to size modules will be packed in wooden crate which will cost Rs.5 per Sq.Ft which has been included in the above rates. 
All prices are on the Basis of FOR Mumbai and it includes local taxes octroi and any other transit expenses in the city. Unloading arrangement has to be done at your end. Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification required.

NOTE : As discussed please find attached the photographs of a project of LOTTO Showroom done by us in Black Pearl material in Kora. You can see the are in flooring and very fine work in Pillers which are visible in the photographs

Offer 18: We are the leading exporter & supplier of Granite. Following is the pricelist for your inquiry:  


 Random slab

Product Details

Length 5 to 8, Width   1.5 to 2.5, Thickness 18mm +/- 1mm




50000 sq.ft.

Delivery Time

Within 30 days from confirmation / As mutually agreed

Payment Terms:

Cash payment


45 days

Colour of Granite

Price Rupees per square feet FOR Mumbai 

Light Brown

Rs.100/- per sq.ft

Dark Brown

Rs.110/- per sq.ft

Creamish Yellow

           Rs.92/- per sq.ft

Golden Yellow Marble/ sandstone

Rs.50/- to 54/- per sq.ft

Absolute Black

Rs.140/- per sq.ft

Black Galaxy

Rs.165/- per sq.ft

Lakha Red (Mercedes Red)

RS.220/- per sq.ft


  1. Packing: Loose stuffing in Truck.
  2. Delivery: As mutually agreed.
  3. Finish: Mirror glass polish. Gloss will be 80 to 90+. Tolerance will be +/-1mm.
  4. Granite, Marble, Sandstone being a natural product slight variation in texture & colour is possible.
  5. Tax will be 4% against C form or 12%+surcharge.
  6. Samples: We are delivering at FindStone Internet Ltd.


Offer 17: I am able to supply you only supply black galaxy at factory price only. That price is 100/-per sft. and the expenses


Offer 15: The following are the prices of Black Galaxy granite slabs and cut to size tiles. All the rates are Ex-Factory at Ongole are near by place without packing. Tax will be applicable on Invoice as per A.P state government sales tax and central sales tax which is additional to the raw material cost.
All sizes in cms only. All the rates are in Indian Rupees /sft. 
Cut to size. First choice material Without calibration.
1. 60x30x1 Rs 80/-
2. 30x30x1 Rs 80/- 
3. 60x30x2 Rs 95/-
4. 60x60x2 Rs 130/-
5. 90x60x2 Rs 150/-
Cut to size. Second choice material, i.e black line which is not visible clearly and generally used
in projects even in abroad also. 
1. 60x30x1 Rs 60/-
2. 30x30x1 Rs 45/-
3. 60x30x2 Rs 75/-
5. 60x60x2 Rs 95/-
5. 90x60x2 Rs 125/-
Polish random slabs. First choice.
1. 120 up x 60 up x 2 Rs 155/-
2. 150 up x 60 up x 2 Rs 165/-
3. 180 up x 60 up x 2 Rs 180/- 
4. 180 up x 90 up x 2 Rs 200/-
5. 200 up x 100 up x 2 RS 210/-
Polish random slabs. Second choice only i.e with thin black line or minor patches which widely used in commercial projects and called commercial quality. 
1. 120 up x 60 up x 2 Rs 120/-
2. 180 up x 60 up x 2 Rs 130/-
We are the manufacturers of the above mentioned material in our factory and we are hacing our own quarries , so the above rates are our selling prices to the wholesale dealers ,retailers and merchant exporters.So you can get at rockbottom prices and if you go through any other dealer the price will be more and in randam slabs you will lose in mesurements. We hope we can offer good material with good quality and quantity is not problem to us and we can at least 15000sft of any above sizes per month.

Offer 14: we can supply slabs of all sizes. we have black khamamm  slabs, galaxy and warangal black. rates range from a a low of Rs.78 apprx to Rs.130 approximately(per sft slab) depending upon the hair lines and plucks  in the slab. please call us so that we can discuss in detail. KARIMNAGAAR
Offer 13: we wish to introduce ourselves as granite tile processors in madurai, tamil nadu. our production capacity is 20000sft/month. we specialize in colours such as imperial white, siva gold, kashmir gold, paradiso. (all are water cut)
Offer 12: See www.findstone.com/pl/530.htm
Offer 11: This is with ur ref-e-4722, enquiry of granite slabs for locals (bombay), we hereby quote the rates for following granite slabs.
1) tan brown - 100 per sq.ft
2) bruno brown - 108 per.sq.ft
3) sheep brown - 113 per.sq.ft
4) jhansi red - 140 per sq.ft
5) super black - 130 per.sq.ft
6) tel black - 145 per.sq.ft
7) galaxy black - 150 per.sq.ft
note: rates are with delivery bombay. We are in Bombay

Offer 10: we have suggest you following  granite colours for your office building flooring.
1.Light brown -
  Bruno Brown, Copper Silk
Dark Brown - Laweriya Brown
Red            - Lakha Red, K.Red, Gem Red (MP)
4.Yellow        - K.Yellow,
Rold Gold, Royal Cream
If you are choice the colours.
Please mail to us so we can send to you the samples.
Offer 9: We are manufacturing and exporting top quality marbles, granites, kota (lime) stone, Sand Stone, slate tiles, chips, powder and blocks.
Please see the attachment which include:
1. Products range (Granite and Golden yellow)
2. and their Ex-factory charges.

See www.findstone.com/pl/819.htm We are in Indore

Offer 8: With reference to the above, we wish to furnish our most competive price for the following varieties to be offerd on ex-Bombay basis.
VARIETIES:                         PRICE EX-BOMBAY
1 RUBY RED                            Rs. 200 per sft
2.RED MULTICOLOR              Rs. 160 per sft
3.KASMIR WHITE                        Rs. 160 per sft
4.JET BLACK                           Rs. 150 per sft
5.BLACK GALAXY                        Rs. 200 per sft
6.YALAGIRI BROWN                      Rs.140 per sft
Kindly note that the above prices are ex delivered at Bombay; applicable taxes are charged extra.
Mode Of Payment: Ad advance of 50% of the total value should be paid at the time of confirmation of the order and the balance 50% shall be be paid at the time of Loading of the slabs at Bangalore.
Delivery Schedule: We can offer min. TWO Loads in each of the above mentioned variety per month.
We hope that the above terms and conditions are in line and would meet with your kind approval. 
Kindly note that out of the above six varieties, we are confident in offering you BLACK GALAXY, RUBY RED varieties for some of the  floors to be used at your BOMBAY project. Also kindly note that the slabs will be suplied in the form of POLISHED RANDOM SLABS of 2omm(2cms thick) but again the slabs are cut to size at your  sight by your contarctors which you may kindly note. Other terms and conditions stipulated in our above quotation will remain unchanged.

Offer 7: we are very much interested to supply. 
Offer 6: We are interested to participate in the requirement.

Offer 5: I am mine owner in Jaiselmer and exporter of Jaisalmer Golden (yellow) Sandstone (limestone).
Offer 4: i am interest in this supply but there is not bargains and u can find the samples in bombay or if u need i will arrange samples also. 
   Steel gray block cutter size all sizes Rs.78/-sft.
   Black pearl ------                      Rs.78/-sft.
   Galaxy block cutter size all            Rs.100-sft.
It is only at factory loading ple. payment advance is necessary. please come check here and finalise. 
if u want i will arrange sample but not able to come to Bombay i have no person here so ple. contact me

Offer 3: we will supply random slabs in Kuppam green
Gang saw size  at Rs.115/sft Ex-factory Kuppam
Medium black ((cutter size) at Rs.100/sft (Ex-factory at Kuppam)
Paradiso gangsaw size..........Rs.115/sft